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Post by: brads3 on May 19, 2017, 04:31:14 PM
mods: count 99 
  RK vanilla TP for 107,bigger wheelbarrows,empty space, CC no smoke, stop burning coal,no ducks,forget about orchard, immortal trees,residence fix,renewable resources,more wood,safer mines,
unlimited mines,blacksmith tools,pine set 103,NAT DIV,season fx,maritimes storage,mini buildings,
Tjurko mill,bakers and millers,

EB mods< farm house 1+2,farmstand,herbalist,leather works,markets,oil press,tannery,winery>
hunting,fly fishing,

KID mods<tiny,rowhouse2,market soup and bar-b-q,puzzle vers 1,vegetable garden,forest outpost v2,
    wildwes,yard cover,log depot,plymouth plantation,workplace,colonial resource and housing>

DS stone hovels,

RED's mods<garden walls utility,country house,ketchup,training camp main+deco,wood butcher>

bakery plus,domesticated fix,my precious,statue plus,107 compatability,CCjourney,compatible buildings,

RED's NMT 2.04,

TOM's mods<nordic: houses,school,wharehouse,wooden house,red cottage>

fountain lite, tropical greenhouse,adriana college and library,

----------MODS BELOW THIS POINT SHOW NO CONFLICTS--------------------
better school,birch canoe,CC light rain,
chicken coop,city roads,debug,decorative plants,emporium,fruit&veg barn,gh lighthouse,grassy roads,
i see fire,izba,more stone,new trees,old hunter hut,plymouth house,proper time,SJGL small markets,   slinks snughouse,specialized storage,storage shed,washing mod,white picket fence,zmasher

       I should explain that list some. it is a huge list.several of them are older mods and i chose not to
upgrade them. i am used to where they are in the toolbar and the new flags should not bother them. this order shows to work and other than a nothing line,my traders and townhall inventories have been blank tags yet. i did overhaul and go through the entire list after the LOWESVILLE error and crash.never did solve it even after i did try RED's TP fix.
    some of these are self explanatory like no wild ducks,smoke,etc. i'll hit on the older or odd 1's.

forget orchards:produces fruit the 1st year and doesn't die off or require replanting,
immortal trees: forest trees stay until you cut them down.this will help get more wood with the newer mods
residence fix:is just to fix a possable error. i say possable because the mod i believe it fixed has been removed since it did cause other errors. better safe than sorry so it can stay.

renewable resource will help with iron ore and iron as well as stone supplies.
BS tools:allows stone and wood tools.very handy early in games.also can help later when you need iron.
PINE FOREST+NAT DIV: these changed the game and give a more realistic meadow look.drawback is the lack of thick forests. several mods do help that as well as the ability to burn the thatch.after using these together, my understanding is the thatch isn't just cut dry grass but pressed bundles.

seasonFX:gives a better look to the crop fields
mini buildings:main reason for this mod is the TH draws nomads by itself.normally in under 5 years. lately it has been longer though there doesn't seem to be a conflict causing it.bad luck/blocked maps?

 this is to be a landing fort to America. then expand it with several other maps or takes trial and error to find a good map to start with. i prefer the start to be in the northeast corner.after loading several maps ,this is as close as i am going to get. we start in a bay where everything south and east is ocean.
 the objective here is to build a landing fort that the settlers can branch out from.this includes the various parts from CC's northern frontier version.for new players the older versions are included with the new CC versions. being such a small area,this will require some good trading to get the building materials.
by then the population should be over 100 and it will take several years.
     map code 87537412  water world  medium sized  mild climate  disasters off  medium conditions

Post by: brads3 on May 19, 2017, 04:35:08 PM
   first thing is to change limits.logs to 2000,herbs 1000,textiles 1000. bump the tools and clothing up 1 click to 150. drop a flyfisher and a cost and quick food gains. i'll set 2 crops behind the storage a bit leaving room to build a wall.checking th orchard we have cherries so beyond those crops i will add a orchard.usually i go with 10x10 crops.this orchard i am going 15x15. i start with corn,pumpkins,and cherry.i placed the mini TH to bring help and the barracks next to the storage barn but left enough room for a road back to the i can unpause it and everyone will be busy. on this computer the game works faster with me minimizing it off the is noticably faster about 5-10 times faster than if i keep the window on the desktop.
      since we will need muskets for the fort,i'll use the RH BS and tailor.i do start by making stone tools so i don't overuse the iron ore.the dock fuel shed and a mini woodcutter and we'll have supplies for the winter.though it leaves only 1 laborer,the others will help when they have time.
  took til summer to get the orchard cleared. by then the hunter has 32 leather and 467 venison in storage and another 470 in the barracks already. a small market will help keep a variety of supplies moving to the fort.this will keep us busy into winter.

YEAR 2:  Need to add 2 colonial houses and a barn back by the crops. will also build a lookout tower for the hunter.that way we can stockpile furs. due to snow coming in early autumn,we did lose our corn crop. the pumpkins and cherry made up for most of it.during the winter i'll keep the workers busy clearing around the fort area.

YEAR 3: we need rowhouses for fort workers.we also need to get our log count up for more building later.
yes the RH's are small but work well for forts.since i have 1 more family in the barracks ,i'll build a colonial house near the hunter and a pine supply barn.this will give a worker for a maple the fall the workers can collect the roots and berries.we are ahead of winter and ready for nomads.
  i bumped the food limit up to 15000 so they don't stop producing. now that i have plenty of storage ,i can bump the mineral and stone up also.
    the hunter was trampled by a wild boar.

pic 1: summer year 1
pic 2: winter year 1
pic 3: colonial houses and lost corn crop.i try to keep my fields at 500 each. total loss about 200.
pic 4: RH"s and the families.
pic 5:forest area and hunter death.the deer were pushed back while cleaering land elsewhere.
pic 6: winter year 3.

Post by: Maldrick on May 19, 2017, 04:44:45 PM
Was reading you mod list and was curious, where is chicken coop, tropical greenhouse and fly fishing from?  Not sure I've seen those.
Post by: brads3 on May 19, 2017, 05:11:48 PM
the chicken coop and fly fishing are TOM SAWYER mods. the tropical GH is a CC addition mod. 
that has a lot of the CC addon mods.
TOM has a lot of different mods under his site also.

   that GH is handy to get rid of bonemeal from the hunters. and the quick fly fisherman and hunter are handy to get food while you are busy building the 1st year.the hunter looks like it has a small radius but it does not work like it.
Post by: Maldrick on May 19, 2017, 05:59:50 PM
Gotcha, thanks. Still haven't started using CC yet so that throws me off sometimes.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.
Post by: brads3 on May 19, 2017, 07:50:14 PM
many of those mods over at BL don't require CC.CC has good and bad points to it. i like the various start settings: indians,forts,shipwreck,etc. i do hope they break them into a separate mod so they can be used with the pine forest and nat div.  brings many different buildings and decorations.sometimes people ask for stuff here and i am like huh? cause i already have it. i forget how much does come with the mod since there is lots.the biggest drawback is the chains can be over productive and fill barns or piles. most of the new items are for trade purposes since we haven't yet found a practicle way for bannies to use them. for example we can make furniture but not use it in houses. it is a good trade item if i can keep the log count up. another biggie is the use of building supplies to allow buildings to require more than 3 build materials.its a  building that combines different items to make the supplies say brick+lumber or copper and glass. you end up needing lots of different items but not lots of every you have many in storage. it can overwhelm people with such a long inventory list. when you 1st start with CC,you find yourself wanting to build buildings that you don't yet have materials for also. like my forts require military supplies to build several parts. and then those buildings require other items to function.
    with this game i am only using the north to northwest corner. very limited on space.everything  south and far east is considered open ocean. with the new mods i have to get forests established before i can do much.those will take about 8-10 years to really produce well. in the meantime,hopefully i can get some trade goods stocked up.
Post by: Nilla on May 20, 2017, 03:04:27 AM
This will be an adventure. The map looks tough! I wish you luck!
Post by: brads3 on May 20, 2017, 10:07:34 AM
   YEAR 4:
    i don't want to build the fort walls yet. i would like to build the logs up first. for now i will start some roads and get a herb grower working.14 new workers arrive late spring year i can get some work done.first add a crop field and a house to the farms.then a pine forest east of the maple with a hunter and cabin.then we'll add a barn to store food and between the forests close to the ocean we'll build a pine market to supply tools and move textiles and food out.we'll also take time to start clearing the stone and iron ore from the forests.due to uneducated builders construction is does take time to build so far out,but it will pay off.the laborers did get time to pick most of the berries and gather the roots from the forests.

YEAR 5:   population 41 more than down to 36%. once construction is caught up we need a school. slight food drop off the last year but the new hunter cabin should solve that.
      by fall we can start the school and another RH for the teacher and herbalist. near the pine market,i'll build a log cabin and fishing dock. for protection a fort tower will be build there also.with our growing population,the workers will clear another crop field by spring.

pic 1:new workers
pic 2:new field and house. roads started.
pic 3:pine forest construction
pic 4:pine forest,hunter cabin,pine market,and FO barn.
pic 5:school and herb grower.note how tight i am for space on this point.
pic 6:fishing dock and cabin.
Post by: brads3 on May 21, 2017, 10:48:13 AM
    with extra workers,i need to get some trade items started and  expand the food.1 laborer dead from a weak heart.that emptied the barracks.
    i have 3 houses with single people.right now i am building houses to keep the barracks empty for nomads. i usually try not to build houses only for couples or females over 15 in early games. with the version of propertime mod i use,the bannies go to school at age 10-16 and then will marry and move building houses for the females early in games it will help force pairs and population growth.
i know it is neat to see other games where populations jump up quickly but they also have bigger dips to their food graphs. to me the propertime is more logical since the food grows and seasons progress based on a year. with the vanilla play the population ages 8x speed.that also means they will use food faster. it may seem to go slower but i think that gives time to plan towns and micro-manage the bannies and housing more too. so you get more balance and control.
  knowing we will need to process iron ore but still be limited on logs,i will up the firewood limit slowly.there is a good thatch area between the crops and the forest.bannies do prefer firewood over thatch but will use it.
   summer, 14 more workers arrive.we will need food for more workers so these will all be sent to farms.
7 fields<3 pumpkin,4 corn> +2 cherry orchards. 3 hunter<1 quick,1 hut,1 tower>and 1 fishing dock.the hunters have had trouble finding game with the limited space.we have had to struggle to produce food.
   during winter,construction is all completed. the last male moved out of the barracks.

pic 1: singles in the colonial houses.

pic 2:more houses being built as well as another barn.note how the fields are spaced with the roads. i leave 1 square around fields so the workers have places to put harvested crops.i have heard people having troubles with fields not being worked if they were blocked.and harvests won't block the roads this way either.

pic 3: food graph struggles.the last nomad moved out of the barracks a male at 15 years old.note the quick-place hunter to the left. he was needed to get enough food to feed the new settlers.the firewood looks low but there is 292 thatch to burn.
Post by: brads3 on May 21, 2017, 03:07:17 PM
     now that we have everything caught up,it is a good time to check inventory and see how the forests are doing.pine is getting thicker but the maples are growing slowly. those will take another 4 or 5 years before i need gatherers.
    hoping we are now producing enough food,i'm going to send workers to clear trees to the west and start building the main wall to the fort.then as we need more fields, the land is partly cleared.
     since we have plenty of logs,we will build a wood finder,fuel storage shed and a small woodcutter to help get the firewood count up.the dock wood finder will keep the cutter supplied with logs.
  during the winter,we will build an apiary for honey and beeswax. the bees can make honey from the cherry blosums and we'll have wax to make candles.
   by now, the pine forest is really thick. the maples and apples are not and they were planted earlier.must be the ground is rocky or not as fertile.without the thick forest,we will have less game and blueberries.will that soil quality hurt our crops too? we did lose the pumpkin field closest to the forest a couple years ago.this year,all fields produced good.the far east orchard did have less cherries though.
it has been interesting to see the odd differences that BARTENDER'S NAT DIV mod has caused.odd in the sence they were unexpected or unexplained.a mystery even to him,since i didn't think he intended to affect the soil......yet.

YEAR 9: spring,our food reserve continues to improve.since we have  17 and 14 year old females living with their parents in the small RH's,we will build a cabin and send a trapper between the forests.trying to help our apple trees,the laborers will weed thatch from that forest. of course the bannies never wanting to work with you,move the younger girl to the cabin instead of the older one.
      while the workers are busy clearing for another orchard,the builders can build a lumberyard.we will need the lumber to buid a furniture joiner.
        a glitch??? the dock wood finer stores food off and on. he always stores beeswax too. quite odd.

pic 1: shows the growth difference of the 2 forests. inventory.
pic 2: fort main wall. production stats.
pic 3: new wood finder and fuel storage with woodcutter between them.
pic 4: spring year graph shows progress.apiary at top of screen by the orchard.
pic 5:trapper cabin.showshow spotty the maple amd apple trees are.
pic 6: odd wood finder. has ore and corn stored. has also stored fish.
pic 7:winter yr 9 inventory. also shows the production of the 2 far east fields.lumberyard being built.
Post by: Abandoned on May 22, 2017, 05:20:58 AM
@brads3 very nice, I hope all continues to go well with this town.  :)
Post by: Nilla on May 22, 2017, 06:02:36 AM
Are you sure, that the maple forest grows slower than the pines. It might be a winter illusion, the leave (less) trees compared to the ever green thick furs and pines. ;)

And that food graph..... hm, I wouldn't be comfortable at all. With this map, many uneducated, many children; it couldn't look much different. I hope it will continue to improve.

To me it's a bit irritating to look at your inventory. I find it much more comfortable to sort it after the amount, not alphabetic. But of cause, it's a matter of habit. If you're looking for a smaller amount of something special, it's probably easier to find your way.

You also know, that I disagree with you about playing real time. Or rather; I don't disagree, all you say make sense. It's simply not the way I enjoy playing. It's good, that we all can find something, that fit our personalities. :)
Post by: brads3 on May 22, 2017, 07:22:42 AM
GM,no the trees aren't an illusion because of the season.look at the trapper pic to the left is maples and apples.the forester hasn't planted them as and i checked the growths on these forests and i checked with NECORA beofre too.the figuring was 8-10 years would give the trees growth enough to produce well.that was before the NAT DIV mod.soe meadow areas produce different than other spots or spots where trees were growing too.between the male forest and the crops to the west was a good thatch growth spot at the game is strange how the 2 mods work like that. it does make playing more interesting or realistic. on larger maps we may have to start planning our crops and forests differently.i wonder now if that effected my fodder on some maps before too.
      yea,i have not been comfortable with the food graph.the crops are hitting my goaled average most of the time. i did lose 2 fields over the years but the orchard helped then. with 10x10 fields, normally i can get some to produce 700. the corn and pumpkins on this map are getting the 500 yield but not more. the hunters and fishing even has been a too is odd because RED's tower should produce the same here as doesn't have a radius like the other hunters.the hunter hut has as much flat space as i could get it too.normally i would have a good reserve by the time those 1st nomads showed up. having 2 sets almost back to back hurt.
       i will try to get the inventory by quantaty for you. i keep forgetting when i take the pics. i use both ways. to check furs or leather it is handy by alphabet. i do try to get you a different graph or info in some of the pics.
Post by: brads3 on May 22, 2017, 10:57:30 AM
YEAR 10:
   17 HOUSES. FOOD 3600+
      we are healthy and growing.our food is more stable.we have some furs and pelts stored.
      i'll send 1 worker to the lumberyard. the laborers can clear more to the doesn't take long to get a good supply of lumber.
       before summer,14 more workers sail to the fort. they are ready to help us start producing some trading goods.14 nomads divide by 5 per food worker. we need to put 3 of these producing food. a duck blind,reed farm,and dock house will near the fishing dock to supply materials for survival coats.and a double field is planned for corn.once a family is moved into the dock house,1 will be sent to fish to get these nomads producing their own food. 
      this set of nomads is infected with mumps.hopefully our herbalist can keep up.a medical tent is set up near the farms as the disease starts to spread winter begins, we do lose 1 citizen to the mumps.luckily  the herb grower and doctor did get the sickness cleared up before more deaths.
     the snow melts early. having over 200 lumber,the yard is set to firewood and the limit increased.we do have extra textiles stored:pelts,feathers,and furs. we have many plans for next year and we do need more houses still.

YEAR 11:

         another house and a shop to produce the survival coats is added at the docks.a mill is build near the new corn field.a fur and pelt tailor is added at the fort as well.then we can start the candle and furniture shops. we'll add housing with help with food,a scavenger will work the ocean at the docks.
       winter comes quickly. we are now producing trade goods.the barracks is empty once again.the winter wind blew a tree over and killed 1 of our foresters.otherwise it was a very busy productive year.

pic 1: spring stats
pic 2: spring production chart.
pic 3: spring inventory. shows the hunter and fishing production.
pic 4: the medical tent.only 1 mumps death.
pic 5: the forests in spring.dock area with duck blind,reeds,and shop.
pic 6: flour mill and double sized corn field.
pic 7: pelt and fur tailor.
pic 8: behind the med tent is the candle the right is the lumberyard and furniture shop.
pic 9: docks in winter with water scavenger.
Post by: brads3 on May 23, 2017, 08:29:08 AM
YEAR 12:

     with most everyone busy,there isn't much to do except cut some trees and build our inventory.the builder can set up a cemetary.

YEAR 13:
      now i will build the maple gatherer.the workers can start to clear land for a market place. then that can be stocked with materials to build a proudction area with.
       the maple gatherer has produced almost 1000 food this year. we are starting to build food reserves.

YEAR 14:
     i will construct a farm supply trading post. hopefully that will bring some different seeds and some sheep.using a variery of traders will give a test to be sure the new mod order is glitch free.i do question  productions from different buildings. they seem lower than normal.there are a few factors that could be causing it.the limited area. the larger nomad is unusual for the fields to produce 500 on 10x10 consistently.normally a field here and there woould get near 700.
     the farm supply post can be stocked with furniture,candles,and a variety of coats.

pic 1: cemetary and inventory.
pic 2:maple gatherer.
pic 3: clearing for the industrial graph shows progress.
pic 4: farm supplier.

Post by: brads3 on May 23, 2017, 02:38:33 PM
YEAR 15:
       population 101,42 adult,23 students,36 children.24 houses.  education  a low 19%.
food at 5000,mostly cherry and goods slowly being produced. only problems are lack of laborers and logs.

         we continue to collect what we can to the west.mostly rocks,thatch,and some roots.the construction of the market waits for more logs.
         another child birth death. having only 1 laborer,our lumber yard is shut down. we have plenty of firewood.he was sent to stock the far pine market during the winter.
          merchants come and go but i don't think coffee will grow here very well.we haven't yet been able to afford other seeds.we continue to add more items to the trading post.our builder finally has enough material to begin to build the market square.soon hopefully we will have more workers.
           we remain at our posts.we remember our mission to establish a base for more settlers to cross the ocean and rest.then they will travel beyond the mountains. though we all wonder what is out there,we continue to follow our work orders.

YEAR 16:
   17 more nomads have arrived.they more than fill the barracks.a house will be added near the mill and pine cabin and gatherer to the pine forest.hopefully by winter,we can add another duck blind.
    no sooner does construction start, a merchant shows up with bison. we will gladly take 2 and start clearing them a will be small 10x12 to save room for more livestock later.before snow falls everyone will have a warm place to sleep.

     i do have a situation with the mill. this mill is easy to build,since it doesn't need iron or lumber. however, it grinds corn into cornflour which i can not use to make hardtack.only 1 bakery will use the cornflour to make corn bread.this bakery and its bakeryplus upgraded version will make bread without can be useful depending on the game start.i have several bakeries and 2 have a standard and bakeryplus option.i could make more changes with the mod order of either CC or the bakeryplus mods.if i did that i would override some functions or lose the older bakery can also be debated rather corn flour and wheat flour should work the same or not.the problem i have is trying to remember which does what.we have such limited space on the toolbar building windows. i need more info than there is room for.not sure there is a way to solve the issue. there is give and take either way.none of that is ment to be a complaint. i do like the variations and they all have their place.
      for this map,the smaller mill fit better. the double field should supply it.i will need to be choosey on the bakery  and make cornbread. i then will add KID's grinder to supply enough "flour" for a hardtack bakery.

  for now,i am going to add the older bakery for cornbread. since i need houses and have ALL these mods,i can show off a little. i will build an undertaker and a land claims office.they will nicely by the cemtary and with the expansion theme as well.that was a really good idea of KID'S to add other uses of is winter so construction will take us into next year.

YEAR 17:
       now that we have used up the rocks,we'll start on a stone and salt mine. that can gather from those rocky bluffs on the southwest of our small cove.since the marchant came so early this spring and brought dairy cows,we'll need a pasture. we'll take 2 and they will multiply quickly.the year has started very busy with so many projects being worked at once.
      once the builders are caught up,they will start a set of larger rowhouses near the industrial market.
due to all the construction,we are short on logs.some of us will have to burn thatch this winter.

pic 1: YR15 stats
pic 2: YR15 food graph
pic 3: bison pasture and industrial market.inventory.
pic 4: pine gatherer,cabin,and duck blind.
pic 5: the undertaker and land clamis office housing.
pic 6: the old bakery.
pic 7: dairy pasture. inventory shows i need to boil the maple sap.
pic 8: stone and salt mine with RH's planned.production chart.
Post by: Nilla on May 23, 2017, 04:22:57 PM
I have a couple of questions:

Your different bakeries (and mills), if I understand it right they all use the same recipe; the one of the mod highest on the list. Is this right? They are only different, if they produce different products, like bread, hardtack, cake, nutbread,,,,,,,

Your food graph goes very much up and down, Is this somehow connected to the nomads? otherwise your town is quite prosperous; 15 years for 100 inhabitants isn't slow, considering the real time aging.

Post by: brads3 on May 23, 2017, 05:23:42 PM
HAHAHAHA,noooo. the bakeries are all different. i can control some of them by moving CC or the bakeryPLUS mod in mod order.KID's coloial will make use oats and make oatmeal cookies.CC will make hardtack that is needed for the fortworkers.the plud mod adds cakes,donuts,muffins,etc.the mills are similar but in this version CC has adjusted most to use all grains.the thing is the mills and bakeries need different materials to build. some need lumber. most require iron,which is a luxury to CC world.the mill i built uses stone and wood to build. it processes wheat and corn but gives flour<wheat> and cornflour. corn flour can only be used by the old bakery to make cornbread. are you confused yet?? lmao. that is how you play it. you hope when you set the mill it is the right 1. there needs to be more info on the toolbar icon when you scrollover it.
     with the new version of Cc,i have noticed most mills now will grind all grains and make plain flour. but that means sorghum and barley and rye too. and i do not think it got too crazy and added sunflowers is a double edged sword. if you start with corn and no cows,what are you going to do? make corn flour and then what?this mod order does work without overriding most of the bakeries. like KID's colonial should still be set to oats and aot cookies. so you don't open the colonial bakery and make muffins or is a give and take way of doing it for sure.
    the food chart does look like a yoyo or juggler. part of that is the fall it jumps up then by summer it drops off. as long as i keep it from dropping too low,i should be alright. and when i get nomads they have been groups not just a couple but 14 or more.
      i have had my struggles with it. i still want to know how BT changed the soil. it is very odd that the fields hit 500 food and not some at 600 or 700.a little extra to each field with this many years would have had me ahead a ways. i do wish i had more safety. after the mumps hit and some child-birth deaths,i only had 2 laborers. wasn't much that got done a few years. now that students are finishing school soon,it should pick up more too.
Post by: Abandoned on May 24, 2017, 06:56:49 AM
@brads3 I don't think the modders can do anything to change the soil.  Your problem might be uneducated workers.  I did some comparisons for you from my currant map.  8x10 rye educated 479 one year 480 the next.  8x10 cabbage uneducated 420 both years.  8x12 barley educated 532 one year lost part of crop to frost the following year.
Post by: brads3 on May 24, 2017, 08:41:59 AM
i agree that nobody changed it on purpose. i doubt they figured out how to.but  theory says 1 thing, my usage says something has affected the soil. i do want to run this map and then another before i go mention it to the modders.i don't have enough evidence yet. the 1st set of fields didn't produce much better either when i had more educated workers. i do think the education level is affecting RED's hunters. that in itself will slow my food growth.normally i get small sets of nomads in the beginning. this game i have had 14+ every time.there is older students now. soon i shall have graduates and we will see if production improves.
Post by: brads3 on May 24, 2017, 01:03:28 PM
YEAR 18:
     needing more logs than the foresters can produce,we are going to scavenge logs that the ocean waves bring to our cove.while waiting for more stone,the builders will build the workshop grinder  in the fort.that will produce the flour that will be stored  for hardtack.a tower will be built to the far west for the quick hunter to use. the 3 builders will stay busy while the stone amount is built up.
      by fall,only 1 male remains in the barracks.the construction  of a pine kiln is started.
     our education level has improved. only 2 have chosen to work the fields. 1 to the large orchard and 1 to corn. the cold set in early this year. the pumpkins have produced under 500.the double corn field is under 1000.the large orchard did not do as well with an educated worker as the year before.the educated corn farmer did produce 150 more than the uneducated were getting.
    the merchants continue to stop. we turned down beef cows. 1 did bring a mystery seed.after he tried to explain them to us,we realize they are REDK tomato seeds. though we would like to see if these mystery seeds are magical and produce much more than our pumpkins,we will wait and continue to build and store more goods.we have slowed down on producing the valued furniture and don't have enough to restock the trade post.we did trade for 2 pigs in the fall.
     i noticed the industrial market does not store the pine items.a pine market will be constructed during the winter to supply the kiln and also food for the production area.a small smelter is added to process iron as well.

pic 1: dock log scavenger
pic 2: merchant with mystery seed.
pic 3:  larger RH's for the production area.TH stats.
pic 4: fields and yield numbers.1 corn and cherry with educated workers. all others uneducated.the smaller cherry field to the north has produced more than the larger 1 at times.the larger orchard and 1 pumpkin are closer to the thatch patch behind the lumber yard.that must mean more weeds to pull from those fields.

pic 5: pig pasture. inventory.
pic 6:  hunting tower and lean to storage.pine kiln. overall stats.note the market doesn't hold newer items.
Post by: Abandoned on May 24, 2017, 09:46:33 PM
@brads3 is that a stone quarry I see?  What mod is that from?
Post by: brads3 on May 24, 2017, 10:33:57 PM
last pic to the right? that is a CC stone and salt mine.
Post by: Abandoned on May 25, 2017, 04:43:50 AM
@brads3 thanks, that is a nice looking mine.  I certainly hope cc will release more modular parts of journey, there were so many pieces I liked and thought would be nice combined with WOB mods, lots of story potential there.  :)
Post by: Gatherer on May 25, 2017, 11:46:40 AM
@brads3 I think your cropfield numbers are affected by not having any storage nearby. Your farmers lose precious time carrying crops to far away barns. You wrote there is a 1 tile of empty space between the roads and fields. Put some storage crates around.
Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 12:10:00 PM
there are several barns back in thae farm area. that isn't changing the field productions since the barns are as close as i normally do. i also have used vendors in winter to pull food out of the barns so they haven't been full.i do think part of it is the lack of educated workers. the corn is ready just before fall so cold isn't stopping growth. it is odd that i don't see a field do better than 500 flat.
Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 12:45:40 PM
YEAR 19:
     we need more housing. before that we need more food.we also need iron soon.a dilema with the limited land in this cove.we will put more of the ocean to work for us.a tidal pool,duck blind,and dock fishing pier to the west to feed the production area.
     uhoh,while construction continues 22 new settlers arrive.why do they always show up with no food??
do they crawl out from under rocks? though we are unprepared for them,we can't send them back across the ocean.the barracks will hold all but 7 and we are already working on a dock house.since the fishing dock is finished,2 of them go to work quickly.another dock house will be built also.we still need to put 3 more of them to work producing some food. a narrow 4x20 field is to be cleared against the mountains to the west and another tower also. we did wish they could climb high enough to hunt mountain goats.if it means not starving we'd settle for bobcats or panthers.
     though we struggled with food all summer,we only lost 2 to snowfall,only 1 bannies remained completely homeless.we started processing charcoal to fuel and ore to iron.
    through the winter we will build more houses and extend the roads.if we have time we should get a larger general TP built also.

pic 1: on going construction and in comes a large group of settlers.
pic 2: tidal pool,duck blind,dock fishing pier,RED's tower that doesn't hunt mountain goats. i had to wait for crops to be harvested before i dared building more houses.

pic 3: crop field behind the RH's,fuel refinery and smelter for iron.inventory.
pic 4: pulled back pic of production and dock areas to the west.Th stats.
Post by: Whoyou13 on May 25, 2017, 04:27:20 PM
This series will make America great again, hahahahaha
Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 04:33:11 PM
if i don't starve
Post by: RedKetchup on May 25, 2017, 05:22:59 PM
This series will make America great again, hahahahaha

i guess you won't accept nomads ? ^^
Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 05:29:44 PM
lol,RED. we call them settlers back in these old
Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 10:06:29 PM
  YEAR 20:
     during the winter a trader brought broccoli seed. we will plant these in the 2 farthest east feilds. the trader also brought an outbreak of mumps.

   population 159,79 adult,23 students,57 children.34 houses+barracks is full.
education 27%. very low on everything.biggest problems are food and logs.
    through our struggles we have gained some ground. our bison pasture is full. we have aquired pigs,dairy cows,and broccoli seed.we have over 1000 maple sap in stock.we are slowly processing iron.we have over 30 workers on food production. if we survive til fall, we should have enough food for winter.
     by summer,the TP was completed and we stocked it with everything we could find extra.flax,pearls,and reeds.a sap boiler was started and a turpentine still.
   as i walked around checking workers,i found we had several educated workers now on fields. hopefully this will help.a mini food market was built so the bannies could pick it up closer to the fields.
    all spring and summer,the laborers scavenged all the roots and onions they could. they collected from every bit of ground we had west of the harvest season started, it appeared our efforts had paid fall we were confident enough to build 2 more houses. 1 to the east dock and the end production RH.
our new TP paid off also,a feeod merchant stop and traded us 850 potatoes for extra reeds and our flax.
  though the broccoloi grew quicker than the pumpkins,the yields were almost the same. none of our fields produced much better even with educated workers.the bannies were hoarding food in their houses and our barns stood least noone had starved this year.
      since our turpentine still did not like our firewood it was switched to charcoal and our sap boiler to firewood. the lumberyard was back to work to keep it supplied.   
      our barracks is full of settlers. they are anxious to head inland and discover what lies beyond our cover. do to our dwindling food supplies, we can not support more settlers. we have established a base from which more settlers can come to rest before venturing out to explore. they will leave healthy,clothed,and excited. i happily agree to escort them on the journey.

        though this town had its struggles, it never turned away any nomad settlers.end populatioon will be serve its purpose to launch more settlements.

pic 1: west edge of map.stats.
pic 2: over looking the farms.production.
pic 3: mini market
pic 4: center of fort.end inventory.
pic 5: far east docks. end production.

Post by: brads3 on May 25, 2017, 10:28:50 PM
 i do want to add some notes on here. the food production issue has not been solved. i don't think BT changed the soil,at least not on purpose. it will take more testing and evidence to figure out. educated workers did not produce any better. 3 different crops + cherry tried,yet the same results.farms are lucky to get over 500.the limited space affected  1 hunter. that doesn't ecxplain all  of is almost like all production of all mods was decreased by 50%.not just food buildings either. GATHERER mentioned it might be the layout of the storage. there are several barns in the farm area.distance is no greater than i have played before.even in the beginning with educated workers the fields did no i checked markets as bannies began to starve,i noticed they were having trouble moving food. i had 600+food at times but had to locate it. i set up the mini food market to compensate for the other markets and hand food out faster. he ran to gather maple sap which is in-edible. the bannies would carry food from the west past storage barns to the center of the map.even though i was collecting food in all areas,it was not being utilized.KID"S flour that i had found to be in-edible on previous games,the bannies ate it up.
    could i have a mod out of order? i might think that if it was only 1 crop. or issues with 1 mod set.i will say the mini Th normally send a couple nomads ain the beginning of games. this time it sent every group over 14.the last one being over 20.that makes me wonder if the game registry has a bug in it.
it remains a mystery for now.
Post by: Whoyou13 on May 27, 2017, 05:04:02 PM
This series will make America great again, hahahahaha

i guess you won't accept nomads ? ^^

Maybe nomads will be the key long term goal for America?
Post by: brads3 on May 27, 2017, 06:17:08 PM
i will behave and not answere that.
Post by: brads3 on May 28, 2017, 03:47:16 AM
i hope if modders read through here they take some notes. there are some mod ideas mixed in. these indians might bring ideas with them to0.
Post by: brads3 on December 17, 2017, 08:22:23 AM
                                                     LANDING FORT REVIEW

          this map seemed to give larger nomad year 10,there were 3 sets of 14 each.happening so early,we would need logs and food built quickly at the same time.these larger groups brought the education % down below 30% at times.this impacted the food more than i map terrain ment the radius circles were half in the mountains. this affected the hunters and foresters.logs and food was always in short supply on this water map.

        fort walls started being built in year 8. by then there had been 2 sets of nomads.a maple and pine forests were being worked.9 crops were planted including 2 year 14, a trading post was ready to ship furniture,candles,and coats.
mining started in year 17.production area is started, including processing iron and furnace fuel by yr 19.added a 2nd general trading post in year would send a veariety of excess goods and import food.
         the fort walls,needing cannons for the end corners,never did get finished before the fort started to send settlers inland.this map did push to use tower hunters to hunt the edge mountains and the CC dock mod to use the ocean waters for food and logs.

          the map worked for 20 years ending with a population of 169 and a low education rate of 27%.there was 34 houses and a full barracks.other than needing more supplies to build more of the fort,LANDING FORT was ready for settlers to pass through it.there was a variety of livestock acquired . they can breed and the offspring can be sent to establish new settlements.this was a mild climate map but had a serious food production problem.this did improve on the next mmap so we blame it on the salt water and ocean air.the high nomad count was most likely due to the waterworld map.those maps are tricky.sometimes they give no nomads or as in this case the groups are larger.

         the nat div mod takes some adjusting to. you start with fewer trees so have to use them wisely before getting foresters started. the thatch is another limit flag so it can slow the forester from planting if he can't remove and store was interesting to see how much that mod affected this map. this mod combined with some others does bring a nice realism to the map.

      storage system problem #1. the dock wood finder storing food,beeswax,etc.#2 the industrial plaza does not store pine items.