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Post by: brads3 on November 13, 2017, 11:25:09 AM
        Good morning.sadly, i had to move on from the last map. i did keep the last 5 saves. it seems like months since i logged did become a struggle for a while to try and contiue the map.the last 5 years were re-played several times to push past whatever fatal error hwas kicking me out.the last few weeks of it,i could get the map to play smoothly and think i was past it,only to get locked up again.the bannies still moved along without skipping.i still think it is more this computer than a problem with a was getting frustrating to do the same things each day only to get the same results. anyway, it is too quiet on here so i should try to wake the site back up.

        i tested some mods and added a few more to the list.i think there is 1 that might be in the mod order is a minor 1,so i am not too concerned.most have been tested and moved.

mod adjustments 117 total,moved the bigger wheelbarrow mod to the top,added traders except all<doesn't seem to help much>
add multiple starts<we do not start with thatch on the map by using these>,below this i added the CC orchard forest mod<the version incluided with CC had issues due to mod we can control some of those with mod orders>,added KID's bakery for the greenhouses placed above CC tropical GH and both above CC,added marble quarry to work with the my precious and statues mods<this 1 may need to be moved around>,added soapiry and KID's storage carts,dropped all other KID's mods below CC<to give more ducks to the hunters>
keys: NMT is above CC to give better water outputs,do have icon glitches on EB's irrigation mods.

Post by: brads3 on November 13, 2017, 11:26:47 AM
    should i go through the whole list of 117 mods and explain why i use them?? there has been new players so i guess i will.

banished 1.07 beta build 107212 yes i am probably behind a version.
MODS: in order from top down

bigger wheelbarrow-lets the vendors/merchants carry more,
traders except all-so modded tradingposts will except all goods including CC items. note: i am not convinced this helps or works on all modded traders,
RK vanilla TP for 1.07- a trading post fix to solve issues between 1.06 mods and the 1.07 items.YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS.
CC no smoke,no wild ducks,CC light rain-these mods speed get rid of graphics which should help give the computer some speed.the duck mod solves an issue where the hunters would hunt ducks more than deer,thereby overstocking you with feathers instead of leather.

KID's vegetable garden start-gives those seeds at map starts if using some settings
stop burning coal-stops houses from using coal to heat. be advised it does not mean the houses only use firewood.
residence fix-fixed a fatal error that happened sporadically with some housing.
more wood per tree,safer mines,unlimited mines, all self-explanatory

renewable resources2- adds "foresters" that respawn stone,iron,iron ore,and coal.
forget orchards-no need to cut and replant orchards,they also will produce fruit sooner.
immortal trees-trees don't die and fall over.
FLAX PATCH and PINE MOD-adds NECORA's pine mod set,trees,and gathering ability.also adds fur and pelts.
SEASONFX- gives a different texture to crop fields.
NAT DIV 1-adds thatch and meadows depending on start settings.changes graphics of many wild plants. be advised with this,you will need thatch for some construction including pastures.

MULTIPLE STARTS-gives different options. with an A&E start,you still do not have thatch meadows.
CC ORCHARD FORESTERS-set of hobbit-looking foresters that plant fruit trees or nuts or is not a mixture of all in 1.comes with its own gatherer.
BLACKSMITH TOOLS-more tool options including stone,wood,steel and hardened tools. works with several smiths but not all.
BAKERS AND MILLERS-different styled buildings.
TJORKO MILL- adds a nordic  grain mill
BAKERY PLUS-adds many foods to the bakeries including pies and cakes. these bakery mods together allow the use of different grains for flour,bread from flour only,cornbread,etc. even rice can be used. mod order can be used to adjust outputs.

MINI BUILDINGS-very handy at start since the buildings are small and cheap. the townhall will attract nomads without needing a trading post.
NMT 2.04-this brings a ton of options. yes it is a 1.06 mod but it works without issue with the compatability mods added.
FLYFISHING,QUICK HUNTER-with these you can work without needing a buildingor dock.handy at starts.flyfisher does give trout not fish.
BRAD'S SMOKE SHED-tiny shed to smoke meats.
KID'S BAKERY AND GARDEN-adds greenhouses for a variety of fertilizer required. works as a cropfield but all year.
CC TROPICAL GREENHOUSES-uses bonemeal surplus to produce different fruits or vegetables.
MY PRECIOUS,MARBLE QUARRY,and STATUE PLUS-together add gold,silver,gems,etc and many decorative statues.the coins are used in a few places including the NFT fort parts.

DOMESTIC ANIMAL FIX-a CC mod ,without it there was too many DA's all over the map.
1.07 COmpataility- fixes issues of the new limit flags with older mods. EVEN WITHOUT CC,YOU WANT THIS MOD.better safe than sorry.
CC JOURNEY 1.75-brings with all the previous CC versions in 1.this mod is like anothjer game added to the 1 you have.
CC COMPATABILITY BUILDINGS-allows the use of older mods with newer mods.fixes issues where both buildings have a simialar name.
NOTE THOSE 3 MODS MUST BE IN THAT ORDER TO FUNCTION CORRECTLY.the 2 compatabilty mods should work and help without CC.

FOUNTAIN LITE-adds a stone and iron gatherer,different buildings.some decorations.

ADRIANA LIBRARY-a happiness building that isn't a church.
KETCHUP-tomato processor,WOOD BUTCHER-processes more types of meats including duck and bison,
RK TRAINING CAMP MAIN and DECO-adds the training camp walls and watch tower and fur tailor,
COUNTRY HOUSE-adds a modular house and storages
GARDEN WALLS UTILITY-adds the famous fodder and perfume meadow.

COLONIAL HOUSING and RESOURCES-adds KID's colonial mod,FORREST OUTPOST-smaller versions of the forest buildings with more added.
 LOG DEPOT-log market,YARD COVER-variety of coverings for piles and workshops,WILDWEST-a town with a neat way of adding buildings that function as houses with several working buildings as well.
ROWHOUSING and BUSINESS-adds the rowhouse mod.the blacksmith of this produces muskets for the NFT fort. the office TH can be placed more than once.handy to organize mining and production towns.

WORKPLACE-several mini options of processors.VEGETABLE GARDEN-gives the seeds on non-medium starts,
PLIMOUTH PLANTATION and HARMONIZED-2 differetn textures of older colonial-styled buildings.
MARKET PUZZLE-set of small markets.due to toolbar placement mine is still 1.06.handy to keep workplaces supplied with items.
MARKET BBQ and SOUP-2 food kitchens,TINY MOD-small mine and quarry,as well as a few other additions.HOUSEBOAT,STORAGE CARTS,

SOAPAIRY-makes herbal soap. does not seem to require beeswax to function.a handy trade item though.

TOM'S NORDIC MODS:some require roof tiles but not all
RED COTTAGE,WHAREHOUSE-will store stone and other materials,SCHOOL- 2part nordic school,WOODEN HOUSE,HOUSE-yes 2 different mods,this adds a smaller red school,no tiles required.ITZBA-a nordic wood cabin-styled house.CHICKEN COOP,

DS stone hovels-stone and grass roofed houses,no thatch required

EMPTY SQUARE-invisible space to stop regrowth. handy for lawns or towns to stop trees and shrubs.
MARITIME STORAGE-adds some storage options to the pine mod,these will store new items flags.handy for forests and thatch meadows.
SHERBROOKE VILLAGE-adds colorful housing and workplace buildings.adds lumber as well.
MARITIME RIFFLE-brings terraform functions to add streams,waterfalls,or water disturbances.make a pond or add graphics near watermills
CRYSTAL CLIFFS-adds goats,rabbits,and cow or chicken barns.feed with corn.

MARKETS and FARMSTAND-adds a set of 1.07 flagged markets,this saves thatch filing the main work pile.helps move the items closer to workplaces also.
WINERY,OILPRESS,TANNERY and LEATHERWORKS- cure leather and produce saddles.
FARMHOUSE vers101 and 107-adds western styled housing with long porches.compliments KID's WILD WEST mod.HERBALIST-similar styled.
IRRIGATION SYSTEMS natural,17004,AND DECO ADDON-several options to move and supply water.
MATERIAL WHAREHOUSE-a market that holds 1.07 items.

below this are mods with no conflicts.they do not show red.
DEBUG-gives some abilities to quick test mods,change  populations,add seeds,etc.ONESTOP MINING-a mine that produces stone,coal,and iron at once.
TOWN ARRIVAL NOMADS-disabled,lets the Cc town arrival boat landing to bring nomads.ADRIANA'S COLLEGE-RED's large stone college school
BETTER SCHOOLS-suppose to increase the school capacity.note:may work with vanilla non-modded schools only.
BIRCH CANOE-indian dugout canoe decoration,CITY ROADS-street and sidewalks,DECORATIVE PLANTS-adds roses and other colorful shrubs and flowers.
EMPORIUM- a woodland market with a large storage capacity.FRUIT & VEGGY BARN-huge capacity vanilla-looking storage. does not require thatch.
GAYHEAD LIGHTHOUSE-upgraded to b multi-placeable.functions as a house.
GRASSY ROADS-gives several options to roads including grass,pasture,verdant plains,swamps, for decorative uses.used to widen dirt or stone roads,they stop regrowth.handy to see through forests.

I SEE FIRE-bonfires and torches.MORE STONE per rock,NEW TREES-not ghosted.adds lilacs and some other colorful flowers and trees.
OLD HUNTER HUT-splits the vanilla hunter making 1 half a residence.PLYMOUTH HOUSE,PROPER TIME 1.1-age mod,bannies mature at 1-1 year,school age  approximately 6-16,marry and childbearing after.also allows older bannies to about 80+,
SLINK'S SMALL MARKETS-full set of market buildings to store items including industrial<stone and logs>,farmer mkt,general mkt, and individual foods,etc
yes 1.06 items but very handy.
SLINK'S SNUGHOUSES-small hut houses,
SPECIALIZED MARKETS-a general market store and a industrial market square.handy for production areas.
STORAGE SHED,WASHING MOD-clotheslines and washing tubs.WHITE PICKET FENCE,z-crop masher-produces a mash of mixed foods.doesn't require food

that is a huge list.hopefully it will give some new players more ideas.
Post by: brads3 on November 13, 2017, 11:39:40 AM
GOAL : to build a huge capital city and accept all nomads excluding RED's lighthouse<since i like building it for merchants to find my ports>. we will need a production area for the needed materials along the main river.east of the river,i can place foresters to supply the logs and firewood.any streams that we run into to the west will be terraformed flat.i haven't decided on the center lake yet.from the start point,i am going to run a road north-south. to the east of it will be farms and the city to the west.

map: Vicks.329747916,CC flat plains,large,harsh,disasters off,vagrants which gives a boardinghouse and huge stockpile and 5 families.

since we have greenhouses and have built several settlements already,we do have all seeds,orchards,and animals available.we will still need to trade for livestock however.if we get overstocked on anything,we can use traders to ship goods away as well.

       1 thing i do before i unpause and start the map,is reset some of the resource limits. i change the herbs to 1000,firewood to 500,increase the logs to 2000, and bump the tools and clothing up a click.on this map i did have to up the stone as well since it is already i go along and build houses and production buildings i will continue to adjust those.
      i did locate a herd of deer for 1 quickhunter.the builder will work on a mini TH,woodcutter,and 2 workshops.the laborers have land to clear for 3 7x late spring we have the 3 greenhouses finished. barley,peas,and strawberries are being produced. the workers can clear land for some roads.the builder is caught up by summer. 1 shop is working on leather coats,the other is making stone tools.this will conserve our iron and iron ore.while we use the year to build supplies and food,we build a small red avoid filling the main pile with firewood,2 of KID's sheds are built.
  since the deer herds are small and spread out,we send out a 2nd hunter.we move the quickhunters with the deer herds.

Post by: brads3 on November 14, 2017, 07:30:24 AM

      while the bannies are busy trying to build supplies up, i debate the center lake. i could use the lasnd for a meadow of thatch and fodder.a main road south of the starting point barracks would run through the the same time it is a large area to terraform.i also dislike terraforming the lake square.i finally decided to split the lake into smaller lakes and flatten most of it.this will give us a nice meadow in the middle.for now it leaves a rocky texture. if the thatch and fodder don't correct it,i do have ghosted  spaces to make it look better.
   going into year 2,we need to build food reserves. to speed up the greenhouses,we build 2 plymouth houses so the workers don't have to walk so far.we also start to clear south of the barracks for a main east-west road.before we build more houses, we build a mini fishing pier.then we begin work on wildwest housing. this will give us a land claims and post office.the laborers begin stocking materials for a pineapple hothouse and another barn.we leave 1 family in the boardinghouse to prevent nomads showing up until we can get more food stored.a cemetary is built as well.

PIC 1: terraformed lake
pic 2:wildwest housing

Post by: brads3 on November 15, 2017, 05:34:46 AM

       now we expand and build the undertaker next to the cemetary.we will also add a school now that our population is keep everyone healthy we start on a medical clinic and herb garden next.we increase our tool,clothing,and firewood outputs and our food limit.deer seem to like the flat meadow area between the ponds. moving the quickhunters around has paid off well. there is over 3000 venison stored.

pic 1: undertaker cemetary
pic 2:med clinic and herb grower
Post by: brads3 on November 15, 2017, 05:36:33 AM
YEAR 4-5

      while the bannies are busy clearing land to build the stockpile up,7 nomads arrive.1 becomes our doctor.part of these will work on food.several will work on planting the new meadow.a thatcher and fodder with storage is planned. RED's tower hunter is built to keep watch so the animals don't tear it up.a tomato GH is added and a cornfield is cleared.

pic 1: fodder meadow
pic 2: meadow 2-thatch
pic 3: tomato greenhouse
Post by: RedKetchup on November 15, 2017, 10:32:36 AM
grass patches doesnt look the same on this brown ground to compare green ground. their yellow/olive  colors are made to make a seperation with the green ground, while this brown ground would have needed a more green color for the 3D grass
Post by: brads3 on November 15, 2017, 10:45:16 AM
 fixed it. had to paint 1the ground 1 square at a time.does look better now.
Post by: brads3 on November 16, 2017, 07:08:40 AM
YEAR 6-7

     with the food over 5000,we will build another house to empty the boardinghouse.the workers will work at clearing a 15x15 orchard and extending the road east.
     while i wait for nomads or graduates,i start painting the ground for the fodder meadow.

pic 1:cleared orchard
pic 2:painting meadow ground
pic 3: planted greenhouses
pic 4: small ww houses
Post by: RedKetchup on November 16, 2017, 01:15:52 PM
this patching isnt not really good :S
Post by: brads3 on November 16, 2017, 04:35:30 PM
you don't like my ground painting,RED?
Post by: RedKetchup on November 16, 2017, 06:10:39 PM
^^ doesnt look good. not your fault though !!

Post by: brads3 on November 17, 2017, 06:31:08 AM
some of it might be. i tried using 2 different textures. i used verdant plain under the fodder and thatch and i tried using pastured for around those 2 ponds.the pastured squares loo strange. the verdants aren't as bad. i blended the western edge with the pastured and then stopped using it.these decor squares are ghosted so i can build on them later and the fodder will grow through them too. it was tedious to paint such a big area 1 square at a time with the game didn't work trying to pause it.good thing with them is the snow covers them evenly so we don't see edges of each square.
Post by: brads3 on November 17, 2017, 06:54:43 AM
YEAR 8-9

      we build a country store to give the start village a that we have a some fodder stored,we will build a horse stable. to supply water we add EB's irrigation water pump and resevoir. it took time,but i did get the main part of the meadow painted.

pic 1: country store
pic 2: horse stable
pic 3: eb well
pic 4: painted thatch meadow
Post by: RedKetchup on November 17, 2017, 12:58:42 PM
maybe you just need to finish to paint everything left ouside the circles. probably the circled frontiers is stressing the look it has overall

but this game never handled well the terraforming cause it never replaces the ground texture.
Post by: brads3 on November 18, 2017, 09:21:23 AM

      we have a decent start.our population has grown by 18.i did get 1 set of nomads which is less than i would have hoped.we have an assortment of food and are well stocked.we built 10 houses,a clinic,and school.other than more boarding houses,the village has enough to deal with support the future city,we are producing fodder and thatch.the hunters are also collecting pelts and furs for better coats.

         as females mature to 16 or 17 years of age,we add more housing.we also work to maintain the material pile at 80-90% so we can continue to expand and build smoothly.
     in late spring,12 more nomads arrive.we will need an EB western housefor stable workers.others should work to boost our food as we continue expanding to the east.we add a pumpkin gh and fence a playground by the school.

pic 1: stats
pic 2: inventory
pic 3: EB farmhouse
pic 4: pimpkin gh and school playground
Post by: brads3 on November 19, 2017, 07:11:40 AM

      we clear a bean field.since we have food and herbs growing in the meadows,we add a herbalist from the pine mod.hopefully he will work to harvest both and maybe some duck eggs as well.most of the nat div plants are growing in the thatchside of the meadow. the fodder is quite thick by that we have new graduates from the school, we add another crop field and barn during the winter.

pic 1: pine herbalist
pic 2: bean field
Post by: brads3 on November 19, 2017, 07:12:52 AM
pics oops
Post by: brads3 on November 20, 2017, 05:53:01 AM

      We have 1 female that doesn't want to move.we added several houses yet at 19,she has not moved out.we will build another plymouth house north by the gh's.we have a single male,who came with the nomad groups,and a couple single females between 15-17.when elle finally moved out,i realize she had a 17 yr old sister also living at home.
      we also will expand east and build EB's wharehouse. this will give us space to move goods as we clear farther. it will also help move items later from the production area to the city.we also add a barn to store more fertilizer near the horses.a chesnut orchard is planted to break the meadow from the village.the next graduate was sent to increase the fodder production.

pic 1: elle finally moved
pic 2: EB wharehouse
Post by: brads3 on November 21, 2017, 08:05:41 AM
      While the bannies continue to clear more land,i will take a minute to point out a couple things.the terraform option is handy at times to clear a hill that is in your has limitations however. i tried to make the ponds as round as i could. i also tried using NECOAR's riffle mod to help along the edge of the horse pasture.i do hope he regroups and returns to us. he brought some nice additions to the game. the riffle mod doesn't dig deep enough to hit the banished water table.there is another terraform mod that will dig down to the water but it still doesn't dig sloping rounded banks.
    i have the decor squares and a road mod to paint the ground with.the decor squares worked in the meadow so the thatch and fodder will grow through them. road spaces would have prevented regrowth of trees and shrubs but also the fodder and thatch.the invisible space mod will prevent growth but not paint the ground. all 3 options have uses.the invisible space od comes with astretchable field option that works good for larger lawn areas or city parks with ghosted trees.the only issue between the 3 is they don't blend together.the texture is different so it is a sudden change at the edges. in some cases you might end up with a line between them as well.even painting the edge with the decor squares will be noticeable.
i will say the decor squares covers with snow very nicely.just information for new players on why we add so many different mods sometimes.
     i didn't use triple-wide roads will allow regrowth now so i have more logs later.later i can decide which roads i want to use.i also haven't harvested to the west so those materials can be used to build the city later.
     with the greenhouses,the food production is more balanced throughout the year. this is helpful when taking nomads since new houses will deplete the food stocks from the barns.some might call it a cheat but it depends on how you use them.
   storage still has a learning curve. with so many options and 1.06 and 1.07 mods,there are items that only store is some.even with the CC upgraded and the various cellars,some stuff stores awkward.some is controllable with mod order.the compatability mods help but don't fix all issues of the different limit flags.that isn't a complaint,just an observation. there are many 1.06 barn and market mods that i do like to use.each modder has brought us new 1.07 storage options that do is easy though to drop barns and forget what they will or won't store.the bannies do seem to scatter items around more than before.that is both good and bad. they will store textiles all over for tailors but also store fertilizer near food.

       while the laborers were busy clearing to the east. the builders built another DS hovel for the meadow. they also started a boardinghouse to the east to help move future nomads toward the production area.the nomad start village is stable and maintains at 1000-1500 firewood,10,000 food with a 4000 bump at fall harvest,tools at 350,and clothing at 250 just leathercoats.we do have furs and pelts in storage.

pic 1: squarish terraform pond
pic 2: edged textures near the orchard
pic 3: 5 yr food graph
pic 4: meadow housing
pic 5: old boardinghouse
Post by: brads3 on November 22, 2017, 06:00:50 AM

     to keep school graduates busy,we add a field and expand the orchard near the meadow. we add a storage shed for the new bardinghouse and a wildwest market.since the bannies have the time,they will collect bees for an apiary near the apple fall our vendor has the new corner market stocked.
     for some reason,the bannies kicked 2 teenagers out and they are now living in the boardinghouse.the pair will need a new house.this is very unusual for them especially since 1 is still attending school.sadly we also have our 1st death. the thatcher died of,get this,hay fever.we almost hung the doctor for not telling him to change careers.

pic 1: chesnut and walnut orchards
pic 2: conerstore
pic 3: kicked out teens
pic 4: 1st death
Post by: galensgranny on November 22, 2017, 11:26:16 AM
we also have our 1st death. the thatcher died of,get this,hay fever.we almost hung the doctor for not telling him to change careers.

Ha ha ha!   ;D   That is so funny!
Post by: brads3 on November 22, 2017, 11:54:23 AM
glad to see someone paying attention. :)
Post by: kid1293 on November 22, 2017, 12:16:13 PM
Don't worry @brads3 - It is like a TV show. We are all in a coma, watching. :)
Post by: brads3 on November 23, 2017, 08:02:21 AM

       it is a quiet year.the apiary is finished and more land is cleared near it.this will send logs to the main pile for the woodchopper.
    i did notice an odd minor glitch. the pumpkin gh worker shows he needs a tool even though we are well stocked.happens off and on randomly. another farmer goes homeless walks into a barn and then it clears seems to happen when he steps near or through the pumpkin gh.the glitches don't seem to cause problems but are unusual. i have kept checking the boardinghouses and noone else has been kicked out and living there.the world of bannished is legendary at causing the bannies to do strange things.

pic 1:apiary
pic 2: odd glitch
Post by: brads3 on November 24, 2017, 07:56:27 AM

      we continue clearing to the east.with EB's irrigation mod,my water shows up different. it looks like the small stream way to the east is the main it is,we have cleared to the main river and can start work on production buildings.
       late spring brings 21 nomads.1 will work the apiary,a greenhouse will be added near the horse stable to use the fodder,and a cropfield will be cleared by next spring to supply enough food.this will leave over 10 workers to start producing materials for the city.these nomads broght dysentary with them,so our doctor is busy and is cleared up quickly..
       the bannies fill the wharehouse quickly,a temporary material pile is set up  to help store materials.finally work begins on a bridge over the river and an industrial market.snow comes early and we only have 1 new house built.the foundation is has been layed for the 2nd and the 3rd a light house is planned by the river. to help our firewood,workers clear south along the dividing road to send logs to the chopper during the winter.we did have our 2nd death,a laborer due to old age.since our oldest bannie is only mid 40's,we think it was more heart related combined with the cold.

      now that the industrial market is complete,we expnd it adding a farmers market for food.we empty the temporary pile now that it is no longer needed.once the bridge allows us to access the other side of the river,we realize we have a mountain for mining materials. a set of 2 story rowhouses will be added near the market square along with an office to help organize the production. a smaller set of rowhouses will be built across the river for the winter comes early,once again work slows down.the workers continue moving materials to supply construction projects.they also clear a new cropfield to increase our food reserves.

pic 1: main river map note how the far east stream shows up more than the main river
pic 2: fodder greenhouse
pic 3: housing foundation
pic 4: production market square
Post by: brads3 on November 25, 2017, 08:23:25 AM
year 18
      TO speed things up, i consider adding more builders.that will not work as not all projects are supplied yet.the laborers continue clearing land.we did manage to get a soapairy built. this will help our health and give us a trade item later.we add a farmhouse for the new crop. this set of nomads seem to have disagreements cause they like to move into houses alone.

     since we need stone,the workers begin clearing land and carrying supplies for a stone-salt mine as well as a claypit.
mini RH's will be used to house workers for the summer work has sped up now that the workers are living closer.only 1 large family remains in our boardinghouses.
     by fall,the bannies have settled their differences and only 1 remains living alone.checking our housing,i find we have 2 16 year old males still living with parents. i also find our oldest bannie,a hunter,is 64.
     we have 20 laborers but only 2 in the mining area.sine we have extra workers living in the main village,we add a blueberry patch near the meadow and clear land for another veggy crop.our single vendor has kept all markets well stocked. we will add log and stone carts to supply the village blacksmith and chopper.a tiny wood chopper is started near the industrial square to supply the new houses.a small market is planned east of the river to help store items keep more workers busy,a lumber cutter is set beside the soapairy with a small barn and a furriers hut is built to make peltcoats.we will still stockpile our furs.
    through winter,our food stocks actually increaased.the fur hut is being finshed and we need to go dig more of the mine,otherwise the bannies have everything caught up.for some reason 2 pairs of teens moved back into a boardinghouse.our homeless glitch near the pumpkin gh continues but he at least finds his way back to his home.this appears to be 2 separate glitches.of course this happened right when i thought everyone was finally housed.

pic 1: soapairy
pic 2: more food worker housing
pic 3: mining village
pic 4: lumber cutter,office,and 2 story RH's
pic 5: log and stone carts

Post by: RedKetchup on November 25, 2017, 04:47:07 PM
the Lighthouse really need to be redone with Transparency Glass Technology™

Post by: kid1293 on November 25, 2017, 04:57:55 PM
Post by: brads3 on November 25, 2017, 06:23:26 PM
but then we will need a huge bonfire and mirrors in it.
Post by: RedKetchup on November 25, 2017, 08:18:39 PM
but then we will need a huge bonfire and mirrors in it.

bonfire is nice too :)

but the game doesnt rendering the fire particles through a transparency window.
i tried
Post by: brads3 on November 26, 2017, 06:09:45 AM

      it took 4 years to have enough housing for the last set of nomads. we do need 2 houses for the homeless teens.i think we made good use of the nomads.we were able to get a production village and prodction area started.we have 2 vendors moving supplies.with 2 wood choppers, firewood should be better stocked this reserves should also we don't use all the logs up cutting lumber, i did move the construction limit down to 500.we do have too many laborers so will need more workplaces or fields.i think we will stay at 10 laborers supplying 2 builders.if they get ahead,we will send 3 builders.that leaves 5 or 6 workers that will need jobs.
        population 130,58 adults in 28 houses+2 boardinghouses. 45% educated.

        with almost half our population as adults,we are due a population boom so we do need to increase our food more.the mining town will expand with the homeless teens. the 2 rh houses will be unpaused and the builders can finish digging the mine.once all the materials are supplied,the laborers will clear land for crops.we show good surplus of blueberries. a tavern can be added soon.
          by fall the builders are caught up and i need to take some time to address the storage situations.the industrial square won't store new items. the farmers market primary function was to supply food. it also stores firewood and herbs.
the small market was built to help store minerals and clay as well as supply food,tools,and firewood.each village should have the basics supplied.the main barn in the center of the crops fills fast and the vendors can't empty it enough.the NORDIC barns are being emptied by vendors for the farmers.
         cellars are needed for the office which will help store new items there.more storage wil be needed in the mining town for stone,salt,and other minerals.another barn needs to be added to the center of the time i may need to use carts to supply production workplaces.once the city construction begins,moving materials and keeping production processes working will be important.
          for now we add another NMT barn and several new item cellars to the i ran checking fields when snow fell early in the fall,i notice the blueberries are producing double what they should other crops or orchards are doing this,so it is hard to figure what mod could cause it.with harsh climate i should be producing less.this is an odd glitch.not only can't i figure which mod i but other than moving the CC orchard mod below CC, i see no way to move the recent additions. i did run a check from an older save. the blueberry glitch has been going on longer than i noticed. i will need to dig deepr into the toolbox to figure this out.the only mod i see that could affect the blueberry is the NMT above CC.that was moved to help the wells produce better.i will consider swapping the NMT and fodder mobelow and above CC.that might fix the blueberry glitch and still help the wells. as it is i don't dare attempt to mess with the mod order midgame. for now to be fair,i sent an extra worker to both blueberry fields

pic 1: yr20 stats
pic 2: 10 yr food graph
pic 3: inventory
pic 4: pelt hut
pic 5: mining town
pic 6: blueberry glitch prodcing more than the larger orchard and  double the same sized crop field
Post by: brads3 on November 27, 2017, 05:57:34 AM

       we continue working on the storage barn and cellars with 3 builders and 10 summer the laborers have the builders supplied and are sent to clear north above the greenhouses.this will allow a road to the meadow hovels and give space for future greenhouses.our fertilizer is above 600 even with 1 greenhouse using help move food out of the main barns,we send 1 of our new graduates to be a 3rd vendor.

pic 1: new item cellars,7 fit along the RH office/townhall
pic 2: main food barns
Post by: brads3 on November 28, 2017, 03:58:56 PM

      we have 3 situations that need to be solved. the firewood choppers are breaking even,we need more clothing,and i want to add a blacksmith to make better tools for the mine.i would rather not use furs yet.a lumber mill should go on the far stream,too far away to help at the to the foresters and more hunter. we also only have 1 graduate available.
temporary solution is to send a quick hunter to a deer herd near the production square while a new blacksmith is built.
keeping with the wildwest mod we will add the toolsmith near the EB wharehouse.if we had a bundler shed to bundle thatch,the bannies say they would use it more to heat houses. they don't like using it otherwise.
    before the toolsmith is supplies with building materials,27 nomads show up.many of these will need to help push our food up.1 will have to cut firewood.17 are adults and 10 children.
      we will add a greenhouse and plymouth house to the north since it was cleared for that.we add a worker ww house near the food barns.another large house extends the wildwest village for the new smith and a woodchopper.i do hope these nomads like blueberries cause we will take a hit in food for this year.
     by fall the toolmaker was built. the quickhunter had gained us 1000 venison and 35 leather.our coats actually improved even with supplying the nomads. problem is the toolmaker won't use the iron ore.we doaren't ready to process the ore so we will need to add a different the meantime the hunter moves on to find more deer elsewhere.a RH smith will be built beside the small market.
      snow comes late,for then we have the squash greenhouse and home built to the north.we expanded our main food center adding a house and bean field and a sweet potato field.our firewood stock has improved with the 3rd cutter.the stone has improved with the mine but our log count is dropping.we will need to do some serious solve our clothing issues,we decided to use the ponds.2 reed farms and a fishing pier are added.a dock shop can make survival coats and bundle the reeds to burn.we;ll use the survival coats for newcomers and later for trading.the reeds will allow us to build duck blinds so i think the payoff will be better than a textile chain.
     i got word that we have too many deer in the crop fields. a 3rd hunter is sent to deal with them.finally the RH blacksmith starts producing roughtools. the deer hunter produced 2000 venison and 67 leather while he has waited.the bannies will eat well this winter.

pic 1: squash greenhouse
pic 2: field center
pic 3: deer invading crops
Post by: brads3 on November 29, 2017, 08:35:08 AM
   since we have too many blueberries,a pilgrim's rest will be added. more land is cleared to inrease our food.we add a strawberry field and a radish field.the stable still is producing more fertilizer than we use,so another fodder greenhouse can be added.a new well will be needed.a duck blind is planned  and another DS hovel.more rowhouses will be added to the mining town to get the everyone out of the keep the deer out of the crops,the laborers will clear trees around them.since we still don't have a forester,this will keep our logs supplied.
  by mid winter,the boardinghouses are empty once more.we need a school near the production area.the laborer count is at 18.i double the vendors,taking the labor count down to 15.these are not all located in a clump. i do have them scattered around.

pic 1: reed farms,dock shop,and pilgrim's rest
pic 2: countryhouse to work fields
pic 3: duckblind
Post by: brads3 on December 02, 2017, 05:01:44 AM

     while work is being done on a school,the laborers are busy clearing for a road from the greenhouses to the meadow houses.then they will begin the greuling work of pushing a road thru the mining town toward the east.though a few live close by,most bannies have to walk a ways to get there.the brush is thick and the ground is rocky and bumpy. it will take time to accomplish this.when cold weather returns,i will need to check our food reserves and let the bannies return and work closer to the main village.
       once again, a pair of teens has taken to living in the old boardinghouse so the builders extend the mining rowhouses.during the winter, the laborers clear for more fields and move supplies for another NMT barn.

pic 1: rowhouse school
pic 2:meadow road
pic 3:turnips and rasberry fields with new barn
Post by: brads3 on December 04, 2017, 07:39:10 AM

      the bannies start work on a candle soon as it warms up they will go back to clearing for a road east of the mining help move the materials,a vendor is added to the the weather turns cold,work stops on clearing land.the workers are busy supplying materials for more housing and a cola silo.a coal mine will be dug to give fuel to refine iron ore.
pic 1: candle shop
pic 2: thick clearing
pic 3: progress on the road
pic 4: coal mine
Post by: Nilla on December 06, 2017, 08:12:29 AM
Luckily America is big. I'm relived that your still busy settling it! ;)
Post by: brads3 on December 06, 2017, 12:43:34 PM
who are you? where you been? how are ya?what is new? you have been continues but not without some difficulties along the way.mainly my computer needs overhauled. i had worked a map to build every mod i had at the time except the north.i tried off and on for several  weeks but the computer kept dumping it. worked my way back through different save points,rebuilt so far,and poof.i did keep 4 save points so it might not be totally lost. added some new mods moved on to a new map.i tried to do some different test maps to try and find a population balance formula that might be far not much luck.the computer doesn't like to play by itself without fatal errors too.
   the forum is quieter lately. there are new mods.some i do want to add to the collection. CC has been making modular mods from the CC. now and then they add new stuff to the little modular sets.i hope to see more of them and then decide how to set my game up.
   in the meantime, the series can continue. there is much i would like to do yet. other than the errors on the long map,there has been slight odd glitches. the duck hunter would fish and not hunt as many ducks.wells produce better but i did or do have to swap 2 mods to fix a different issue.think the fodder and NMT had to be reversed. 1 above CC,the other below. the town i am on has a weird issue. teens get kicked out to live in the boardinghouse until you build them a house. seems to be just 1 pair off and on.only concern is if it slows down nomads while it does that.i also have a bannie who gets lost,goes homeless,and finds his way home. the bannies are strange people sometimes.
Post by: brads3 on December 07, 2017, 09:27:51 AM

     we send 2 workers to the mine to dig for coal. more will be added soon.with the coal silo finished,more storage is added and a shoreman are added to the mining town.we will add 2 rowhouses for more mid-summer, we have a road all the way to the far stream.the workers rush to haul stone for a bridge before snow comes.with new workers living in the mining town and the road cleared to the stream,another miner is sent to the coal mine and a worker added to dig sand.
    another year without nomads. workers are graduating school,so our population is growing.during winter,more fields will have to be cleared and plowed.we build a colonial house for the new farmers. they move in at age 15 and 16.

pic 1: east road and bridge
pic 2: shoreman hut
pic 3: pepper and onion fields
Post by: brads3 on December 09, 2017, 08:03:43 AM

      WE will need an office to check production in the mining town. the tiny townhall is added to conserve help boost our log reserves before we have a forester set up,the laborers can clear land near the mines. 15 workers seems to make things go quicker working so far away.though i would rather use some of them for other projects,i will leave them working together.i do think there will be nomads soon to start building to the far east.the builders are quick and by summer start on a fuel refinery.
       as expeceted,25 new nomads arrive.several will be sent to the east to work the forests.the 15 laborers now have 14 extra industrial market will be 1st to store materials from clearing for construction.a hardwood forester will be 1st,since it will take time for the new trees to produce.RK's hunter cabin is added with its residence.a diptheria outbreak will slow us down. it is a hike back to the only clinic.these newcomers will need to learn to use our soap. everone is cured by mid fall.
       even with so many workers it takes time working so far away. the industrial market is finished just before snow falls.1 rowhouse was added at the mining will be a busy winter.the laborers work to supply more construction materials.
      now that foresters will be moving stone to plant trees,the stone mine is switched to salt.our firewood and tool limits are increased to supply more workers.

pic 1:tiny townhall
pic 2: forest start construction
Post by: RedKetchup on December 09, 2017, 08:53:30 AM
btw Brad, in your first screenshots , the open sky mines...
that is the way i ll do my mining centers, Kral gave me their mesh which i will adapt to my mining center :)
Post by: brads3 on December 09, 2017, 09:34:15 AM
those are handy for some things. you don't need the mountain to place you can choose between 2 items to can change from stone to salt,and iron to coal.that can be handy too. i do like my ultimate mine cause it will bring out stone,iron,and coal all at the same time. that makes sence while you are digging to dig everything and sort it after instead of digging just coal and not bring up the iron and stone.
          are you planning to make them unlimited or in steps like CC? CC has "upgrades" where you use candles or torches to dig deeper for 3 stages before they go unlimited. i use different mines a lot. depends on the mountain and what i am mining. KID's tiny mines work where the larger vanillatype mines don't fit. the normal vanilla mine has 2 texture looks. 1 is  better looking than the old smoke stack vanilla. i am not sure if CC did it or a mine mod. did KRAY give you the codes for the cranes? those were neat with the canal traders in the last map to unload the boats.
Post by: RedKetchup on December 09, 2017, 09:57:05 AM
i dont have
Post by: brads3 on December 10, 2017, 08:21:41 AM

       Before we can continue with the forest expansion,the laborers need to clear 2 fields to increase our food.the bannies must have waited til spring to restock their houses.all of a sudden we had a 5000 drop to our food reserve. a quick hunter and fisherman are sent to help keep stocks up til fall harvest.a farmer died unexpexctedly so our late bean crop wasn't plated in time to produce this help their diets,a grain greenhouse is planned for at the forest center.
       as soon as our crops start being harvested,the quick hunter returns to help the laborers. they are already busy on the grain greenhouse and running supplies for a gathering hunt.the trout fisherman decides to stay. he says if he is in the way of construction, he will move along the riverbank.the river has a good supply of trout all up and down it according to him.
       knowing we will need to further add to our food stocks next year,the workers start cleaing for 2 dense 12x12 orchards. doing this in winter, will allow the farmers to help but keep them near the fields.

pic 1: beans and strawberry fields
pic 2: grain gh
pic 3:hardwood forest
Post by: Nilla on December 10, 2017, 10:31:29 AM
A pleasant looking part of the village. You know me @brads3; now when I'm back, pretty pictures isn't enough. I want statistics. ;) How is your food? You talked about an unexpected drop. Did the new fields clear the situation?
Post by: RedKetchup on December 10, 2017, 11:35:23 AM
A pleasant looking part of the village. You know me @brads3; now when I'm back, pretty pictures isn't enough. I want statistics. ;)

hahaha  ;D

by looking pleasant ... will you add some fences around those houses ?
Post by: brads3 on December 10, 2017, 12:47:19 PM
i still do the townhall will be year 30 for came just in time to harrass me didn't you? this town had an issue. blueberry fields were producing at 2 times what they should such i had a huge food reserve. it was mainly blueberry though. i dropped back to 1 field of them and added the pilgrim rest to bring the blueberry totals down. added more fields to cover the difference.needing logs, i sent the bannnies to work at clearing a road to the east stream. there we will locate foresters and sawmills. in the meantime, several years pass with no nomads.nomads cam as  a large group. we did get the forester built,a hunter,and we added a few housesd the food is recovering but has slowed expansion down.
        we need the logs and leather. this had top be done. if it hadn't been for the blueberry c logging our reserves,the food would have been balanced better. there was over 3000 bluberries each year produced.figure that for a few years. had that been in walnuts and veggys,we would have been fine.the bannies drank all the ale too as i never lifted the alcohol limit.
       would you like more messes? this map has another goofy glitch.the bannies are known to kick teens out as a couple and make them live in the boardinghouse. hence i built 2 tokeep 1 open for nomads. this i believe caused the nomads to be in larger thinking is the boardinghouse has to be empty to have nomads. if there is 2 boardinghouses, both must be empty a certain length of time to trigger the nomads. now that there are 2 BH's,there is double the size of each group.i didn't want homeless teens getting kicked out so here we are.LOL
     i will add 1 other thing i notice but never prove. on save and exit, food seems to take a drop of several thousands. happens off and on sporadically. i blame myself for missing something since i can never prove it happens. has happened to other maps though now and then as can check stats,everything is working fine. you do a few things save the game for the next day. the next day,you scratch your head/ where did my food go??? talking a years worth of food vanishing.
Post by: brads3 on December 10, 2017, 12:54:55 PM
RED are you afraid of bears or wolves?these poor bannies are struggling to survive and you want suburbian fences?haven't used much decorations on thios map at all. usually i throw some benches around and lilac trees.i did do a fence and playground for the school. i left space to double the road later and do some decorating. i let the trees and brush grow back so we have it for logs when i start building the nice city to the west also. ohhh by the way sir,it took me a long time to "paint" your meadow field 1 square at a time. that was tedious.the snow covers the squares so you can only work part of each year. those 2 meadows are painted under but there is still more to do.that is enough decorations.
Post by: RedKetchup on December 10, 2017, 01:02:59 PM
hehe i know !!!

i asked cause i am seeing all those houses seperated by some 3-4-5 tiles with nothing... so i was wondering if you were planing to make some courtyards to each delimited by fences or something :)
Post by: brads3 on December 10, 2017, 01:39:18 PM
actually think some of that is a differnce between european town layouts and american small town layouts. we have yards and over there they seem to build tight house to house like some of our cities.what is hard is 1 house can work 2 fields. that is 23 spaces wide but needs only 1 house of 4 spaces. plus a barn. i guess i could use KID's workplaces and push it to 1 house  for each field. but then i would have many little workspaces producing the same items.i did need to come back and use some of the space for some market carts.i have used some in other maps to help firewood production.i do try to leave some of the space for walkways to help the bannies move stuff faster. in this map i haven't even tried to figure it out really. i did need to get to the far east to get the forester and log production.
   in the past i have tried to use those spaces for maple or apple trees or even a gatherer.a forester will plant too many trees and a gatherer doesn't get enough production.
Post by: brads3 on December 11, 2017, 07:29:09 AM

       it has been a busy winter with news from afar.there are rumors the LEGENDARY SUPER VENDOR has been spotted.we have held councils with the indians. all indian tribes throughout our land have sent word to all nations to send smoke signals. soon we hope to hear more news of rthe vendors travels.he was lost so long ago. hopefully he has had many children to help future towns.the rumors of the great nordic woman being lost ina glacier or ate by polar bears is false.there was even one where she was laying under a palm tree in the islands when a hurricane wisked her away.word has come that she has returned to her homeland in the north.

          a clerk has been sent from the landing fort to investigate our storage system.we explained to him it is an ongoing project.he mumbles some crazy talk about "un-engineering the wheel to go faster........" before he can see how it truely functions,we must build our supplies farther and more housing is needed.
for now the workers are busy clearing for orchards.

         storage issue: the colonial general store vendor is stuck in a loop. he tries to move coal and iron ore and can not store it in the store.this explains why that market has not been emptying food barns enough.the barn is an NMT which should be 1.06 and not store minerals. the compatability mod is overriding add to the confusion these bannies are being weird today. twice i followed 2 different vendors and they carried items in and the items disappeared.they were not carrried out nor are they showing in the storage.the provision general store is disabled and the vendor will be sent to the industrial plaza.
         though the PC police might get called i lack a better way to say this. i think i met the super vendors retard cousin.the vendor switched to the industrial plaza collected iron ore from the plaza and carried it away.he was still listed as a vendor all the way back by the provision store pile.he unloaded the iron ore and switched to a farmer.the plaza was not full,it is at 70%. this is a 1.06 mod.he actually did pass several barns and markets.this does add to the mystery.
          EB's wharehouse is the fullest market. at 95-97%, the vendor unloads firewood and bundles to the WW corner market beside it. once back under 90%,he goes off to haul more tools.there is just enough movement of goods to hold the market at just under 90% and the vendor continues adding various tools.

    storage issue #2: CC log cart moves coal. the bannies can not use it to heat their house and now the firewood cutter has to find his own logs.since there is only 1 log only storage option,KID's log depot,we will have to build an EB market that also stores construction material.before the coal mine,the log cart was functioning and helping our firewood.some of these issues are subtle.they work as you think when 1st built,later they run into problems as more materials are added to the map inventory. since i usually am expanding,i am sure there are many that i am not aware of.

      the bannies have had a tough reserves are low. they have worked to clear more orchards and build a barley greenhouse.they have spend the fall and winter, collecting any food they can find to the west from the start point north.hopefully they can get the food back up and more housing can be built.our boardinghouses are still full.that blueberry glitch  started the food issue. as it showed a huge surplus of food but it was only fruit.i tried to get back ahead of it but clear the road to the forest at the same time.i did drop back to 1 blueberry field and the tavern has used the surplus.he is now stopped.noone has gone hungry yet.progress has slowed for now.

pic 1:more orchards
pic 2; barley greenhouse
pic 3: EB market,note the provision market to the left in the center of our map to ship goods to the future city is shut down
Post by: Nilla on December 11, 2017, 07:56:34 AM
Everyone can´t succeed in beeing a super hero, also not a super vendor!
Post by: brads3 on December 11, 2017, 08:51:26 AM
this probably isn't the place for this.not everyone reads here. they stop by and admire pics. sometimes they tell me what i am doing wrong,though not often enough to save me.LOL. let me tell a story that many of you have heard of.maybe i can give more info and details.

                                                     THE LEGENDARY SUPER VENDOR

         this happened way way back soon after i had added mods to the game. i did have CC and NMT. i had SLINKS markets and KID's rowhouse. this goes back to banished 1.04,so i still had the plus mod.i do not know what else i had. i do have the actual map is the same map as the LOWESVILLE  and TOWNS.;topic=1664.0;attach=16996;image
      at the time,i did not use many me markets was buying and selling. i did use SLINK's industrial market since it was the only barn to store stone and logs,instead of the material piles. this was 1 of the 1st times i used a working market. it was built to supply food and supplies for future houses to work a mine area that was in the northeast.
          there had been a lot of building and working to get roads and bridges to access this spot.from the start point it worked right over a stream. then north on a sliver of land between 2 lakes,and then across the north between 2 more lakes that took terraforming or bridges.those were fun to build since the ground is bumpy so it is tight finding level ground to start and end a bridge.along the way there would have been some fishing and houses.i won't say it was built up much,but i do think there was another market half way north to start moving supplies that direction.
      the  plan was to build a huge town to the south of the map since it was a large open mostly flat area. an industrial barn was set to store material as it was cleared there/farming had been started,so there were houses along the south shorelines. that sets the map up the best i can remember. as i said this was more than 2 years ago. i am not sure if houses were built in the far northwest corner yet. there may have been a couple for the laborers to begin digging the mines.

              as i was checking the market to be sure enough supplies was being moved to support houses, i watched the vendor begin a long hike.since i had just started using markets,i probably was watching to see where he was pulling the goods the time i thought the guy was half lost. he started from the corner near his small market and traveled all the way around between the lakes to the map center.then he proceeded south to SLINK's markets. he stopped at 1 of the markets and then headed along the south shoreline. at 1st, i thought maybe he lived way down there.he stopped at a house but everything he did after is bizzarr. he left this house,stopped at another house and a nother before going back to SLINK's markets.he then takes logs or iron to the center to supply a blacksmith or woodcutter.he continued doing this on his journey back north to toward his assigned market.
             since i was just starting to use markets,i didn't know what i had.there was only 1 vendor on the entire map.there were several markets of different types.the blacksmith and wood cutter had CC piles beside there workplaces. these would be just 1 tile or 1x3 tiles.instead of the generic general pile,these store specific. so the wood cutter would have a pile fior logs,the blacksmith a pile of logs and a pile for iron. so whenn i say the vendor stocked the blacksmith,he actually could have been storing into these little piles.if my memory is right,he did take supplies from them and drop them to the closest barn.
     with this being such a hike,i checked the other markets especially the far north 1 . they were all stocked. so this 1 vendor was stocking all markets and workplace piles at least.he also stopped and stocked houses. 1 vendor was doing the work of over 20 bannies.if we figure this out,it would be very handy to many maps.
             up til now you all thought i was crazy.i actually figured it had to be a glitch. try as i have,i could not recreate the mod order to cause it.i have reloaded older mods at times and went back and reloaded KID's original rowhouse kmod,etc. the SUPER VENDOR had been lost.the other day,MALDRICK says the vendor has been seen by other players. he also says there are rumors it is because all markets are full. this info tells us 2 things. 1 : i am not crazy or at least in this case. 2: that it is not a glitch but is possable to recreate.
         i turned the info through my head but did not run any tests.if i started chasing him with tests,i might be a week of headaches trying. knowing the north market was set and started  to be supplied. it most likely wasn't full. @smurphys7  has done some testing and came back with more info. she claims the markets are store all goods. her claim is the vendor will work til he finds a set variety. so if there isn't many of 1 item,he will run around tring to find it before stocking what is closer by.there is also the story of the vendor who emptied an entire barn on the ground to reinventory the stock and put everything back.
      this info makes me think there is an equalibrium of sorts hardcoded into the game. it might be harder to find now with soo many flags.or it might be workable by using a 1.06 vendor. this  could explain how the vendor stocked piles as well. depending on how LUKE wrote it,all storage might be included. from watching my map yesterday,the carts and EB's wharehouse being full does not trigger the super vendor.the wharehouse unstocks itself. the cart vendors get drunk and play in the cemetary or harrass other workers.

       it is a mystery but at least now there is hope. i do think such a vendor would be an important assett to many maps.knowing how to trigger it,would make the bannies more efficient. it would allow us to keep workplaces stocked and to help[ move food groups better as well.
Post by: kid1293 on December 11, 2017, 09:14:26 AM
I had one sort of 'super-vendor' way back when I was playing
more than modding. :)

He actually walked all map and (I am not sure but it looked that way)
stole from other markets!
They let him and just carried on working in their neighborhood.
I checked this vendors market and it had stuff from the whole map!
So yes, I think it can be a positive glitch in the game.
Post by: brads3 on December 11, 2017, 09:20:55 AM
@kid1293  i found a problem with the colonial provision market store.the vendor got fired. he was stuck trying to carry iron ore and coal into it and never could store it there. i tried making a pile nearby for him to use and then he loops from the pile to the store. i noticed he was having troubles emptying the nearby food barns. if you fix it can you take away the new flags so the market only stores food,clothing,tools,and firewood?
Post by: kid1293 on December 11, 2017, 09:30:18 AM
I take it you want herbs too?

Like this?
   RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Edible | WoodFuel | Tool | Clothing | Health;

I can fix that. It is reasonable.

edit - these are my numbers. Alright?

Code: [Select]
MarketDescription market
float _fillLimit = 0.99;

FillType _fillType
RawMaterialFlags _flags = Edible;
float _ratio = 0.42;
RawMaterialFlags _flags = WoodFuel;
float _ratio = 0.32;
RawMaterialFlags _flags = Tool;
float _ratio = 0.10;
RawMaterialFlags _flags = Clothing;
float _ratio = 0.10;
RawMaterialFlags _flags = Health;
float _ratio = 0.05;
Post by: RedKetchup on December 11, 2017, 10:42:11 AM
"WoodFuel" is really a storage flag ? i thought it was "Fuel" the storage flag
Post by: kid1293 on December 11, 2017, 11:35:25 AM

@brads3 V2.01 On Nexus (under files tab, scroll down) (
I have trouble uploading here to WoB. This is the best I can do.
Post by: brads3 on December 11, 2017, 03:22:45 PM
i was out of town. will try loading tomorrow.
Post by: galensgranny on December 12, 2017, 02:53:18 AM
Kid, what did you fix?  It sounds like I would like that.
Post by: kid1293 on December 12, 2017, 03:41:44 AM
Brads told me about problem storing things with new flags.
In it self no big deal but the vendors took things one part
of the code told them to get - but could not deliver it to store
(the other part of code) so they were running here and there
with arms full.

I removed all new flags and cleaned out a few more.

Now the store will only want - Food (Edible), Firewood (WoodFuel), Tools (Tool), Clothes (Clothing) and Herbs (Health).
No messing around with other things.

Post by: galensgranny on December 12, 2017, 04:21:35 AM
That sounds good.  So it's the Colonial Modular Resources.  Too bad you are having problems uploading it here.
Post by: brads3 on December 12, 2017, 04:46:43 AM

      YES,IT IS TIME TO WRITE A REPORT FOR THE QUEEN ON OUR PROGRESS.good thing the canlde maker has been busy,as it is still dark on this side of the ocean.with our food reserve so low, someone must keep watch at night to keep rats from our barns.
      some may find the mod order to be chaotic and the glitches to be frustrating has had challenges but each map has functioned and been an adventure.the mod order is more picky since the upgrade to 1.07.some are just goofy and some actually might help more than work against us.over time i have solved most of the glitches.having more tools and toys to play with is fun though.
        population 261 total, 123 adults,48 students,and 90 children.52 houses + 2 boardinghouses.our food reserve is really low but is at 50%.
       over the 10 years,we have added to the mining and production areas. we did manage to extend the main east to west road across the stream and started working the forests.we have pelt and survival coats being produced.we mine coal and salt as well as dig sand.more vendors move goods and many more cellars and barns have been built.
        in 10 years,our population has doubled.our labor force has doubled as welll as our farmer count.our diet is more balanced now that we found and corrected the blueberry situation.the last set of nomads was late in arriving so we didn't get the boardinghouses emptied yet.
        a school is needed for the mining and forest families as well as a medical facility. to supply them with firewood a sawmill is also needed.with so many reeds,another dock workshop can be built to bundle them.then we can expand and continue processing materials for the future city.

     i do think the storage system is working the east there is a pine market that should handle all materials.a SLINK industrial market can store and move the stone,iron ore, and logs.the CC small market stores for the mining town and supplies them with the production town,KID's office has 7 new item cellars to back up the industrial square which will move everything except new back it up,  a farmers marrket stocks the area with food.going farther west is EB's wharehouse to pull the production goods toward the west for the city construction.a wildwest corner store nearby will keep food moving between the start point food production area and the east.with EB's material market now stocking logs,there should be firewood to supply the farmers.
      there are some crossover goods.items that flagging under the 1.06 way instead of the new flags.these items are being dropped by laborers into the 1.06 barns.some i understand. the compatability 1.07 mod bridges the change for the NMT items such as clay. however, the older barns are storing coal as well.iron ore should be a mineral and it is being stored everywhere also.there are now enopugh food barns this shouldn't be much of a problem.going forward, i will have to watch as more items are processed how they get stored.what did bother is the market carts storing more than are suppose to. the log cart wouldn/t move logs since it was full of coal. the stone cart has clay and stone. to prevent a tool shortage,i keep the start blacksmith set to stone tools and add blacksmiths to new areas.a rowhouse BS is making rough tools for the miners.a WW smith waits for iron to supply the production area.if iron gets over used and runs short,the stone BS makes up the difference to keep the farmers working.
       as i have reported several times, the storage is an ongoing market mods have helped. i have adjusted how or where some storage is used. KID's office with the CC cellers helps a lot to the industrial idea of using 1.06 mods to stop some movement of itmes does seem to have some flaws.

pic 1: year 30 stats from the game start point.remember a city is planned to the west.
pic shows a +2000 for last year.
pic 3: inventory.note we have mostly rough tools now.clay,reeds and coal are stocked to be processed.
pic 4:food graph. note how it didn't have big dips in the eary years.the greenhouses allowed the bannies to even the production througout the can also tell when the nomads arrived.
Post by: kid1293 on December 12, 2017, 05:05:37 AM
@galensgranny  (and others) There is a note with a link to Nexus on
download page of Colonial Resources. I am sorry for inconvenience
but this site is very touchy sometimes.
Post by: Nilla on December 12, 2017, 06:05:59 AM
Finally some statistics! ;)

You complained, that you don't get any advice. Here are some.

You really have to work with your food supply. Like in most of your towns, at some point. I think you always have big plans for the development of your settlements and sometimes forget about the food. You feel safe, when the food graph looks like it has until a few years ago. But it isn't. I would change my basic way of play; and generally increase the food production. To feel safe, I want one years consumption in my stores as minimum.

All these reeds: How can you use them? As I occasionally played CC, I found all possibilities, except survival coats (mainly for export) was a waste of labor work; very unproductive. Is there anything new? I also see that you almost have more herbs than food!  :o I would sell most of it for food.
Post by: brads3 on December 12, 2017, 07:28:04 AM
@kid1293 i downloaded the colonial resource and got loaded it.i did not rebuild the provision store but did swap the mod.since mine didn't have KID in front of it i wasn't sure it would work. it did take it and loaded the store even after removing the old file.however it did not fix the issue.still looping with coal,iron ore,and stone.
Post by: brads3 on December 12, 2017, 07:55:45 AM
NILLA,behave.LOL. my food was doing better and i was increasing and adding fields.especially after i realized the blueberry issue.doubled the farmers in 10 years and the population both. should be enough to is not working out that way though. the greenhouses do help produce food all are right,it is much lower than i like it to now i would like to be hitting near the 15,000 limit that was set from overproduicng them goofy blueberries.i  think i pushed the climate to a harder setting on this map.that might be throwing things off too.
     reeds can be used for survival coats or firewood bundles made at the dock workshop.the survival coats is a hadny way to use up feathers from the duck hunter so they don't fill barns.the bundles are handy to back up firewood and thatch.since i just lately got a forest and huhnter going,my leather wasn't keeping the tailor busy enough.we are storing furs later but now produce pelt and survival coats to keep ourselves warm.later we will trade the extra coats.
     i am experimenting and trying to control productions with the limits more.hopefully then it doesn't overproduce some items.the reed is under misc flag which is also RED's fodder mod. if i hit that limit with reeds,the fodder will stop,which will stop the stable from producing fertilizer.then those greenhouses won't produce get ahead of it and use the reeds up faster,another shop and duckhunter are planned.
     trying to use the new limit flags to our advantage is is trial and erro to figure out what is under what limit controls lumber but also stops the thatch.iron ore that i thought would store as mineral stores different.we learn as we go along.
Post by: kid1293 on December 12, 2017, 08:17:48 AM
@kid1293 i downloaded the colonial resource and got loaded it.i did not rebuild the provision store but did swap the mod.since mine didn't have KID in front of it i wasn't sure it would work. it did take it and loaded the store even after removing the old file.however it did not fix the issue.still looping with coal,iron ore,and stone.

@brads3 - Flags can be tricky. I have the same name on model and in the code.
So the game thinks it is the same building, it keeps it's settings.
The only way is to demolish and rebuild and cross your fingers. :)
Post by: Gatherer on December 13, 2017, 03:07:31 AM
@galensgranny  (and others) There is a note with a link to Nexus on
download page of Colonial Resources. I am sorry for inconvenience
but this site is very touchy sometimes.
How would one download without having to pay for membership there?
Post by: brads3 on December 13, 2017, 06:13:02 AM
it is free to register,GATHERER, you have to ignore all that and sscoll to the bottom of the membership page and just click continue.took me a minute to figure it out.don't click any of the pay memebership buttons.
Post by: kid1293 on December 13, 2017, 06:15:28 AM
Hehe, @brads3 you beat me with 10 seconds to post this.

@Gatherer , and others.
You can open an free account on Nexus. Slower download (but fast enough)
Just supply your email. They won't spam you!
Nice to have a backup place for all my things.
I keep it updated.
Post by: brads3 on December 13, 2017, 06:56:38 AM

YEAR 30-

      i should send the queen a note about our new improved collection system.maybe others can help modify it farther.
it doesn't work on every building. my laborers have been taught well though. they now will collect eggs instead of just trashing foresters will check traps and bring back pelts. the gatheres now cross collect from various mods including the pine set.depending on the map start settings this means there would be thatch produced and collected from these forests also.we can't yet tell a bannie to do such and such but with this collection system players do have more control or influence.a bannie won't just crush bird eggs.the forester will take out foxes or beavers while cutting trees.
as i said it isn't 100% yet. the herbalist,fodder and thatch workers all don't collect the other goods.there is still food being left in our meadow fields.nobody there will harvest it. it would be interesting to see a merge of the canadian and nordic systems though.i am quite curious how the 2 will work together.

      KID quickly fixed the provision market.the log cart vendor has been swapped to it and it is noted that it will need to be rebuilt.
       to keep our education up,we need a school and with it a medical clinic and housing will be built.a sawmill across the stream will supply firewood.a duck blind and reed shop with a DS hovel are planned at the 4th meadow lake.
      before the queen even got our progress report,she has sent us 19 more nomads.our boardinghouses both still have bannies in them.these will have to be sent to farming.that will be 15 new farms.soon we will need a trading post to bring in livestock.we do have a housing shortage and our food will struggle.
     to help with our struggle a quick hunter is sent north near the greenhouses.a 2nd trout fisherman is added to the main river.2 large greenhouses are also planned to give fruit during the cold winters.we increase to 5 builders to speed things along.we add another worker to the stable to make sure we have enough fertilizer as well.we send 1 more worker to the gathering hut in the forest.
     even in CC harsh climate most fields are producing 500+ food. a couple are just under.not saying they did that every year as we have had some early snows. 1 set of greenhouse workers are counted as farmers.1 of which is growing herbs.he is switched to spices so the herb limit will allow more soap to be produced.the pumpkin greenhouse is producing half what the others are. soroughly 1000 food per year not being produced since the greenhouses are smaller than crop fields.over 10 years would show 10,000 food not stored ahead.that before the last set of nomads and now a new set has already arrived.
    though i tried several times,2 bannies did die from is not my fault either.1 died right after carrying strawberries to a barn.the other 2 walked by the small market stocked with bison and squash both.all 3 were homeless sincce the boardinghouses are still full.immediately after the 3 homeless bannies died, a new bannie went homeless and showed to be starving.though a cabin was finished he died before he could move add to this i have seen bannies go homeless right as houses were being completed.this has happened several times on this map.odd glitch connected to them kicking out teens now and then.
      the pine market vendor changes workers more than the other markets.however,the vendor does help stock builders with is ar 14% of an assortment of goods including 40 sorghum.he also has went to help stock the small market in the mining town.he seems to wait til the forest shed has 175 food stored to empty it.with the wheelbarrow mod he can carry that much.this extra help is similar to SLINK's industrial market. that vendor is known to come collect materials as the laborers clear land.the laborers i have seen leave piles of stone,etc just for him to pick up.

     as snow falls,the 2 greenhouses are finished and set to watermelons.the duckblind,dockshop,and sawmill are by now working.the new school has 5 is caught up.noone remains homeless though our boardinghouses are full.our food is up over 4500.we did loose 4 bannies due to starvation.during the winter months,the laborers will continue to clear land for more crops.

pic 1 and 2 the collections ability from the pine works for the vanilla gatherer,and CC forester.i don't have enough built yet to can see the un-collected food plants mixed in the thatch.

pic 3:pine hospital,school,and a sawmill.
pic 4: duck blind and dock shop
pic 5: 7x7 watermelon greenhouses.
Post by: brads3 on December 14, 2017, 07:53:34 AM

     WHILE the workers continue to clear fields,the builders are busy adding houses,a barn,and a grain late spring,5 more fields,2 oat and 3 wheat,are planted.a water tower will help insure we have enough to keep the greenhouses supplied.

     each year i have tried to take time to follow a different vendor.the industrial plaza vendor stores a mix batch of good.he should be 1.06 only goods but it storing salt,limit flag mineral.he travels out quite a ways but stays busy keeping logs up for the production area's woodcutter.the farmers market nearby is storing everything except food.seems he is trying to stock so many different items that he never has time to find and stock food.he has fodder and fertilizer,tagged misc,and thatch,flagged construction,and candles,flagged craft.the CC small markets seems to act the same as he doesn't have food either. this has caused the death of another bannie to starvation.

      we are going to have a very long hard winter.snow and cold came before mid autumn.most of our crops including the orchards have been hurt.all housing construction is stopped.the workers are sent to gather as much food as they can from the west forest.a potatoe field has been cleared for next spring and more are planned.the weather was so bad we never saw a fall harvest.the bannies felt the cold north wind and pulled food to their houses as fast as it was collected by the famrers.the food count in storage never went up more than 2500 with all the harvesting.

pic 1:more wheat fields
pic 2: grain silo
pic 3: water tower  how much is this suppose to produce each year? i keep thinking it should be 4-500.
pic 4: housing and more storage built
Post by: brads3 on December 15, 2017, 05:46:53 AM

      we have had some bad luck. i did go back and look at some year 20,i noticed the blueberry the time we had over 13,000 food and only 130 bannies.a good year supply.i switched 1 field from blueberry and began ading fields to keep our diets balanced.added 2 to 3 fields each year for several further fix the issue,the pilgrims rest was built to use the excess and then to help push the leather up,a quick hunter was sent out.we were doing alright. the next set of nomads came and several were used to boost our clothing outputs,a duck hunter,reeds,and a survival coat shop were built.we added vendors to move food out of the barns to give the farmers more storage.since the bannies were efficiently clearing with 15 workers and 3 builders,extras were again sent to help with we cleared land east,in winter we dropped back to clear land for farmers to keep them close to their fields.
   in year 27, a large group of nomads arrived with a diptheria oitbreak. between them coming late in the year and the outbreak work went slower than we began to recover our food and before the boardinghouses were empty the next large set of nomads came.since then winter has came earlier and cost us as well.
     the shortage has several causes. the harsher climate is having a bigger impact on some crops.different crops are hit lots harder than others.some greenhouse workers are set as farmers,so i need to adjust my math.
        we added 3 more fields by mid spring.we now have 46 farmers.a new NMT barn is built near the grain silo. when they are not clearing fields, the workers continue gathering food  between the fields and the production village.
    to help the dock shop use reeds,a firewood shed was built for faster help with our food problem,i double all workers at the orhards,we will begin to build houses closer for the farmers.another worker was sent to work at the hunting cabin.hopefully this should speed up harvests.

      i did monitor the farmers stand vendor. he does a good job of moving firewood out to the small market and then helps take tools back.his biggest hang up is he stores soo any items and not enough food.he did seem to focus on keeping logs handy for the woodcutter.with so many items now,i think it will take 2 vendors at some of the markets to keep up.none of the vendors are really just taking items from the closest barn or storage place.i have yet to figure out why or when they decide to pull from where.

pic: more veggy fields,barn,and housing planned.
Post by: Abandoned on December 15, 2017, 06:16:57 AM
@brads3 correct me if I am wrong but you were using kid's colonial 106 and having trouble with market?  Why did you not update to kid colonial resources mod? 
Post by: brads3 on December 15, 2017, 07:14:09 AM
the colonial mod was upgraded to 1.07.the vendor got stuck in 1 of those loops where he collects but can't store materials.KID fixed it and set the provision store to basic needs items.i never got to tearing it down and totally rebuilding the store.
Post by: brads3 on December 16, 2017, 06:37:36 AM
     We have 1 boardinghouse empty.we begin with 57 farmers and down to 14 laborers.hopefully, i can get the food up before any more nomads arrive.there are some construction propjects being finished.a vegetable sorter,2 hothouses,and some housing is being finished.a 3rd dock workshop is to be added to use the reeds faster.

      i chose EB's material vendor to follow for the year.hie market is almost full.the 1st assigned vendor ran collecting items from various places at once,instead of just collecting from 1 spot.he then ran out past barns to a farther barn to store some of the items walks back to a closer barn and drops off the other items he was carrying.though the items were different and did need to go to different storages,you would think he would have dropped to the closer barn then continued to the was also odd that he collected so many goods before walking to store them.that makes him more efficient.
the 2nd assigned worker argued with the doctor on who was doing what. they flip flopped both jobs for a short while.the 3rd took logs out of the material market and delivered to a building project.this is a very handy ability.

    to help the food situation i did early harvest 2 bean fields and  some orchards.the other crops are too low on production for it to help.the colder climate is slowing the mid fall,the other crops have started harvesting themself even if the crops weren't soon as it snowed,i checked the production.though the storage of food hardly moves,it does show over 30,000 in produced food. it is leaving the fields and going to houses as quickly.
    what is weird is several famrers in the same house produce different amounts. closer fields are less than farther fields as well.seem to be totally random. 2 fields side by side show a huge differnce even if the same crop.the 1 consistancy is all root crops show losses.nothing wants to grow good here in this climate.apples are better with 2 workers.beans with their short growing season are having trouble.i did check educated and uneducated farmers.2 educated wheat farmers on side by side fields are totally different.on some uneducated produce more than educated.
     just to be miserable,all the builders went on a homeless strike since they have nothing to build.didn't last long as they all returned to their own homes. just shows the weirdness of this map.

      mid winter,food showing 2500+ with all the crops soon as the bannies restock their houses in spring that will drop farther.we definetly can not support a city in this harsh climate 59 farmers,plus RK's greenhouses,2 gatherers,several hunters and fishermen,we should be able to support 300 bannies this point we are lucky to break even. the last 2 summers,several bannies have perished due to starvation when they could not locate the food we did have.the cemetary is overfull,1 boardinghouse remains crowded,and all our schools are filled.progress is at a stand still. the only thing we have in excess is reeds.
        we could build a trading post and continue mining and forest productions.we could build a huge livestock operation to the west.the goal of building a city is definetly failed.

pic 1: garden sorting station
pic 2: hothouses
pic 3: full cemetary
pic 4: bean production
pic 5:total food production
Post by: Nilla on December 16, 2017, 07:42:20 AM
I can understand, that you have problems. Even if most of the people are involved in food production, it's hard to support that many children and students. Especially as you don't have a very high rate of education. You have reached the starting point of the "death spiral". If there's just enough food, no surplus, the people might have to go further away to find food. They probably will not get much, so they will soon have to go again. It will probably not be well balanced from all categories, so the health gets down and they must visit the herbalist more often. That means the productivity gets down.

Do I have any advice, what you could do? Let as many as you can spare produce food or profitable export goods to sell for food. Reduce the number of children. Maybe build more smaller houses and of cause take no new nomads until the educational rate gets higher, maybe 75% or so. That's what I would have done. But it might be too late for this settlement.
Post by: Gatherer on December 16, 2017, 08:12:40 AM
And get into a habbit of building some goddamned roads and fences already so that people actually gain some speed in going about their business without cutting corners offroad.
Post by: brads3 on December 16, 2017, 08:57:58 AM
GATHERER,do fences help keep the bannies walking on the roads? i have not tried that. the plan was to come back and widen the main road going east to west and upgrade it to stone.there is also room for a road out to the center of the fields.sometimes i do use the grassy roads mod. that has a verant grass road. it acts as a road but is nice for lawns around buildings. i also like to use it along roads especially in forests. then the road looks 1 space wide but is 3 tiles wide.the "country road" texture is like a dirt and mud with some grass. lots of times i use it along the woodcutter and blacksmiths or other production fits well in high traffic there is more roads than it looks. i suppose i need a better zoom option.

NILLA,yes the trading could be done to help overcome the food shortage.or utilize more land.i actually start to think the multi start option mod is affecting is a huge difference from this harsh climate map to a fair climate map.the outputs are so random from 1 field to another.the goal of excepting all nomads and building a huge city is failed though.why am i getting huge groups of nomads???? i am guessing it is due to there being 2 boardinghouses.normally i would get several small sets and not get a large set til after 25 years.
Post by: Nilla on December 16, 2017, 09:27:15 AM
I can't say, how it is in all the mods you use, but normally boardinghouses or not, have no influence on how many nomads you get. But I know there has been modded boardinghouses, that attracts nomads, so maybe it's something like that. But you can say "no" to nomads and only take some, if the situation is really safe. It might take longer to reach your goals, but better to get there eventually, than not at all, because people are starving. You young people are so impatient. ;)

Was the outcome from the fields different from the start or did it come now, as the food is short? In an harsh climate the outcome varies a lot between the years. As I said; in my harsh Nordic climate it's between 0 and 100 %. It also varies between the crops. Some crops grow better, if it's cold, some better if it's warm. But the variation between fields with the same crop the same year, isn't very big. If there's a variation it's probably because the farmer makes something else (like visiting herbalist, picking up food for his home.......) That's why I asked, if it's been that way from the start. I can very well understand, that it's that way now, when you are short on food. If the farmer discovers a market far away, where there's food he will go there, even if it's time to plant or harvest.
Post by: brads3 on December 16, 2017, 10:18:34 AM
the earliest save i have is yr 22. it is right as the nomads arrived before a food crisis.142 population with over 12,000 food.5000 of which is those dang blueberries. the orchards are a half to a 3rd of what they should be.grain fields are down under 500 already. vegetables are was 48%.

     i agree there is some domino affects once the food runs short.the bannies start drinking and hoarding water pulling it away from RED's greenhouses.then the greenhouses and stable end up short.this map and the LANDING FORT both had huge nomad groups. they come closer together also.usually the tiny townhall pulls small groups for several years like 2 to 8.then it gradually builds up the sizes or groups.random and bad luck?
Post by: brads3 on December 17, 2017, 08:16:53 AM
good morning. i want to go back and do a summary for each of the maps in this series. then come back do 1 for VICK's and do an overview summary to pull it all together. i think there is mod ideas and other info especially with the mod changes along the way.
Post by: brads3 on December 22, 2017, 07:03:15 AM
                                              SERIES REVIEW

     since the upgrade to the 1.07 version of banished. started with 99 mods added more along the way to 117.there has been several adjustments to the mod order to fix issues.not every mod is used in every map.several work in the background to affect start settings or fix and prevent glitches.a couple work to bridge differences between some mods.for the moment,CC is used as a base to bring crop seeds and livestock.for a detailed list and reason for each,check out VICKS.

          started with LANDING FORT,a water world map to establish a base point to launch other maps from.we worked inland from there. as i progressed i tried to give each new town a different goal.a farming town,a mining and production village,the city of TOWNS.there were attempts at going farther NORTH and at using the upograded NAT DIV mod.some maps were more successful than others. some took longer to build and played many many years.the series shows 6 maps but there were a couple more maps attempted that were not counted.they were abandoned quickly due to mod conflicts.
          along the journey,i have tried to point out things for new players.threw tidbits of info to help playstyles here and there.tried to give different views of the tools in the toolbar.have built different mod sets along the way.there is tons of pics to showcase them.still,i have not built everything in the toolbox.the computer wouldn't let me finish "TOWNS",which would have had all the mods in 1 map.since then more have been added.

           the indians have helped and taught us. many have joined our villages and helped them expand.they complain there is no turkeys for them to hunt.they harrassed ABANDONED for stealing their tents and huts.many engineers have helped design and develop the many mods and tools.sadly some have left us over the years.some are around less often as well.all the many modders are appreciated.
           i mean no disrespect to any modder or anyone for that matter.i do try to joke and have fun along the way.more often than not i should be gonged instead of laughed with i suppose.sometimes things get lost or confused across translations.even TOm has made me walk the plank.i do hope i don't offend or upset anyone.don't mind me i have been on this planet long enough to be a little nutz. i also have not loaded every mod or mods from everyone either. some don't fit my play or building style.sometimes i try to load and use less mods.though it might not look that way.some i have trouble with trying to load. this computer won't even let me see  the pics of TANDY'S mods.i always feel bad that it could be taken that i am slighting someone.i have few DS mods.i actually looked back for his older carts,thinking they were free build and would be handy to start clearing areas.ths computer has a mind of its own.some sites it does not like.i don't even want to list all the modders cause i would not remember them all you all are appreciated. you do so much and put so much time into this game.this has been a very busy year with the upgrade to 1.07 and the community icon discovery.

            there is more to be built. a capital city is needed.a trading port,mines,the swamps,a larger fort,an indian village,and of course more farming.heopfully more and better adventures lie ahead.
             for now since the year is ending,i do want to go back and do a review of each map.use it to weed out some mod conflicts and keep track of adjustments that have been made.there are also some mod ideas along the way that i should put in 1 place.while doing the reviews to each map,i will keep some info and bring it back here. the many mods added and changes to the mod order,a list of some mod ideas.
Post by: brads3 on January 06, 2018, 08:19:38 AM
                                          VICK'S SUMMARY

goal here was to build a large city and use some of the decoration pieces that didn't get finished in TOWN's map.

mod adjustments:now at 117 mods,added multiple starts,CC orchards,KID's bakery with greenhouses,CC mable quarry,soapiry,and KID's storage carts.NMT above CC to solve water issues.

conflicts: multiple starts cancels the thatch on map start.have other concerns with this mod so it should be removed.
wierdness:bannies go homeless near the pumpkin greenhouse,teens get kicked out by parents and live in the boardinghouse,
another gets lost and goes gomless.he eventually finds his way back to his house.

nomads: 7 in yr 4,12 yr 10,21 yr 16,27 in yr 22.25 yr 27,19 in yr 30.

        this map had food problems.i think there are several reasons for that though.recently the multiple start mod was brings some different option to the start but was suppose to set as medium hope was a different option start but keep the thatch and pine mods working at start. at start those mods should overlay the map with various items.1 thatch and both different foods.sadly the thatch is not working that thatch grows without a thatch hut.a minor inconvenience by itself.however,the map also has a "homeless" issue. several times teens get kicked out forcing them into boardinghouses.walking by a pumpkin greenhouse causes homeless.when houses are being built and framing starts the family goes homeless.the builders themself went homeless when no building projects were scheduled at the end.blueberries are overproducing though that may not be related to this mod.the odd randomness of food production may also be related to this mod.i can understand fields producing less or dying once cold hits.but it should be consistant  across several fields of the same crop.
        there are a couple stories with blueberries lately producing more than the 1.06 version.different players using different mods is possible that i didn't catch this before.seems i did check an old save and found the blueberry fields were overproducing the forest,the pine mod compensates since it brings so many other items.going through my mod order,the only mod that might be affecting it is the NMT set above CC.i have issues with moving that mod.that was moved above CC to solve water issues.the NMT tower only produced over 200 in this map. i acutally thought it should be over 400.i could swap the NMT and fodder and use those wells. combined the fodder well,an EB canal resevoir,and the NMT tower produce 1000 between them.the fodder well is almost 350 itself.i suppose the forget orchard mod could affect blueberry but it would be odd that i didn't catch it. the forget orchard mod i have used for a long time.
    now and then the duckhunters do catch fish.5 fish with 600-900+ ducks is not a problem.feather output is 14 each year.
     KID's greenhouses are producing decent. a 7x7 greenhouse is 46 squares,half a 10x10 field.since they grow all year,it makes sence they would give 4-500 food.the pumpkin is low but it is also much smaller.6x4=24 squares. half the size of the 7x7,so they might be lower than they should be. since they are labeled as famrers,are these greenhouses affected by the cold climate? the watermelons in a 7x7 greenhouse do seem to be producing less than hoped. i think another test or 2 will tell more and give a better idea of which crops work in these greenhouses.RED's greenhouses prodcue more per size but also require water and fertilizer.both sets have their uses.i debate taking my 3rd greenhouse set out,so i could move KID's set in the mod order.the CC tropical greenhouse uses excess bonemeal.we don't have a composter to fix this.
         storage system. this is an ongoing situation i am still trying to figure out.i tried using 1.06 barns to make things easier.the hope was the nordic barns would not store so many items.bonemeal,clay,coal,and salt are still scattered all over.this is both 1.06 barns and markets.most likely related to the 1.07 compatability mod.the item specific market carts from CC store multiple items as well. in fact the log cart stored coal and stopped moving logs.i do not think moving mods or loading old market mods will solve this.i really don't want to offer much advice on fixing this until i investigate and try some more things.
         there are gains. since the industrial market plaza won't store new flag items,using CC cellars nearby helps.going forward mods need to store less of the new items and more of the original basic,tools,clothing,herbs,and firewood are needed everywhere.fertilizer,coal,salt,etc are not.this should give the bannies a market that stores what they need without the vendor storing everything advice would be not to even add a textile tag to storage of central markets.