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Title: Achievement Challenge
Post by: smurphys7 on December 04, 2017, 09:14:47 PM
How many Achievements can you get in a single town in Banished?

Mountain Man requires a small, harsh and mountainous map.  Getting all achievements in one town is possible, but tedious.  The best maps I found for getting all in one go are map seeds 207801930 and 601902282.  You are free to use any map, of course.  Personally, I think if you can get the following: Mountain Man, Isolated (No trading post), Uneducated (no school) and One with Nature (No farm, orchard nor pasture) then you are a Banished master and could do the rest.  Town (reach 900 population) might be fun too but it might be somewhat tedious.

I know of a few people who have gotten all in one town before.  Here are the links to their runs.  Don't check them out if you want to figure it out for yourself.  There are a few different methods: Smilge's Run (,  Nilla's Run (

This is a personal challenge.  There are no prizes.  Don't worry if you already have the achievements.  Don't worry if you like to use mods.  This challenge is completely on the honor system and solely for fun.  If the game doesn't give you the official achievement pop-up I think it can still count. 

You don't have to go for all of them in one town.  Feel free to go for whichever ones you like.  Feel free to come here and ask for help. 

If you want to just go for one achievement; Go for it!  Sounds fun!  I believe in you.  If not then surely it was the peasants' fault.  They were probably Banished for laziness.

If you want to go for all of them; Awesome!  Good luck!

If you want some help, feel free to ask.  There are lots of smart and helpful people who can hopefully provide some insight.

I will award one additional point for doing them all on Hard difficulty and another additional point for Disasters On.  Again, these two are probably more tedium than difficulty.

I posted this elsewhere.  Some of you may enjoy trying this challenge.  Some of you have already done it.
Title: Re: Achievement Challenge
Post by: Nilla on December 06, 2017, 07:59:49 AM
Agree! It's a really nice challenge.  Here's what I wrote as last entry:

I found, that the only really difficult thing was the start with the uneducated people. The rest of the game wasn't easy, but I never doubted that it would work; not always at the first attempt, but there was always a second possibility, if the first one didn't work. It was challenging the whole time. Nice game.
Title: Re: Achievement Challenge
Post by: smurphys7 on December 06, 2017, 03:42:18 PM
Do you know what map seed you used?  One hurdle is finding a small and mountainous map with some land space.  I was hoping to provide a few more that I know work.
Title: Re: Achievement Challenge
Post by: Maldrick on December 06, 2017, 04:43:26 PM
The seed is the thing.  You can farm small mountainous seeds for hours and never find a good one.  I found a couple okay ones the other day but still couldn't get into it...the streams wind up getting butted up next to the walls and that drives me crazy.  I'll post them if you want to give them a look, tho.  Actually, one is pretty good I think.

Getting to a good stopping point on what I've been working on and may give this a go. Will probably be all but mountain men.  Which isn't as big a challenge but will be more fun, I think.  As I mentioned on reddit, it's been ages since I did the achievements and have been wanting to do them again.
Title: Re: Achievement Challenge
Post by: Nilla on December 07, 2017, 01:15:48 PM
Unfortunately the map seed numbers have changed in some upgrade since I made the game with all achievements. But I have another computer (I use to inherit computers from my son and he buys new every other year) and since I liked that game with all achievements, I started a new one. I haven't got the 200 years (yet?) but the rest. The map seed is 65834395. I hope there are no new changes.

It's not perfect, after all it's a small mountain map but it's possible to work with and one very important thing; you can build that long bridge. That's the first thing you have to check out in this case. If there's no lake or straight part of the river where this bridge can be built, it's useless.