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Post by: brads3 on July 12, 2018, 06:19:46 AM
     this was insane.what started out as some simple tweaking and changes turned into a has been a horrendous,aggravating week from hell.after over a week,i do think i have the game playable.i will in no way say it is right. i did lose a few brain cells thru it all.       

        mods were adjusted to fix issues from Arnetto,mainly oat and EB leatherworks. RK and North upgraded and some specific mods added.  debug tested without the North and more adjustments.mostly to fix icon conflicts. minor and simple but time consuming,

             then began playing and finding issues.find 1 problem fix and cause another.what is more bizarre is the game worked and now it will not with the same mods and order. registry cleaned and full reset of mod order has been done 6 times.finally did get it to play.ran a game 10 years but the climate was too warm. decided to try 1 more time to completely clear the registry.

            as it is now,the North wasn't influencing climate,education,trading,and happiness as much as i had has been removed and the nordic mods put back in.TANDY's FLORA mod with patches has been added.the NAT DIV mod is disabled so the RKwild animals will load.

             mod count is 137,more wood and stone enabled for this map.norseman nad FLOA are the main new mods.bannies will die earlier.they become workers at 12 and do have a somewhat different personality.
Post by: brads3 on July 12, 2018, 07:02:00 AM
MAP: Elnor,973456810,lakes,ery large,fair climate,disasters off,norseman,medium.   chesnuts,cabbage and radishes
    made an adjustment to the map.where 2 rivers came down together, 1 river has been flattened.Necora's riffle mod was used to fill a gap where it switched rivers half way to the lake.

GOAL: classsified. i do have something special planned.just say it will need lots of stone.

        unkown is how the NORTH happiness works or interacts with other mods.Norseman mod added.also this is my 1st test with the FLORA mod.

YEAR 1-3

                           the plan for the 1st 5-10 years is simply to survive and build an indian village. 2  hunters are sent to hunt bison.the leather will be needed for the huts and teepees.1 family doesn't have a teepee by winter.the climate is still hits 70 before summer.fall is late.this helps our crops and will certainly help any orchards.winters are short.when it snows, it is almost white out.the no rain mod is not helping against blizzards.

                       the builder is kept busy thru year 2.most of the service buildings are built,waiting for workers.a sauna or medicine man's hut, market,and herbalist,bee keeper,and a chesnut orchard have been assigned workers.the laborer stops to stock the market before harvests.a cemetary,several wells,and a bon fire are finished.

                     in late spring of year 3,the 1st pair of nomad indians arrive.1 becomes our fisherman the other the now work has started on walls.there have been bears nearby to the east. 

pic 1: map settings
pic 2: map start
pic 3: terraform adjusted a river.
pic 4: year 1,the elder wigwam is just decorative.
pic 5: near white-out blizzard
pic 6: east wall is started and many service buildings are already completed

note in the last pic: those square odd looking blotches scattered around by the trees, totem pole,and behind the barn are the empty space block the snow they look like something has been set for construction. these do have a place like when they are used under decorations.any space also allows herbs and foods to grow which the bannies gather in winters.hence i don't use the block squares very often.
          the bannies protest too as they use fences to keep livestock from being lost or to like here keep bears out.they say they work hard enough why do they need to walk farther? they are their friendly and neighborly and don't mind folks taking shortcuts as long as they are getting work done.they don't have any crime since they banish those or use them for bear bait.
         don't take me wrong. i do like suggestions. there were other changes made from it that i do think worked. there are invisible roads to the workshops between the fields and teepees.the village center is larger and looks better with the service buildings grouped together.
Post by: Nilla on July 12, 2018, 08:47:17 AM
and do have a somewhat different personallity
If you use Norsemen have you also the modded happiness ? Or was it what you meant with different personality ? 

And Brad, don't complain about your struggling with all of your mods, you'll know what I would say, don't you?  ;)
Post by: brads3 on July 12, 2018, 10:50:42 AM
"anyone in their right mind would have gave up"? it actually is going smooth now.was quite freaky for a while though.

      norseman is loaded.they do seem to be students for less time. 12-15 as opposed to 10-15 or the last test,the only long test i could get out of it all week,the indian bannies had issues.they had 3 deaths in 5yrs. then they refused to live together. that wasn't ment to sound like a problem with the norseman much as it changes ,i am sure there will be differences to the bannies. besides TOM likes to make thngs interesting with some odd unforeseen  change.

     i already miss my set up,NILLA. i spent minutes looking for the thatch hut that  isn't enabled. the storage barns from the North aren't here either.
Post by: brads3 on July 13, 2018, 06:27:09 AM
YEAR 4-6

          so far so good.this map left us backed up to a mountain to the worked good for the chesnut orchard and bee keeper.however the village isn't going to be very square.i'll angle the west wall to it.along that will be a pen for the horses.the pair of nomads in year 4 became a laborer and the medicine man,the sauna is enabled.the cermonial burial ground was built near the cemetary.
       to the east of the hill, the indians set up their training summer of year 5,the indian village has been built.still need to decide what to do with the space to the south.we don't need  a field as there is still 1 field unplanted.the indians would like to add a smokehouse,a butcher block,and a still.those will have to wait.  while waiting for more leather,the indians have time to clear trees outside the walls.
       hunters work the towers at the village gates.extra hunters are sent to clear bison and elk to bring in has improved with a full time worker at the market. there are 7 food workers and 4 service workers,including an herbalist.5 laborers keep the builder supplied.there are 10 houses plus 2 decorative elder wigwams.there have been nomads at the well each year since year 3.none have arrived at the mini townhall.

pic 1:burial ground
pic 2: 5yr stats
pic 3:warrior training
pic 4: indian village overview
Post by: Gatherer on July 13, 2018, 02:58:06 PM
Nice little settlement :)
Post by: brads3 on July 13, 2018, 03:01:40 PM
that's not a settlement. it is a indian village.
Post by: brads3 on July 14, 2018, 06:30:56 AM
YEAR 7-8

           there is always a  leather shortage.never enough for clothing as it has been used to make teepees.there is furs and beeswax stockpiling as well as some minerals.they do consider a small trading post.before it can be decided,the south wall needs to be completed.4 nomads arrive and are put to work.they will work outside the village to gather foods and the flora items. a new flora gathering hut will work the west and an FO. gatherer to the east.the 3rd field is finally planted in cabbages.

        education drops below 50%. as it did the school started to graduate students at 15yrs old.soon we will need more housing but will have better 3 stars,the happiness has not had a negative affect.fields still produce quite well.since they chose to use wood tools,the limit was doubled to 100.

       in spring of year 8,a meeting is called. a brave  volunteers to dig for arrowheads.they hope they find favor with the gods or else they will find poisoned arrows.there are rocks to be cleared to the east and west.ths will allow more plants to grow.a forester will work the east to keep the woodcutter supplied with logs.a mini trade post will trade the beeswax,furs, and ores. they now had a plan.

      the work was interrupted as 5 settlers arrived at the mini townhall.they had been sent from the landing fort to survey and begin construction of  a training  fort.the fort was to go to  across the river south of the would train scouts who would explore and in time escort citizens to begin more settlements.  Ottie,his young brother X and his wife Artursa,their younger sister Bell,and Artursa's brother Ston.they had a job,as it was thick on their side of the river. as soon as their tents are set up,a boardinghuse will be constructed.

       soon after a tribe of indians stopped by to vist at our village well.seeing we were short on leather they chose not to stay.they were headed to a place where mountains went thru the clouds with mountain goats and the snow never melted.guess they figured it would be cooler there.

          we offered to send a guide to help the settlers get their tents set up and they would send us logs.Ottie would stay and learn from the indians.the braves were happy to show him around.

          the indian village grew by 2 teepees. 1 used arrowheads.the native buildings do require different materials.some leather,some artifacts,and some muskets.the longhouse will need 1 native artifact before it can be used for storage.a FLORA flax gathering hut works the west.though they don't fit the indian's style ,they were needed to try and boost clothing.a fur tailor  from the pine mod will most likely be needed.

       the mini TP has some issues. it stores copper ore and fur but not beeswax and fodder.

pic 1: new flora gathering huts work the west
pic 2: FO gatherer works the east
pic 3: mini TP
pic 4: a fort has been started
Post by: brads3 on July 15, 2018, 03:59:36 AM

         after collecting 37 arrowheads,the adventurer indian found a poisoned 1.that is our 1st death.the indians had gone out farther  to gather flax.unfortunately they brought back none.hence a  fur tailor wi be built. that wil also help the trading issue.a tiny general TP will expand the mini.
        4 more settlers arrive to for the fort.they brought some livestock, cows,chickens,and sheep.they took time to build the animal pens before they built a saltbox house for the fort commander.a small shed and stone market would work give them storage space.
         the indians found an artifact and upgraded the longhouse.the tailor made enough coats for everyone between pelt and furs.they had found some flax and a linen weaver was added to the village center,there was enough flax for only 2 coats.

     now NILLA i did say these norseman indians have personalities of their own.this squaw and her 2 children have been kicked out twice.they went homless for no reason except maybe the husband got one of the others pregnant.they settled into another home and a few minutes were homeless again.a young squaw died during childbirth and Mire has taken her youngest child to go care for the orphan and his father.

pic 1:expanded the TP
pic 2: livestock for the fort
pic 3: mother and 2 children have gone homeless.this happened twice for no  reason but did stop.