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Title: Suggested Mods?
Post by: Katsuro on February 23, 2019, 06:02:53 PM
Hope this is the right section.

I recently purchased and downloaded the game and liking it thus far. I took a look on the Steam mod list (where I got the game) and saw a couple I like and would suit my play style: Lush & Green and Unlimited mines.

I am looking for other mods that would benefit a newbie, but also be graphical enhancers (such as the lush & green). Resource efficiency is also a plus. In conclusion, what mods would you suggest I look at?
Title: Re: Suggested Mods?
Post by: Jinxiewinxie on February 23, 2019, 06:39:38 PM
You lose a lot of replay value by not doing a first (or a first few!) playthroughs without any mods. Playing without mods really helps you get a feel for the game and highlights the difficulties/fun =) Usually, like over on Reddit, folks will suggest you try for some achievements without any mods installed first and then when you get "bored" ish, go for the mods =)

Best mods, in my opinion:

Modpacks: RK Editors Choice, The North, Colonial Charter, MegaMod

Individual Mods to make life easier: Translucent (makes the UI prettier), Natural Diversity (pretty things), CC: Light Rain (makes rain less annoying), Less Food 50 (bannies require less food so you don't have to ugly up your map with crop fields), Increased CC (more stone, logs, iron get collected per spawn), Quiet CC (makes farm animals less noisy), BL No Smoke (removes the smoke from most buildings)

Individual Mods for more neat buildings items: Literally anything hosted here. Kids' mods are my favorite though =)

All mods are hosted in different places it seems. You'll have to look for them on the Steam Workshop, over at or here in the Downloads section.
Title: Re: Suggested Mods?
Post by: brads3 on February 23, 2019, 07:12:55 PM
what JINX said is true to play the game a bit and get used to how it plays. then you will develop a playstyle all your own over time. mods fit different players for different reasons. we each can make our own game. you can go thru the lists here both the 1.07 download and older sections. many mods will work from the 1.06,just remember that the older mods use the original flags for storage.check the Blackliquid site. there are many addon mods to enhance games with. CC has the no rain and no smoke mods so we can see better. try different mods. each game can be different depending on your mood at the time. be advised computer systems vary but do have a limit to memory. some mods will use lots of power.i have over 100 mods loaded.if i loaded the RK and CC i would be about maxed out with just those 2.others can use the mega mod and have power left to spare. that is the main limitation.

    it is also better to add a couple mods and then add to them as you go. better than adding 20 mods at once. if there are conflicts and errors, it is much easier to find and solve with less mods.