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General Discussion / Re: Rice flour
« Last post by Willows on June 23, 2018, 06:15:07 PM »
Yeah, I was looking for one outside of CC Journey, I am playing with Reds RK Editor mod, and Kid's new Swamp Mod.
General Discussion / Re: Rice flour
« Last post by elemental on June 23, 2018, 06:10:09 PM »
The CC City Windmill will process rice into flour. It can be found in CC Journey and probably megamod, but I don't use MM so I can't say for sure. Other CC windmills might also process rice, but if they do it isn't mentioned on the CC wiki pages.

Mod Talk / Re: Medieval Town
« Last post by RedKetchup on June 23, 2018, 04:55:03 PM »
this version of the canals doesnt even have moving water :(
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Swamp Thing V1.0
« Last post by brads3 on June 23, 2018, 04:16:11 PM »
depends what world you want to create.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by Tom Sawyer on June 23, 2018, 04:04:48 PM »
French Translation

Frankish settlers arrived in the North.. The mod can now be played in native French. Fully translated by @Tsar Lyagushka. Merci for the nice cooperation! :)
Download and Steam link on
Village Blogs / Re: rkelly17 - Jeddie Valley: Return to Banished
« Last post by rkelly17 on June 23, 2018, 03:46:30 PM »
Summer Year 40

The last 10 years have seen significant growth in population, building and territory. One result of the population growth is the need for more food. This first picture is four farms built near Farmington around year 32.

Soon after this we laid out a new village south of San Buenaventura. Because there were so many adults waiting for houses, the plans for a village became the plans for a town with significant population, the most important production buildings, a large church, cemetery, and a town hall. This town also included food production. The earliest food producing building was the fishing dock at the bend in the river. We have found that the more water their is in the circle of a fishing dock, the more fish produced, so this bend was an ideal river location for fishing. The bend also gave the new town its name: Riverbend. Next up were pastures for pigs and sheep. This brings our livestock totals to 4 sheep pastures, 3 pig pastures, and 1 chicken pasture. With all of this livestock we added butchers in Northriver to process meat. To use the tallow produced we also built a chandler. Finally we added two farms between Riverbend and San Buenaventura. If you look carefully at the far left of the picture you can also see a new tunnel which connects Riverbend to the forest villages to the East. Just out of the picture to the South of the tunnel is a new hospital.

As we were building Riverbend we made an important discovery from talking to one of the more loquacious merchants. It seems that the Jeddie River is navigable by ocean-going ships as far as our valley, though not through the whole valley. The deep water ends just South of Riverbend. Since there is no space along the river to fit docks for such large vessels, nor any space to turn a large ship around, we thought that this information would not be of much use to us. Then someone suggested that the lake south of Riverbend was not all that far from the river and we could build a canal from the river to the lake. While a ship could not turn completely around in the river, there was room for a ship of appropriate size to make a turn into a channel.

We immediately set to work digging a canal and laying out a new town. The dirt dug up for the canal along with dirt from digging the tunnel and dirt left from leveling a small hill for farms was used to create space for docks on the West side of the lake. We also had to do some dredging in the lake and that left more than enough to complete landfill for the dock area. That is where we established the new town of Lockport. As of Year 40 we have not come close to finishing the town, but we have built a market and housing. Because we envision this as perhaps the most significant town in the valley we built a college to see to educational needs. As of this Summer we have attracted two ships whose captains have agreed to make our valley the base for their whaling and sealing expeditions. We have built up some of the docks and begun work on storage barns and an oil press to make lamp oil from the whale blubber. We are also building some housing along the waterfront for the sailors and their families. That should be finished before Winter.

Map and stats:

I'm not sure whether or not there will be a report from Year 50. I'm itching to conclude this settlement and start a map with the latest version of @RedKetchup's latest Editor's Choice, so we'll have to see.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Swamp Thing V1.0
« Last post by galensgranny on June 23, 2018, 02:51:37 PM »
I know you people want it all but this is just a small mod, not a serious attempt
to change the world. :)
That is an interesting idea- a world changing mod!  Probably not very doable, though.
Mod Talk / Re: Medieval Town
« Last post by galensgranny on June 23, 2018, 01:39:08 PM »
I found Red's three story hostel helpful for the 45 family start.  The good thing about the three story hostel is that later on, after you don't need that much hostel space, you can destroy two of the levels and replace them with regular housing.
i was just asking, because some people still like to use it even if RK Ed has similar items, so i thought i can maybe do a light version to help PCs to run  it with othe mods. i am not planing to put work to make things... but just wondering about a lighter version with all the things wont use anymore deleted to save PC power.
@Red, that is so good of you to think of making light versions to help with PC's not full of tons of memory  and more powerful processors and video cards.  :)   I am one of those people. 

Since you do have a separate canal mod, I think that would be good to leave out.  Then people who really want canals still have an option to get them, but those who don't really want canals, won't have that extra thing using up power and memory.
Mod Talk / Re: Medieval Town
« Last post by LadyMarmalade on June 23, 2018, 01:08:36 PM »
@Goblin Girl  Yes, I've been playing it too and I think it has really rekindled my enthusiasm. I also find the initial stages of the game a little tedious sometimes so it's great to be able to jump right in there!
General Discussion / Re: Rice flour
« Last post by Abandoned on June 23, 2018, 10:20:56 AM »
Sorry @Willows, that was not my intention.  I hope you find what you are looking for.
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