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Village Blogs / Re: Testing Necora´s Canadian mods
« Last post by Nilla on Today at 04:13:50 AM »
Yes, at times we do agree @brads3 ! :)

And of cause, since you play with real time aging:The first 50 years or so, there are more children and students, than in my vanilla aging and more mouths to feed for the adults. Since I play 4 times your speed, I need to build 4 times as much as you and need a lot of logs (and other building materials). And you are right, the CC merchants are very annoying. I wouldn't need many of them either. I use to buy building materials. I need a lot of it and avoid to build mines and quarries (ugly with a low productivity) and if I played CC, I would also buy most of the advanced building materials, too. Like Necora´s rope, they are mostly a loss to produce yourself.  I also use to buy some food, not that I use to have too little of it, more to balance the diet. And of cause, like you at the beginning seeds and animals.

It's right, you can't look at the trade values only, when you chose a good trading product. A high price isn't always the same as a good profit. The highest profit from one worker, that I have seen is the CC charcoalburner; a product with a low price. It's only worth 3, but it needs very little raw material (1 log gives you 11 charcoal, if I remember right) and the productivity is huge (more than 2000 each year.) That means a profit of around 6000! I haven't played the latest version of CC, so this might have changed. The same, what I will say about your precious candles: last time I played CC, candles wasn't a good trading product. It's not a loss to produce, but you need a lot a wax and the productivity is low, so the annual profit was less than 100. Of cause the best trading good is something, you don't need yourself; like the beeswax, but if the production numbers haven't changed, it's better to sell the wax and let the candlemaker go fishing. (or work as a second gatherer) ;)

I use to micromanage a lot in the North. In this game not so much; only if I have too much of something, like the wild animals, I might turn the trapper on and off every couple of years. As the lovely small houses only could hold a family of 3, I let the people swap houses, to get more children. I sometimes change the products I sell in the trading ports: Necoras mods have many products you can't use (yet) but the space in the small port is limited, so I sell one of these spare things at the time. And sometimes I change the production of some fields or of some of the shore fisher, so maybe you're right. I do micromanage more than I though, also in this game.  :-\

My experience is, you can't say, how much more a second (or 3 or 4) worker in a site gives. It's very different. It can be between 100% and 0. I can only recommend, to check it out. A good strategy is to start with just one (or 2 if it's a vanilla gatherer or fisher for 4 workers) and if you suddenly realize, that you need more food, it's faster to increase the number of workers in an existing site, than build a new.

I almost forgot; I played a few more years to study my forests and yes; the production in the dense forests is a little bit lower, but not so much, that it explains your numbers. The last 3 years the total average production was; pine forest; 810/1126, maple forest: 2460/2750. For the trapper it's hard to see a difference. It varies a lot and is low in both forests, (average 48). For some reason I don't understand, the dense pine forest makes 28% less, the dense maple forest only 10%. There must be some other reason, that yours give so little. Are all stones, iron and vanilla trees cleared out of the forest? Is the circle of the forest limited from buildings, mountains.....? Do you have enough free laborers to carry the stuff out of the woods or must the gatherers/trappers do it themselves? Is there enough room in close barns? Do the workers live far away or close? Many things can have an influence on productivity. Probably more than if there's an active forester in the forest or not.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Workplace V1.4
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 02:48:01 AM »
@kid1293 Oh my goodness, what is this I missed while working on achievements?  BeeHaven?  It looks fantastic, love the colors especially like the roof and the tower.
Yes, you're right. He wrote the graphics code himself,
that's why we can't get standard stuff into it. Sad facts.  :(
There are so many nice animated models out there I want to use.
Village Blogs / Re: Paeng - Village Journals
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 01:31:34 AM »
@Paeng :)
Love how you've built up the areas, how do you start?
Currently I just have a 'bitsa town' to start, cheapest materials, then as I move out then design as I go and create the new style town, or do you set out with a pan?
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Mod Discussions 1.0.7
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 01:28:39 AM »
Hear hear @Paeng :)  +1 in agreement :D
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: RedKetchup work in progress....
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 01:27:08 AM »
They are beautiful @RedKetchup well done :)
Village Blogs / Re: Paeng - Village Journals
« Last post by jesta030 on Today at 12:45:26 AM »
Have to take a look at them.
Luke had no idea to make animations ^^

he did a certain way and made the code to make work his attempts lol
Tips and Help / Re: Changing trees in the naturalresourcetree file... animations??
« Last post by kid1293 on March 23, 2017, 11:29:29 PM »

@Bartender - Yes I use Blender and I have had several problems
which I have found ways to go around, but animations...
That's a completely different thing. It is not Blender only who is to blame.
It seems like Luke has his very own approach to animations.
I can not rig a mesh, but with already set models the modkit does not compile the code.

There are different ways to animate. Luke uses a bottom plane (or planes)
to have as reference points for motion. And somehow the root bone is not standard.
That can be Blender. I have no experience.
You are welcome to try. Even the smallest progress with animations can clear the way
for using them in Banished. First I'm thinking windmills and water mills. And a lot of
animals waiting to come alive.

Another thing is where to put the code. Luke has not left any insert points so we are
probably left with animating things all the time. There are no on/off switches.
I wish for a script language to be used with Banished where things could be called based
upon certain criteria.
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