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tell the game that not me maybe the game can't translate languages right. maybe it translates as it prints to the screen not before.5 different languages=5tags. who knows
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 06:01:05 PM »
the only thing i can think of is he has the older NAT DIV mod. so the limit he is hitting is the thatch. i think the fodder is under  a MISC limit and nothing else i know of is except fertilizer which would be at 0 still and the flowers.

thats what i think too : the NaturalResourceGrass.rsc changed from old NAT DIV version
Here is my village kitchen set up.
In front you can see that I have 2 food stalls (to gather the ingredients that I need)
And behind it are some beehives from Kid's Work Place mod
To the front, right, is Necora's hospital and further right is the housing for the workers in there.
I have also included a Food Wagon, and 2 of Red's horses in there.

The red markouts, are terraforming, the whole area was overgrown with trees I couldn't get a clear shot of any of the buildings and I had to clear it all out. :)

This was on a map pre-Embx markets :)
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Forest Outpost V1.1
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 05:59:22 PM »
shhh don't tell my secrets. you will ruin the plan.shhhhh
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Stand Alone Iron Smelter?
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 05:59:14 PM »
i think his TP is too trader is working from the new limit menu and won't ship from the older menu.kinda like ordering eggnog out of season.orr maybe it was too heavey for the boat.

The game put all the bakers together as one baker if profession _baker is used in the code.

It was a oversight by @Discrepancy that he had DS in front of it and that's why there where two bakers and millers in Nilla's game.

It works the same with raw Materials. If the names are the same the game will just use one.
i agree EMBx, it isn't that the other skilled laborers aren't needed. the problem is the way the game program says we have 5 millers and 4 bakers, doesn't group all the food proccessors into 1. it can't figure that all bakers are bakers it lists them separately.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Forest Outpost V1.1
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 05:51:43 PM »
i'll add to QUERY's gathering happiness center without a church idea. how bout a hunting lodge styled building that acts as either storage or a market? impacts happiness and the bannies can idle around it. 1 and a half to double the size of 1 of the original houses.
  as to wanting different textures or styles, you could try searching for yurts,grass houses or sod houses.

I think you misunderstood @brads3 I do want a celebration building, something to gather around etc, but, old, ancient grass roots type of celebration, without the crosses, and piousness that is reflected in a lot of church architecture. 

A hunting lodge sounds good for a forest environment, can have it in a modular form where you can have part of it as a market, and the other part as storage :)  and an add-on for all the luxury items (whiskey for you??  haha)
ohh no no no. the game would have to be able to read and google the terms itself.lmao with so many mods and different jobs aded. i guess it would only have to read the print lines in the code and total them all together. seriously? hmm laborers,builders then a food group;farmers,hunters ,gatherers,fishermen, it is already flawed the rice workers in CC are dock workers. the shoreman finds frogs,turtles ,and clay or sand......
   after that the list is debatable. essentials would be blacksmiths,taliors,firewood cutters.
   seriously if it was a quick easy mod and possible i would wish for the laborers,builders, and the food producers. that would be enough for a menu. most of us i think build towns with a tailor and BS in them. i use the TH to know how my clothing and tools are.its a good reference to what item is stocked more than another.what is overstocked can be processed or traded. but don't get crazy and do lots of work.
Yeah, my water well using a worker too.

Some professions are not bad though to have a different name because it was and is a skill to be a baker or a miller.

But easy stuff like getting water from a well, or sand from the beach, etc can be done by a regular laborer (Worker).

I maybe make my tanner a leatherworker too or the other way around to save a profession and gather Brine from a Brine Well to produce salt can be done by a worker too.
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