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@RedKetchup   you are right, WinRar worked like a charm..  I even splurged and bought a license.   :P
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - North Pole South Annex - Story 21
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 12:13:54 PM »
Chapter 7

  The next year was a busy one.  Our first concern was our egg and milk production.  The output of our animal sheds were good considering they each had only 1 cow and a few chickens each, but Austic, the educated elf who worked at the Nog Nook, said the eggnog production would increase if he didn't have to always wait for eggs or milk.

  We built a 2nd bridge thinking to add another animal shed or two on the other side of the river where there was plenty of room to expand.  We also built a 2nd trading post hoping a riverboat merchant would bring dairy cows. Dashade our trader said he would have no problem working  at both trading posts.  When Auren the seed merchant arrived, he had no seeds we wanted.

  In early spring of year 8 the Christmas Baker oven was built.  We had plenty of flour, honey, and spice to start baking gingerbread.  The smell of fresh baked gingerbread was wonderful and our Christmas spirit increased.  Some elves were even humming Christmas songs already.  In spring, 4 more elves joined us and that summer we concentrated on building more housing for them and for the young couples who wanted a place of their own.

  A third animal shed was built and a matching colorful little house was built next to it.  There was talk that a second story could be added on. Well, we did need more housing.
Village Blogs / Re: Nilla-testing the North6
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 11:50:32 AM »
^^ 0 C in august .... an exceptional 12 C in september ....

it is so real in here in Quebec, Canada ^^
yes it is 29.0 mb and the unpacking is failing at 50%.  using raropener   -  i'll look for 7-zip and try again!  thanks

rar files has been made by WinRar. i suggest you to use that, they have 100% fully operational trial use
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by Tom Sawyer on Today at 11:22:21 AM »
I suggest to go on with your game without updating @Nilla. I'm pretty sure your forester works. I tried a new idea and confused files with the same name in different folders. Notepad++ can be tricky with that.
I just downloaded the 1.02 version and it unpacked fine for me. I use 7-Zip.

Is the download failing at 50% or is it the unpacking failing at 50%? You said you tried to download, then you said you cannot get it unpacked, so I just wanted to clarify the issue.  :)

You might have got an incomplete download. The rar file should be 29 MB (30,420,861 bytes).
yes it is 29.0 mb and the unpacking is failing at 50%.  using raropener   -  i'll look for 7-zip and try again!  thanks
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by Nilla on Today at 11:01:16 AM »
I havenīt made the first upgrade. Should I do it now, or go on with my village with the initial version? My trapper works. The forester I donīt know.
Village Blogs / Re: Nilla-testing the North6
« Last post by Nilla on Today at 10:58:35 AM »
A few more years and a few more pictures.

First picture

We had a terrible summer. Look at the picture: snow in August, the temperature was never higher than 7 C! The turnips grew to 20%, the pears to 15%, the other fields, the blueberries, mushrooms and onions in the forest: 0! I don't mind that occasionally something like this happens. I even like it. We're in the North! Such things actually happened and many people starved. In this village no one will have to starve. The stores are well filled, there's a reserve of salted and smoked meat in the trading ports and if it should turn really bad, we can always let the berserk huntress out in the woods. ;)

But the game is a bit odd. Next picture is a very short time after the first.

Second picture

As soon as the month September came, the temperature rose to 12 C in no time. The crops even started to grow, not much and not for long but at least a little. I guess, that it's nothing to do about it. The temperature of each season is independent on the season before. Here a very cold summer, was followed by a very warm autumn.

There's another rather odd thing: I've built a boardwalk to my trading port. I wanted to give the traders a shorter, straight way to the port if they come from that direction. But they seem to be very coward. They don't dare to walk on the part where no land is beneath.

Third picture

I made an experiment; a small footbridge over the stream. I haven't seen anyone walk on it. I tried to make them. I just cleared the ground for the second cow pasture. The stockpile on the other side of the river is the closest. But I never saw anyone use it. So I really think, that the Bannis in this village are afraid of water.

You can see that no one needed to starve. I was a bit lucky, that a merchant who had a lot of turnips arrived. But even without it, there would have been no trouble; only a poorer diet. Last year was the opposite from the year before. A very warm summer. I think some crops would even had made 100%, if I hadn't started the harvest earlier. The autumn, however was very cold, with an early frost, so no field was completely harvested. But still good enough to fill the stores with turnips, onions, barely and rye. The forests were full with blueberries. Iīve even bought some sugar and made jam. Is jam fruit?

The industrial buildings in the background still don't work. The brickmaker was used a short time to expand the school. I will wait until the educational rate gets higher. Then I will transform the village to the19th century, with the red houses and an attempt to make a small export industry.

Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - North Pole South Annex - Story 21
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 10:43:22 AM »
Thanks @Maldrick , I will have to take a screenshot of the toolbar icons and the inventory, they both look real Christmasy.  :)  Have a Merry Christmas.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by Tom Sawyer on Today at 10:36:37 AM »
I have fixed the trapper and the forester. 2 bugs which crept in after the first release. Please update your game. :)
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