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Re: Dye Maker
« Reply #15 on: May 09, 2017, 10:31:00 PM »
there will be no use for the sails apart from for trade.

Yeah, that's the thing with quite a few items... I'm hoping for a more elaborate chain with sails, rope and related stuff (needing reeds, dye, cloth etc.)... I really like Disc's idea with gathering baskets, fishing- and hunting gear that "breaks" over time and needs to be replaced...

One of my dreams is still an upgradable fishing lodge  :D

I'm not sure what the dynamic is with Discrepancy's baskets etc. but with the new NS fisheries (in Beta - full mod being released soon) you need fishing gear and boats to build a boat that lasts a certain amount of time before you need a new boat.

I was planning to do the same... but you build a ship (!!) which is then placed next to a quay and functions as a fishery, lasts for a long time, and needs to eventually be replaced.

Sounds like a good forward thinking plan @Necora :)  I really do like the little boats, so will be eager to have bigger ones moored to the river banks & docks :)
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