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« on: May 28, 2014, 08:59:22 AM »
- You youngsters don't know how easy you have it. When I was your age we only had a cart and our hands.

- Yeah, yeah, Grandad. We've heard it all before.

- I'm just saying. You feel very smug, but the Barn designs are exactly the same we figured when we first came to this land.

- Look Grandad. It's not the Middle Ages any more, you know. Nowadays we have steel tools, stone roads. Hell, we even warm ourselves with coal, instead of plain firewood.

- Bah! Nowadays people are wussies. They even die after walking a mere 10 miles. And what's with those late night parties at the cemetery, huh?

- It's just harmless fun, Grandad. If it makes people happy ...

- I'ts creepy, that's what it is. Come to dance over my gravestone, have you ?

- Sorry, Grandad. Must go to school now. See you later.

- School, hah! That's the youth excuse for not doing an honest day's work. Bunch of lazy buggers, you are.