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EverQuest - Agnarr Server
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:45:22 PM »
Going to be taking a break from Banished for a couple of weeks as it came to my attention last week that my beloved EverQuest will be launching a new Time Locked Progression server.  As an old school player from original launch, I always have to give them a go and it's been a bit since I played.

Thought I would mention it here because I know we have a lot of people who like older games.  If you played way back, or have never played and are curious, these types of servers are an excellent opportunity to experience the original content as it rolled out but in an excellerated time frame and with many new features and quality of life improvements.  And with a healthy and robust server population.  Amongst EQ players, these servers are incredibly popular.

This particular server will launch Wednesday, May 24th at 5pm US Eastern time with the original game content.  The first expansion, Kunark, will unlock 12 weeks following with each subsequent major expansion following on a 12 week schedule.  This server is a first with these types of servers in that it will not expand beyond the 4th major expansion, Planes of Power.  There is no software purchase needed, but it is considered a premium server and there is a small monthly fee.

This a very exciting opportunity for those of us who have played for 18 years and new players, alike, because this is something of a sweet-spot for game content and class balance, and it keeps levels low enough that it will be accessible to new players for the life of the server, which is not really the case for the current game.

EQ was not the first MMO, but it was the first in the genre to take it primetime and employ modern graphics, a first person view, and modern gameplay.  It laid the groundwork for subsequent MMOs and still does a lot of things better than any other since.  Classes are dedicated to their roles as opposed to the homogenization that is common now. Gear is abundant but unique, and the game shys away from standardizing repetitive ways of acquiring it as is also common in recent games.  There is nuance and skill involved in the gameplay...The solo, grouping, and raiding aspects are extensive and it is a very social game.  And the list goes on.

Generally, I start at launch, level and gear up, and then take a break until the expansions drop and I usually don't raid until a couple expansions in.  Usually takes me about two weeks, but I'm happy to sidetrack my usual if anyone is interested and needs help, wants to play together, etc.  And I'm not sure what my friends are doing yet, so that could change my approach some.

In any case, just felt like I would be remiss to not mention it in case it would interest anyone. :)
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Re: EverQuest - Agnarr Server
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 05:47:13 PM »
Oh, that's cool :)  I feel the same way about Wurm Online & guild Wars :D 
Enjoy your Everquesting :)  I haven't played EQ for ... hmmm ...  years, since I found the above, oops.  I can't remember a damn thing about it, I'mma bad player, lol.

Enjoy your time on the new server @Maldrick , let us know how you go & feel free to share screenshots, for those of us who may be curious about it :D
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Re: EverQuest - Agnarr Server
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2017, 06:50:12 PM »
Thanks, @QueryEverything :)

It was a total surprise (I really need to check my gaming twitter more often) and I'm pretty excited.  Like I said, the ruleset on this server hits a nice happy medium of my favorite content in the game and I would be surprised if this wasn't one of the more successful special ruleset servers in the long run, for a few reasons.  Which is nice, because it's great to be able to play for a while and take a long break before going back.

That's a good idea...I'll definitely post some screens.

That's cool about wurm and guild wars.  Know nothing about wurm but have always heard great things about guild wars.  Have come close to checking it out a few times but somebody always comes up with something else to get into.  Going to have to do that sometime.