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« on: May 28, 2014, 09:01:04 AM »
- You know, this is the sort of place I always wanted to come and spend some quality time with my family. Peace and tranquillity. Fishing in the lake, cooking on a campfire...

- Yes, Chief.

- Anyway, have CSU canvassed the whole area ?

- Yes, Chief. But to be honest, I think we need to call an archaeological team too. These people were seriously backwards. They make the Amish look like technological freaks.

- What's with these people? This is the third village we've encountered in this area. All found totally empty, with people lying dead on roads and in the middle of fields.

- Apparently, initial tests show they all died of the same cause, Chief: starvation.

- Starvation? You're kidding me? Who the hell dies of starvation nowadays?

- These people seemed to be pathologically averse to have any contact with the outside world.

- But that's ridiculous! You only have to walk 10 miles North to find a major metropolis.

- I know, Chief. So far we have found no evidence of horses or any means of transport. It may be the distance was just too much for them.

- You mean to say they couldn't walk 10 miles ? C'mon! And how about all those crops and orchards?

- I don't know, Chief. I am a doctor, not a farmer. Maybe they had bad crops ? CSU also found evidence of a fire that spread through three quarters of the village. I think they were just unlucky.

- Unlucky? I think we need to look deeper into this. Who would stay in these conditions anyway? No, no. There's something going on here. I just feel it. This is the work of a sadistic mind, and I want to find out exactly who it is.

- Yes, Chief.