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Ghost town
« on: May 28, 2014, 09:06:46 AM »
- Look, I'm telling you I heard something.

- Keep telling yourself that, @nmid.

- I'm serious!

- We've been exploring this village for two hours now. It's clearly deserted.

- So, what are all these noises ? And things keep disappearing and appearing in different places.

- And I think you have a wild imagination, as usual. By the way, there's no need to have that torch now. It's already daytime. You'll set off another house on fire.

- I didn't mean to. But did you notice how there was a strange wind inside. It was almost as if there were ghosts.

- Yeah, right. I don't think ghosts are well know for their skill at fire fighting, are they ?

- This village is creeping me out. That stockpile of stone is noticeable smaller than before!

- What stockpile of stone ?

- Look! Is empty now!

- Just calm down, @nmid. Let's sit down for a moment here.

- This is the cemetery. Why did you choose the cemetery ?

- It's a nice place to be.

- Look at this gravestone. I can almost see the writing...

- Yes? What does it say?

- It says ... It says ... "Here lies @nmid. He was a good husband and labourer" ...

------ On the other side ------

- This is creepy. For a moment there I thought I felt someone over that gravestone.

- And I think you have a wild imagination. Anyway, come. We need all hands to put out that fire.

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Re: Ghost town
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 09:10:34 AM »
The closet arsonist in me feels this thread is on fire!