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- Well, it's just you and me, Lou.

- Not that it makes a difference now. But for the record, I always enjoyed your company, Marie.

- That's very sweet of you, Lou.

- Do you think we should have married, have children ?

- It wouldn't have mattered. It was already too late.

- I've always wondered what it would be like. You know, "afterwards".

- No one knows. I believe we go to a land with no winters and hunger. Where all the roads and houses are made of stone and the barns are always full.

- That sounds nice, Marie. I'd like to believe that...

- You have to have faith, Lou.

- How long now, do you reckon ?

- Not much, Lou. Are you scared ?

- Not if you're with me.

- Well, here it comes. Ready?

- Always ...

[Event Log:  Lou and Marie have left the settlement in the trader's barge]