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A sketch for a story
« on: May 28, 2014, 09:23:57 AM »
Lou is a teacher living in Flomaton.

For years he has loved Marie, the blacksmith's daughter.

However, despite all of his advances, Marie has always refused him.

She often sits alone by the trading post, eagerly looking for the barge.
No one knows what she is waiting for.

But one day, after Lou offers her a flower for her birthday and yet again asks her to marry him, Marie feels compelled to give the poor boy a reason for her continuing refusals.

When she was 14, she explains, she dreamed a man would come on the trading barge and that she will fall immediately in total, desperate and final love with him.

That dream keeps haunting her and does not allow her to accept any other love.
With that, she goes away and sits by the river bank, her gaze in constant hope of seeing the barge.

The boy, crushed by her account, falls into despair.
Unable to keep living in the village, the boy resolves to go away.

As the trade barge is about to leave, he jumps aboard and sails away with it.
On the shore, Marie sees the barge and realises the man of her dream is just leaving the village on the barge ...


No! I'm not referring to the barge owner!


What do you mean, "which barge" ?
Yes, I know Flomaton has several trading p...
Well, yes. I guess I wasn't very specific.
Look, I wrote the story, I should know, all right ?


Would you stop saying that ?
Obviously she could have jumped into the next barge and followed him, but you're missing the point.
It's supposed to be tragic, see ?

No, that's not a stupid reason.


Nah, nah, nah, nah.

I'm not listening !