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JBakesGaming - Ronkoma
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:05:35 AM »
Hey guys, I started this village to go for the mountain men achievement and here's the progress so far.

I don't have fancy pictures, but instead I've got a series of videos.

For the first part we got our village nicely started building all the necessary resource buildings and hoping our people don't starve or freeze.
Video 1:[/youtube]"]Hunt For Mountain Men Achievement

Success, we survived for more then a couple years, so here comes video 2 where we continue building up our small town.
Video 2:[/youtube]"]Onwards to Mountain Men

Our continuing fight to get Mountain Men achievement goes on, oh and maybe we should begin to be concerned about our health meter.
Video 3:[/youtube]"]Maybe We Should Build A Hospital

At this point it seems like we're not only surviving but thriving, time to expand.
Video 4:[/youtube]"]Expanding South

We've had our population at above 50 for a while, is it almost time for that mountain men achievement to pop up?
Video 5:[/youtube]"]The Final Stretch