Author Topic: You have trouble to install a toolkit ? Here a review !  (Read 1470 times)

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You have trouble to install a toolkit ? Here a review !
« on: August 10, 2016, 02:04:58 PM »
Hi there. received a PM about some trouble to install the toolkit.

i am gonna review it.

1. First you need to install these 2 library:
Direct x end user :
Visual c++ :

the links in the readme file are outdated, and replaced with a pub on windows 10

2. verify your game version number and make sure you are up to date 1.0.6 build 160521 by launching the game and check at bottom of the screen.
download the toolkit here:

3. Unzip it to c:\BanishedKit
never put spaces, never put accents, never put strange caracters.

4. now go in your game folder and find these 4 files : data0.pkg data1.pkg patch0.pkg patch1.pkg
should be in Banished\WinData or Steam\common\Banished\WinData
select them and do a right click and choose "copy"

5. now go in your banishedKit folder you created before, go in the Bin folder and then in the WinData folder.
do a right click anywhere in this folder and choose "paste"

6. now go back to your BanishedKit folder and launch the .bat there named : BuildResources.bat
if it happends you arent on a window 64 bits, and use only a 32 bits version (x86) you will need to edit that BuildResources.bat and replace all the x64 per x32 and save.

7. and then after it is finished and the black window will disappear (it should take a couple of minutes of full lines scrolling endlessly)
you can test if your toolkit is working properly by building the 4 examples by launching the BuildExamples.bat

Enjoy ! and Happy Moddling !
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