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Re: Nilla, Firestelluride - testing the North, Ironman
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To the warehouse. I think it's not bad to leave the ore (and especially firewood) outside the warehouse. You have to think a bit more about a good location with mines close, but that will rarely be a problem.  But I would like to separate textiles and metals. In this game I have 2 tailors close to the warehouse and 2 close to barns in the "sheep area". The warehouse vendor is quite unreliable; sometimes he ignores the wool; the warehouse is empty and the coat production in the center is bad. Sometimes he has a fancy on wool; the warehouse is full, the barns close to the other tailors are quite empty and the production of those tailors is bad. It's quite random. The production would be more realable, if there was a separate textile warehouse or no warehouse for textiles at all.

It's a pity about the nomads. I had the idea of giving the iron man mode a second chance; taking a lot of nomads at the beginning, no farming and no herbalist. I haven't tested the influence of a bad health and I really like the thought, that health has an impact on the gameplay. I would also like that happiness had a larger impact. Anyhow the ironman mode isn't that difficult. It's easier than playing without schools, similar to taking a lot of nomads.

This will be the last pictures from this settlement. The three first pictures show, why you can't really rely on farming, if you play with a harsh climate.

First picture

A cold summer. It's July and the temperature is dropping, august had frost.

Second picture

The same fields a very mild summer. But it might give you some trouble as well; winter's coming fast and the time might be too short to harvest all.

Third picture

Production numbers. The year before was cold, but far from as bad as on the first picture. I estimate the average harvest on each field/orchard is 200-220. Year 83 I guess it was less than 50.

Fourth picture

Something to cheer you up, if everything works too smooth!  ;D :o

Fifth picture

Watch out!