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Ah, now I remember.....
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:50:41 PM »
.....why I stopped playing The North. The vanilla buildings are soooooooooo HUGE, and there are no real "complete" village type mods that add other buildings in 1.06 (some have a everything but a tailor and herbalist, some have WAYYYYY too many things in them that do some really fancy stuff, etc). And the ones for 1.07 just crash my game no matter how few other mods I have.

Sigh. Tom, Tom Tom....I really do love The North, but it just isn't very playable for me.  :( Hopefully, that will all change when you update to 1.07.

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Re: Ah, now I remember.....
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2017, 08:54:38 AM »
hmmm. there are villages and most of the 1.06 mods are still available.if you are looking for something specific,you may find mixing 2 mods works for building what you want. i used to build the NMT medical clinic in most maps since it fit and i liked the style.many of the buildings in CC take lunber or higher grade building materials to build,in which case i could  use NMT buildings and was able to build sooner.there are many many options. or build several villages. i use rowhouses for production areas,have the forest outpost or pine set for forests. many buildings from 1 mod will "fit" to another quite well.
       as to the 1.07 houses working with the 1.06 NORTH. that will work. IF YOUR GAME IS UPGRADED TO 1.07, the 1.06 mods will ignore it and function as they did before. it does not break the mods and stop them from actually should have no affect on a house. i still use several mods that are 1.06 and mods that were just houses i did not upgrade so they stay under the house icon in the toolbar.
        if banished is upgraded to 1.07,it can read both 1.06 and 1.07 mods.the north uses 1.06 flags and would ignore an item tagged 1.07.  if you built a building that gave you an item that was tagged under the new 1.07,the NORTH wouldn't use that item.  say you loaded the pine mod which has charcoal. the charcoal is tagged different. you would have charcoal in storage from a pine mod but that charcoal would not be used by any NORTH processors. the processors from the north would act and think like they had 0 charcoal since the 2 are tagged differently. this does not stop the game from working. you just have to be aware of it when you find workplaces not producing when you have items for it.  the food tagged items from the pine set would still be usable to the NORTH BANNIES since that is still tagged food.
         now that being said there are a couple mods that help with issues. RED's trading post fix mod is 1 that should be used.this fixes issues that traders have from the 1.06 to 1.07 change. since your game is upgraded and THE NORTH isn't i would use this mod. the other mod i push is the CC compatability mod.this mod can fix isses as well. in the case of the north it probably won't do much. it does help fix some issues with the NMT and the 1.07 tags though. not sure it would affect the rooftiles from the NORTH mod.

         now if mods are causing errors that are 1.07,is your game upgraded to 1.07?? does it say that at the bottom? did you happen to load the mods that do use more building materials and are still under the original 1.07?? there was several updates to the 1.07.  are the mods huge and the computer RAM low? did the mod load half way in which case it won't function properly? that did happen for a while right when we swtitched to the 1.07.mods would say they were finished but loaded short. check the mod size against what your file is. is it a specific mod or many mods?? have you tried tthe mods that you have issues with by themself with no other mods added??
        there is a quick cheat to run a test. if the mod loaded properly and is the right size. take alll other mods out of the windata folder,just make a new folder to the desktop and move them into it. this way the game will load ONLY what is in the windatat folder but not rewrite the registry completely. i'd use debug and whatever mods are causing issues. quick build the buildings and unpause the game. by doing this and building 1 building at a time,you can narrow down which 1 is causing an issue. when done,just move all the other mods back. when you play the game the mod order will be the same as before and the mods will still be enabled. saves you the restarting and disabling each mod,etc. saves many steps and time.

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Re: Ah, now I remember.....
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2018, 12:56:48 AM »
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