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Re: a Silo is what you need
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2018, 11:53:44 PM »
Corn is one of those crops depending upon when it is harvested, it can be either a vegetable or grain. Hence the request for dry corn.

what about a Grain Silo "workplace" that can also store inedible grains with a very large storage capacity that turns all assorted crops into various inedible grains, wheat into flour, corn to cornmeal etc.

you may not be able to prevent bannies from taking ALL the corn in the Storage Shed that they take food from but if you place a Grain Silo Workplace and place that building between the basic storage shed and a trading post it may work.

so farmers harvest the crop then take it to a normal storage shed then >tell the traders to take ALL the crop and store it at the trading post. once you fill the tradepost empty the trade post by set crop to 0 > then the traders take it to the closest place able to store it > Grain Silo which is a storage shed and also a workplace.

the Grain Silo workplace workers use crops stored to make drycrops and now your drycrop turns into an inedible grain> your baker gathers the drycrop from the Silo and makes corn muffins, cornbread.. whatever.

if the grain silo is a workplace bannies shouldn't be able to get the harvested food from it to take then eat, just set the volume high enough to store all the grains as if it is a storage shed.

whoever codes the grain silo should be able to sort that out whether a storage shed can also be a workplace that bannies can't take resources from.

*runs away*

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Re: Sweet Corn, Dry Corn, & Indian Corn Crops
« Reply #16 on: January 16, 2018, 03:52:38 AM »
@ jone1488  is added to the "Christmas Mod 2017" and the older version of 2016 is the "WARM SNACKS" stand - it gives us the dish - Roasted Corn [Corn + FireWood] older version is a separate mod "Xmas Mark"
corn as a dish - I do not know? - addition to salads or dishes  - for example
Corn soup with shrimps and potatoes
Mexican dish with zucchini and corn
Tart with chicken, broccoli, sweet corn and egg
Potato and corn casserole in American style -
Regards :)

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Re: Sweet Corn, Dry Corn, & Indian Corn Crops
« Reply #17 on: January 16, 2018, 08:47:31 AM »
your silo idea is possable. a workplace that inputs corn or wheat or other grain.out puts equal amount of non-edible grain.however,all work places after that point would have to be coded to accept non-edible grain.the bakeries and other grinders that we have now,will not work with the new you would need a chain of mods dedicated to the new item of non-edible grain.

    though it is an extra step,this concept could be used for fruit and vegetables,etc. you would make a fruit jam or pickled vegetables,or canned fruit instead of canned pears. the drawback is the workshop would use all the available grains up or would work until the barns ran completely out of grains,rather it be corn,wheat,rye,etc. the only tweak control would be by the modders using 1 worker would do x thousands of units per year,x2 for 2 workers,etc.that would slow them down from using all available grains.


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Re: Sweet Corn, Dry Corn, & Indian Corn Crops
« Reply #18 on: January 16, 2018, 08:54:46 PM »
you would need a chain of mods dedicated to the new item of non-edible grain.

Resolving one problem sometimes creates several others, but if it's not worth efforts in sorting it all out early we may not be able to benefit from those changes later.

design/build, redesign/rebuild.

the drawback is the workshop would use all the available grains up or fruits

use the trader method to manage the amounts you want canned.
if there is say a yield of 1000 pears then assign 4  traders to quickly take 800 (they carry 200 max per trip I think in wheel barrows) then dump those 800 back into the Grain Silo and everyone is happy.  :)

the only problem that I foresee is having many storage sheds spread out and don't ask me why but Traders seem to like to go for that one shed on oposite side of the map that only has like 3 stored rather then the closer sheds that has 3000.

The mechanics of priority thinking is somewhat incomplete with probably a usual easy answer: oh we made that by design to work that way so it's not too easy.. yeah that's the back to what I was doing because I am on a deadline too late to fix that now sorry.

Before someone takes that out of context as a direct Ignorant derogatory statement aimed @ a programmer who made a great impressive game all by himself..

 Yes, there is already an Increase Priority Option in the Control Panel however you shouldn't require to micromanage every action the bannies do per whatever task they are assigned to doing, Also I am pretty sure they don't even know what you are asking them to do by clicking a storage shed if it is already built.

Using the increase priority option does have its usefulness but separately parts of structured base code maybe could have been designed to work a little better with individual priority thinking processes.

-check storage location A, then check storage quantity A
-check other storage locations B, then check other storage quantity B
>if storage A is closer and has more quantity then go to location =A
else goto storage =B

rather then what ends up happening:
where are you going? noO not that shed THIS one!  *increase priority*clickity click*   
--> trader wanders off into the sunset whistling while he works meanwhile all the bannies are gathering & eating up all the pears.

you all get my points I hope and no I'm not knocking the way it must be for someone doing all this code by himself, that part is amazing to me, just saying it's not perfect is all.
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