Author Topic: Quick Bar or Favourite's Bar?  (Read 453 times)

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Quick Bar or Favourite's Bar?
« on: December 12, 2017, 06:09:13 PM »
I didn't see a similar topic when I did a search so I apologize if this has already been suggested.
Also, I'm new to Banished and this forum so I'm still learning and I don't know all the 'ins and outs' yet but, I love this game and only hope to see it succeed.

I was thinking of a similar looking bar to the main one in the bottom-right of your screen (I think its called the 'community bar' but maybe I'm wrong.  Its the main one you use all the time), but instead have another bar that runs vertical to it and sits above the 'Exit' icon.  Though, it could be fully modular and able to be moved around (up to the modder), I personally would like it placed above the Exit icon since that is what works best for my setup.  But anyways, the bar would have a number of empty slots that you could 'pin' things to by dragging your most commonly used icons to it and could be change on the fly by dragging a new one over an old one, again its up to the modder on how to pin stuff to it.  The menu could have 4, 5 ,6, 8 or however many slots that people may want, I think 4 should be the minimum though.

I don't know how to mod anything but I'm not new to modding games and I've been really enjoying the mods for this game.  But I notice a lot of mods add new, whole menu bars on top of the main one to select their stuff from.  For instance, I use DS Roads quite a bit, and I like the gravel and woodchip roads but the constant clicking through all the extra menu's is taking its toll.  I've literally had to wear a tensor bandage on my wrist for the past two days because of all the clicking.  I acknowledge its my own fault, I got so into this game that I played it for nearly 2 days straight and did it to myself so this isn't a knock on the game.

So I thought, it would be nice if there was a 'Favourite's bar' or 'Quick bar' off to the side.  That way we could 'pin' several 'favourites' to it to cut down on the clicking, plus is will be faster when building a new residential area or section of a village or city.

If there already is a built in favourite menu or a mod has already been created then obviously I've missed it and this suggestion is for nothing.
Thank you for your time and a great job to the creator of this game, I thoroughly enjoy it and wish there was more games like it.

PS: One of the verification questions is worded wrong.
"The Primary colors are red, green, and _____."  Its Red, Yellow and Blue.  Green is actually a secondary colour.  ;)