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Orchards never fully harvested
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:03:28 PM »
so I'm quite new to Banished and still pretty much exploring the basics. And I've encountered this wierd trouble.
Every guide and walkthrough I saw said that orchards are harvested very quickly and usually get harvested during autumn.
The thing is my orchards get harvested more slowly and if the harvest starts in autumn, minimum of 1/4 of yield parishes with the first snow.
So I wanted to help it manually and start harvesting earlier on late summer or early autumn, when yield hits 85%. Some years (rarely though) it works fine, the orchards get fully harvested before the first snow, production is extraordinary. But most of the years for some wierd reason the workers somehow "forget" to harvest some parts. It's still autumn, sun is shining, plenty of yield still left in the orchards, the workers are there, attending to the trees. But not harvesting.
Sometimes it's just about 10-15% they forget and leave to wither away, but last time it was over 30%, even 40% at one of the orchards.
I've got 6 orchards of various fruits and nuts and various sizes from 8x8 to 15x10 and it's the same for every one of them.

So my question is simple:
What the hell am I doing wrong?
Any idea why half of my orchards production is being wasted?

Thank you for any tips.

Side notes:
Climate setting - mild
Number of workers - as suggested by game, so more than sufficient
Mods installed - none that have anything to do with orchards, only Milk and Creamery mod.
Barns - placed nearby, lots of space left

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Re: Orchards never fully harvested
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 09:54:31 PM »
Orchards work strangely.

At times, the Orchard yield is bugged and will display that it has food to harvest when there is none.

At times, the Orchard trees will die and that specific tree will not produce food until it has grown up.  Adult trees are 3 years old.

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Re: Orchards never fully harvested
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2018, 10:43:30 PM »
are the workers educated or not? that can cause some loss. since you are playing vanilla are you pruning the orchards every so many years? i use the forget about orchards mod to overcome this. the trees will produce the same year they are planted. after that they do produce close to the same amounts year after year without the extra pruning.

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Re: Orchards never fully harvested
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2018, 02:46:28 AM »
You're doing nothing wrong @Dersha this is the way orchards work. @smurphys7 is right, orchard yield is bugged.

I'm a diligent micromanager myself, so I know what you've seen.

If you start the harvest manually on a field at 85% you will most likely get a 100% harvest. The farmer starts with the potato he planted first, it's fully grown and when he finally reach the last, that one had time to grow full as well.

Orchards work different, all fruit grow the same. If you start the harvest at 85%, you lose 15% on the first tree, maybe 14% on the second and so on. The fruit continues to grow, or better ripe and the last trees will most likely give 100%. You can watch the farmer harvesting an orchard; he goes from tree to tree, when he comes to the last tree, you might as well turn the orchard off, even if it looks like there's 10% left. That's the "rest" from the first trees, what you've missed, because you started the harvest manually.

I've never been a big fan of orchards. In most my games I use gatherers early and later buy enough fruit. I sometimes grow orchards early, mostly to get the logs. (I'm always short on logs at the beginning of my games) I plant the orchard, close it until it has grown, harvest once, cut the trees and get a lot of woods. @brads3 is wrong, opposite to real trees Banished orchards need no pruning. You can close them during the growing time and the time between harvest and a month or so before the new harvest. But you need a lot of farmers to harvest an orchard. It's also even more important than by fields, that there are empty barns close.

Another advice is to pay attention to the size of the orchard. Don't make them too big. Use the space. The output comes from each tree. An orchard of 13*9 (I would never build bigger than that, rather smaller) gives as much fruit as 15*10.