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Re: Religious Icons
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For this could be the first historical co-occurence of the term 'cleric'
No, I'm pretty sure that's been a generic term in the Church of England for centuries.  Regardless, it's also the name of a class that casts divine spells in D&D, so I never gave its use a second thought.

I'm not sure. While the building style in many (if not all?) religions is not strictly prescribed and the 'iconographic' look may even be rarely found 'in the wild', the nonacceptance of female leadership is. Thus, when installing building styles for other religions, beware of calling up much higher aversion of the members of thoses communities due to unwariness than the aversion by prescribing an distortion of historical christianity. (Christians often are quiet lenient with this.) If a shrine, a mosque and so on are implemented, you also should take care that female citizens are strictly excluded from taking the job there.
Please tell me you're joking.  First of all, the game's code won't let you limit who takes a job by their sex.  Second of's a game.

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Re: Religious Icons
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, the game's code won't let you limit who takes a job by their sex.

It'd always funny in CC when there's an old man working as an Ale Wench at the tavern.

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Re: Religious Icons
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No, the second part is not a joke - please don't forget that religion is a heavily mined field. There, we need to talk about - and even more: show respect for -  feelings, not logic.

According to buildings, I wondered whether maybe a fairground might be quite cultural universal. I'm not sure, it might be an euopean tradition, having a central place in the village, with a nice big tree, some seating options, maybe a well (but that's already part of the market place here) or a small pond (that's not very medieval, however). You could classify that as 'spirit of the community', perhaps, to address the 'spirit' defintion of the code, I think that's a 'vacancy' up to now. (Depending on the classification of the tavern - community or drinking for euphoria).

And at least my Bannies sometimes seem to prepare everything for a little festival...  ;D
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