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Production Limits are Useful
« on: July 07, 2014, 04:07:13 AM »
Nothing but a big pain, right? Bump them up out of the way and never think about them again.

Except, they do generate a visible and an audible alarm when your inventory level moves downward through 5% of the value you have selected. I know that for most resources I do want to maintain a certain level. I use the production limits to warn me when I have reached this limit. For example, I am trading firewood, while also steadily building houses. Right now I have about 13,000 firewood. I don't want to look at the inventory and see that it's suddenly 6500 and falling. So I set my production limit for firewood to 200,000 to give me a warning should firewood level drop to 10,000.

I want always to have at least 20,000 food. Production limit 400,000 gives the notice. I'm selling iron tools and wool and hide coats. If either of those levels drop below 500, I want to take action. So, production limit 10,000.

If I do hit a limit, I take whatever action seems appropriate, and I also set a new limit maybe 10% below the old one. Like hitting the snooze button.  ;)
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Re: Production Limits are Useful
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 05:03:12 AM »
Interesting.  I had always assumed the low resource alarm went off at a set value, not a percentage of the limit.  That makes sense, though.

There's another use for the production limits beyond the alarm, which has to do with balancing the level of a product and the resources used to make it.  Using logs and firewood as an example, if the number of logs being harvested is just enough to cover what woodcutters need to make firewood, the reserve of logs won't increase if the limit for firewood is set to 'unlimited'.  By setting a reasonable limit on firewood, once the limit is reached, the reserve of logs can then increase.

For some resources, I don't really worry too much about the limits, but for logs/firewood, iron/tools, and wool/leather/coats, I do try to keep the final product limits set low enough that the resources can build up.

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Re: Production Limits are Useful
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2014, 05:19:05 AM »
Early on, I was setting all my production limits impossibly high. Someone on the SR forum, MrBison I think, mentioned that he kept more realistic limits on food (for example) because it helped him to monitor his town's growth and needs. This seemed to make a lot of sense to me, so I started doing this too. It is a little bit annoying to have to raise up food/tools/clothes/firewood/logs/etc periodically. But on the other hand, if I haven't changed anything in awhile I will go looking to see why not! In the opposite direction, I am apt to lose track of my town sometimes as i get engrossed in one aspect of it (like population management or farms), so seeing limits being reached helps keep me focused (or refocuses me) on the town.

From playing this way for a good amount of time now, I find that since i use similar limits during growth, that I can generally judge where my town is in its development and if an area or two is lagging behind, before it becomes an issue.

It is interesting to know about the 5% thing. It explains why back when I used to set very high limits, I would sometimes get warnings about low supplies, even though I had plenty for my town. It used to drive me to distraction!