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 This is the 27th story in the Smallville series and is a continuation of the Westward Ho journey that began in story 25 in the Outskirts of Smallville.  The wagons left Outskirts and headed west in year 45 SVT.  The wagon train carries 6 families plus the wagon master and his family (Domington and Doree and their 3 boys, Linwoodrow, Lion, and Greggie).  They traveled through forested valleys and over steep hills and spent over a year at the Rest Stop of story 26.  They traveled on, crossing the vast prairie, when 2 families decided they did not want to go any farther west.  They would find a suitable place to homestead. You, weary traveler, were there in Prairie Homestead almost from the beginning but  now when this story is being told, you have been reunited with your family and the rest of the wagon train.

The map seed is #  278555841        Prairie terrain,  Small,  Mild,  Disasters On,  Prairie Hard Start

Mods activated for this map and load order are:

Map Changing and Starting Mods:  Call of Nature Soundtrack, Banished UI Maps & UI Town Names, Labor Window, Rk Minimized Status, Tiny Rain

Tweak Mods:    Better Fields, Hunting and Gathering v3, Hunting Season,  Increased CC, Longer Living Orchards, 1:1 alternative (aging mod)

Major or Must Have Mods:  Nomad Sign Complete, Kid Alotofseeds Trader, Kid Tiny Separate, Kid Westward Ho, Kid Work Place

Supporting Mods:    Deco Sunflower, I See Fire, Kid Animal Shed SA2, Kid Ghost Flower, Kid New Pump, Kid Vegetable Garden, Kid Washing Mod, Kid Yard Cover, Storage Crates, Vegan Scarecrow.

Special thanks go to @RedKetchup for his contribution to Westward Ho's prairie landscape and to @kralyerg for the CC bison.

Theme song:   

  It is truly amazing that you are alive and well, weary traveler.  It was getting dark when we circled the wagons for the night after leaving Rest Stop and first realized you were gone. How were we to know you had gotten off the wagon while waiting for all the wagons to get in line outside of Rest Stop.  And then to have fallen asleep by that pretty pond and not even hearing the wagons begin to roll, unbelievable.  Just as well that when you woke up and tried to follow us you took the wrong set of wagon tracks and ended up in Prairie Homestead instead.  We made good time that day traveling across the prairie and were quite far ahead, you would not have been able to catch up to us.  Your family went back but could not find you.  They rejoined the train hoping you had somehow returned.  Well, you are here now and reunited with your family, that is what matters.  But let me recount what you have told me about Prairie Homestead, I am sure I will be asked about it many times.