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The classic dilemma

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After 4 years of playing Banished, I finally bite the bullet and join World of Banished only to discover Kid's mods for the first time! So many things that suit how I play. 8)

Now, I have to decide - do I just demolish/rebuild within my 87 year city to keep the progress, or do I start over?

I play with
Map seed 378842194
Multiple Starts
Slow age
Discrepancy's whole set
and now, about 6 Kid Mods including my heart's desire - a way to build a CASTLE!!

My only wish is that DS village homes scaled better with RK's houses because I love that Tudor look. I pretty much only build the large DS townhouses so they match.

4 years? did you upgrade the game to 1.07 last build version? lots of those mods you lisrted have been upgraded 1 way or other.i gave about 4 castles which 1 you want? LOL

Yes, I'm playing the newest version. Are your mods on Steam, Brad? (I didn't know there was anywhere else to get mods before I found this forum.)

I'm digging Kid's Gothic Fantasy castle.  :D

i don't make mods. and no i don't have steam linked to banished. you want more:
there are some oldies on there that do work.there is also many options under the change log for the 1:1 age mod.

I certainly would upgrade my city and probably start a fresh one. This is because I like all of my buildings to match, time period-wise. I LOVE the Gothic Fantasy castle mod too, in fact- I can't seem to stop playing with it, and it fits in nicely with his other Monastery mod. It's one of the best medieval mods out there in my opinion.


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