Author Topic: Banished Vanilla or with Mods running extremely slow, jumpy, skipping!  (Read 1088 times)

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I truly hope it does not happen again @galensgranny Charlie stayed another day in Vet Hospital, I am hopefully going to pick him up this afternoon, waiting to hear from the Vet. Not sure about his diet, will find out later today.

I have attached my Banished regedit captures, if anybody can see something out of the ordinary..not so much the mods but the other settings..such as the VideoRefresh etc would love to hear! just grasping right now for anything to find the cause of the problem and hoping to save myself the job of wiping my computer clean! Thank you!

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I would not mess with anything in the registry.  Your problem would not be something exclusive to Banished.

Here is something on a Windows community about games running chopping.  You might find something in the various posts that might help you.  Note that it is from 2015 so all might not apply.
Here is something else from 2018 that might have some ideas for you, regarding problems after a Windows update: