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Not able to be around much these days

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I am not able to be participating much these days as I am caring for my 88 year old mother who is in very poor health.  She is getting into end stage congestive heart failure and also into late stage chronic kidney failure.  She can not do much of anything at all on her own.  She needs help getting up out of a chair, even though we have a lift chair.  She is very weak and unsteady.  Times when I was about to reply to something on this forum, she called for me, or I was too tired to type a reply. 

I have been trying to keep up with all the updates and admire everything, but I can't do as I had been. 

It is hard learning curve to care for a person who has difficulty moving and needs help with almost every basic need.  She sometimes won't drink unless I put the cup to her mouth.  Getting her to eat is also a problem.  I wish we could afford a skilled, part time assistant for several hours a day, but we really can't.  We do get someone free twice a week to sponge bathe her, paid for by her health insurance, but I need to help move her for the bathing, so I can't be "off duty" during that time.

She sometimes thinks she sees people in the room.  Sometimes it makes her anxious, and other times not, but that is something else new for me to get used to and try to handle.  Nothing in life prepares one for this situation, unless one is a nurse for people getting on towards their end of life so already had the training and knew what to expect.  It really got me rattled when she said she saw her deceased mother in the room.

Right now she is sleeping peacefully, and I am awake early in the morning, so am trying to decide if I should play Banished for a while, or go back to sleep.  Sometimes I don't sleep when I could, as I need to have some waking hours of just me doing something fun. 

i wish you alot of courage. be strong!

Thanks, Red!  I will try to become a Norseman, from Tom's mod, and be stronger and tougher!

I also wish you the best.
I have a mother of 85 to take care of. She does most things by herself but there is still a lot
of things that I don't want her to avoid because it is too hard for her or simply -
she sometimes forgets about them. She always wonder what I am doing when I am modding.
Sometimes she remembers from time to time but other times it can get annoying.
I am also not prepared for this. I have always lived by my self.

So @galensgranny , you are not alone in this. :)

I wish you strength and courage as well

I have always appreciated your comments on my mods and stuff, so take all the time you need to take care of both of you.


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