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I'll have lots of time now.

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My mother passed away Saturday late afternoon.  She went downhill to the very end faster than I thought.  It is good that way, actually, as she has been bed bound since Tues, and in discomfort.  We would not want her to linger on that way with any pain or discomfort.

We had to keep her cats from her room, as when one was in there, he walked on her and it hurt her.  By then she hardly opened her eyes at all, so she didn't really miss them, but they missed her and do now. Of course, I miss her too.  It seems a bit unreal right now.

sorry to hear that. i would rather them go quick thou instead of suffering. when my grandmother went it was like waiting for a funeral.she was ready but held out for several days.totally helpless to watch.

Sad news but she does not suffer :) I am thinking of you!

Sorry to hear that your mother has died  :(

i am very sorry. my sincere condoleances for your lost.


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