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Compatible with Mods?


I am just a Grandma having fun or trying to with Banished.

What village/colony is the one that is most compatible with the new Mods???  It seems they are ALL red !

thanks so much
excuse my ignorance.

Hi Maddie405

Don't worry about the Mods being red. Many mods share some files to stay compatible.
Not every mod will work together but most mods DO work together.
About all my Mods are about red in the mod list and no problems. It was always a issue but with the use of the Community toolbar about every mod is now red because all those mods share the same toolbar code.

Just ignore the red warnings and play the game.
If there still is a crash or problems it is possible that some mods really conflicts but it is not happening much.

Mostly mods together what spawn stuff, and or change map generation code can be wonky at times.

Always pay attention to some mods release dates. For example many of my separate buildings are also included in sets.
The sets are updated so always try to use the sets.

It is not good to use for example my Hostel Mod together with the Village Set as the Village Set has the Hostel included.
It is either one or the other.

Here is a list of all the mods which I still support.
I made more mods but those are separated buildings and are included in several sets in the list above.

If a mod is not in the list above it maybe work but those mods are old and as said earlier included in several sets.

Have fun :)

Goblin Girl:

--- Quote from: Maddie405 on August 13, 2018, 09:06:51 AM ---It seems they are ALL red!

--- End quote ---
They turn red because two mods are referencing the same resource.  This isn't a problem. 

What *can* cause problems is load order.  I was just reading over at BlackLiquid's message board that a crop field was growing eggs instead of...broccoli, I think.  This turned out to be a load order problem.  So, if your game crashes or you get weird behavior, that's when it's time to troubleshoot.  For now, ignore the red and have fun!

yep,mods showing red means nothing anymore. most anything will work together as far as villages and housing. all depends on what the player likes or wants. the North, RK CHOICE,and CC are large game changing mods. they work with most other mods, but don't work as well together. adding any of the big 3 base mods together will cause some kind of issue.usually some building won't function, and if you try to build certain builedings it might crash. not recommended for new players.

      each of the big 3 brings some differnces to the should read thru the changes and try can add the smaller village mods to them without much issue.there are so many options so each player can make their own game.

      there is a blog under the TIP and TRICKS section to help with mod orders. it also has lots of mod ideas in it. you should also check out the village bogs for more ideas and pics of different mods.

Hi Maddie and welcome

You can find lots of useful information on the game here:

It's Paeng's site and you should check out his journals.   Many of the pictures are gone thanks to photoshop and his website owner but it's worth looking around there. 


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