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Updated Wild Crops gathering mod?


Hi, I love and respect the Natdiv and New flora mods BUT since I started playing a few months ago and downloading mods I keep going back to the Wild Crops MOD by Davidern on the banished info site.

I wish I had a new revamped version that had a button to collect ALL wild foods on the map for starters, an improved Busy labourers mod.

I haven't seen either one of the original authors around and was wondering if somebody smart could pay homage to my favorite mods and give the a minor tweak/update?

I just love the idea of crops growing in the wild (next year I will dream of a simplified version of Tree of life lol, where its just random orchard trees growing on the map and spreading slowly over time, but that's for another day)

I would be willing to try and compensate a modder within reason if there Is a way.

cheers community.
Love yall

Hi !

we all have our own ideas. this guys decided to go with a wild version of the crops already 3D drawn by Luke. he probably didnt had any idea to how to create his own graphic designs.

the thing with this game, only 1 mod can overwrite and modify the file which decide which wild spawns will spawn and that file is NaturalRescourceTree.rsc
only the mod that has a copy of that file, at the top of the list, will decide what will happends. a since the guy didnt know how to draw , it was the item he decided to add as wild food.

i personally have my own thoughts about it and RK Editor Choice mod has a set  of wild food that have more sense : Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Mulberry, Strawberry, BirdNest, Seedlings, Deadwood, Grass-fodder, Flowers.....

maybe later i can add more but for sure, wild cabbage, wild watermelon, wild squash or wild piment (and so on...) sound totally ridiculous.

Sorry mate and thanks for the reply RK, i have genuine learning difficulties and mental health problems i make people aware of sometimes because i really struggle to get my point across. i

I already like and prefer the current wild crops mod vanilla crop menu.

My big problem with using even RK Light version is that i am playing on a DELL notebook that ive convinced into believing is a gaming laptob. I play tiny real time maps most of the time with minimal mods that have lots of textures etc. I hve tried out your mod though and love it, will use when i stop being poor and get a new pc

I suppose what i would be happy with is a button that collects EVERY wild spawned food on the map. so i don't have to drag the box twice to get the wild crop spawns and then the vanilla spawns. does this make sense. again apologies. i think i probably sound angry or something but im not lol

Being poor sucks, i cant even play banished properly lol

did you tried to play with your mod on top of your mod list ? above RKEC ?


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