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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) Still in early spring we have officially used up our surplus of clothing but being so early in the year and the tailor construction is well under way, have no fear.

2) Now into spring and the foundation for our new house is complete and the ground for the tailor has been cleared.  Both these buildings are positioned around our future market site south of the forest node and north of the trade post and river.

3) In late spring the house has been completed and Pleasar and Merrica have moved in together...they are siblings, so Pleasar and Merrica Lehrer, son and daughter of Haywardell and Nickie Lehrer, the newest couple.

4) Early summer and the tailor has been completed with plenty of time to spare before winter.

5) Also, in early summer year 5 a little girl named Griselley Illidan has been born to Demon and Anabell.  Its no wonder the girls of this village keep making questionable life decisions, such names...

6) Its now summer and I decided to peek in on Demon to find him now cutting wood.  His wife Anabell has taken over the hunting duties.  The Demon Hunter is no more.  Demon Chopper just doesn't have the same pinash.

7) We also checked in at the school to find that Authornton Lehrer had taken over teaching from his father Haywardell.

8 ) In late summer Antha Illidan has joined the work force.

9) This is quickly followed up by completion of a new house where Authornton Lehrer and Antha Illidan occupy, now Authornton and Antha Lehrer.  The Illidan name may be short lived as Demon has had three daughters to this point, Antha, Tiann, and Griselley.

10) Also in late summer year 5 we have our first third generation child born to Pleasar and Merrica Lehrer, a little girl named Adinah.  Finally a nice girl name, Adinah means gentle.

11) With all of Haywardell and Nickie Lehrer's children moved out they got back to work and also in late summer a little boy Hernard Lehrer was born.

12) By early autumn year 5 Michelsey Bertol has matured and joined the work force.

You'll notice we still do not have any clothes and many people are wearing rags.  Not having a barn by the blacksmith and tailor is undoubtedly slowing their work down but once we get the marketplace up that will cease to be a concern.

We're waiting for the merchant and I should probably put in a small pasture somewhere in the event they bring livestock.

We have some material gathering to do before we can get the marketplace started which is probably next.

You can also see how nicely the forest has regrown north of our original four houses.  We've upped the foresters to two and are also chopping.  We need to get the firewood surplus up before the merchant arrives.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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Long post coming as we are going from autumn of year 5 to spring of year 8.

1) Authornton and Antha Lehrer welcome a new little boy Harmond Lehrer into the world.  It is their first child.

2) Alfred had her second child out of wedlock or to her dad as a girl Jamilan Philbin was born.

3) By early winter of year 5 we have gathered the required materials for the marketplace and get to work with three builders and one laborer.

4) A shot showing the extended families of Demon Illidan and Haywardell Lehrer.

6) Early spring of year 6 and the market is complete!

7) Late spring year 6 Tiann Illidan begins her studies at school.

8 ) Early summer of year 6 our first merchant is pulling up to the trade port!

9) And he brings wool...BOOOOO!  We send him on his way as we have plenty of leather and coats to last us quite awhile.

10) Shortly after Arles Bertol begins school.

11) We begin work on a new house as Arles could pair up with one of the older females now.

12) Autumn of year 6 we complete the house and Arles and Michelsey Bertol wed, another brother sister union.

13) I'm going to start a second forest node just west of the marketplace radius.  More logs for more firewood to trade and another gatherer to help our dwindling food supplies as we have not been fortunate enough to trade for any crop seeds yet.

14) Evante Philbin begins his schooling.  I'm sure the jokes about his parentage never cease.

15) Early winter year 6 Lander Bertol is born to Arles and Michelsey.  They wasted no time.

16) Spring of year 7 Emmie Lehrer is born to Pleasar and Merrica.  Of course Emmie is a boy...why not!

17) A pasture is being built in the event a merchant brings livestock.  Placement is just west of the original forest node.

18) Griselley Illidan begins school.  The future workers of Dunsett are surging into our educational system.

19) Late summer 7 Adinah and Hernard Lehrer enter school.

20) Also in late summer year 7 the 'just in case' pasture is completed, tucked away and hidden in the woods.

21) Tiann Illidan has reached adulthood and a new house is begun as there are several young male students and potential suitors available to her.

22) In autumn of year 7 a girl Zariana is born to Alfred Philbin.

23) Also in autumn Tiann's house was completed and she married Evante Philbin.

24) Terrat was born to Authornton and Antha Lehrer.

25) Autumn of year 7 was a busy season as the second forester was completed and work on a gatherer's hut was started.

26) Late autumn year 7 Harmond Lehrer begins school.

27) We also plan the location of a barn in the new forest node.

28) Also in late autumn year 7 Jamilan begins school.

29) Winter of year 7 Gideondre Philbin is born to Evante and Tiann.

30) And finally in spring of year 8 Arles Bertol reaches adulthood and begins what looks to be a great influx of workers into the community.

The decision to go with a second forest node wasn't too appealing especially when considering my lack of labor but my food situation had been getting dicey for a couple years and without seeds I'm stuck gathering.  A fishing dock was a possibility but another forest node also increases my lumber and would allow me to build another woodcutter and continue to grow the town.  I probably should try to sneak in an herbalist as well.

You can see the food problems as there is 1000 food in the early year 5 shots and 95 in the year 8 shot.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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Man, I would have killed for wool from my first merchant in the vegetarian challenge. ;)

It's like my Momma always said, Banished is like a box o' chocklits; you never know what you gonna git.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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Man, I would have killed for wool from my first merchant in the vegetarian challenge. ;)

It's like my Momma always said, Banished is like a box o' chocklits; you never know what you gonna git.

Yeah, not having leather would have radically changed my disposition toward the merchant.  I'd like to get more trading post up to increase the merchant frequency which is another reason the second forest node may work out since every trading post needs stocked up with goods.  Thats a lot of extra firewood at this stage of the town.

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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) We move along to early summer year 8 to see our second merchant pulling into our trading post in Dunsett.  This time peach seeds and iron tools are in the boat.

I'm a bit torn here as I'm not overly thrilled with the thought of an orchard as my first attempt at agriculture but I am having some food issues.  Of course peach trees aren't going to help my food problems for a few years and even then not by much.  Also, if I spend the 625 firewood now I am not guaranteed to be able to collect that much surplus again before the next merchant.  However, fruit would positively impact the health of the citizens.

2) I roll the dice and purchase the peach seeds.  We set about planning the location of our orchard behind Evante Philbin's house in a 15x7 lay out.  The marketplace should be close enough to serve as the storage facility for the orchard but thats a problem down the line a bit.

3) In the summer of year 8, Evante Philbin graduates from school and joins the work force.  Also, our new barn in forest node two is coming along quite nicely.  Hopefully, this will enable our second gatherer's hut to increase their efficiency and stave off any starvation threats.

4) Shortly after in the summer the barn has been completed.  We also plan on putting in a hunter's cabin at some point when our labor pool allows.

5) By early autumn of year 8 our orchard field has been cleared and planting may begin.  A small stockpile was also put in behind Evante's house for all the metal dug up out of the field.

6) Also in early autumn, Arles and Michelsey Bertol welcome a new baby boy, Tristanford.  We are up to 27 residents.

7) During a particularly harsh autumn day, Griselley Illidan graduates school and joins the work force.  Let's get these kind of autumn days out of the way now before I have any harvestable crops.

8) With Griselley into adulthood and potential male suitors available, we begin a new house for Griselley to move into.  We are going with stone this time as we have the materials and have a desperate need to conserve firewood for trade.  The house will go immediately west of Evante's, south of the new peach orchard.  Some of the saplings have even started poking through.

9) Nothing of note actually happened here, just a nice shot of a deer herd passing through the saplings.

10) In early winter of year 8, Hernard Lehrer graduates school and joins the work force.  Do I hear wedding bells in his future?

11) Also in early winter, Lander Bertol begins his education.

12) And in the winter of year 8 scandal strikes.  The new stone house is completed and before Griselley and Hernard are wed it is discovered that Authornton and Harmond have been sneaking into the house to perform ungodly acts with each other.  Now I'm no bible banger and perhaps thats why these people got banished in the first place, but we have a population to build and two men sharing a bed that could be occupied by a young child-bearing couple just isn't going to happen, especially with our needs for workers.

So, it is decided by the elders that Authornton and Harmond must move back in with their families...awkward...well maybe not so awkward considering this pales in comparison to the Lehrer kids making babies...

13) Finally with the boys out Hernard and Griselley Lehrer move into the stone house.

14) Also in winter of year 8 we opt to build a fishing dock down by the trade post in a crook of the river that should offer plentiful hauls.  Our food levels are beginning to rise but we are adding mated couples and want this trend to continue.

15) In late winter of year 8 a girl named Racque is born to Pleasar and Merrica Lehrer.

16) Finally, in spring of year 9 the dock supports for the fisherman's wharf are complete.

Our food levels are steadily rising but adding new homes has sapped our meager firewood supplies and left our trading post under the needed quantity should another seed merchant happen through.  We are just hoping another merchant shows because it doesn't seem likely the difference can be made up.

We'll also be adding a barn immediately north of the trade post to capture any food we may be able to trade for or for our newly caught fish which should begin shortly.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) Picking back up in spring of year 9 we see Emmie Lehrer start school and Hernard and Grisselley Lehrer have a baby boy named Shamari.

2) Late spring of year 9 our fishing dock is completed and we assign one fisherman to work.

3) And we commence construction on a barn just north of the trading post in the event we trade for any food and to ease the walking of the fisherman.

5) We also see Jamilan Philbin reaches adulthood.

6) Our one builder Arles Bertol assists clearing out the land for the new barn.

7) Early summer year 9 Adinah Lehrer joins the workforce.

8 ) A girl Hilliss Lehrer is born to Authornton and Antha.

9) Harmond Lehrer joins the work force and decides the house is getting crowded.

10) With our new laborers, we begin construction of a house for Harmond next to the tailor's.

11) Autumn year 9 Zariana Philbin begins school.

12) Followed closely by Terrat Lehrer.

13) Early winter a baby girl Mernadette Philbin is born to Evante and Tiann.

14) Harmond and Adinah Lehrer move into the new house by the tailor's, another stone house.

15) Winter year 9 Gideondre Philbin begins school.

16) Late winter year 9 Jamilan Philbin reaches adulthood and we begin construction of a new house for her and her future mate.  The house is being built beside Harmond's.

17) Spring of year 10 a baby girl Kellia is born to Harmond and Adinah Lehrer.

18) The spring of year 10 was a sad season as we saw the deaths of both Demon and Anabell Illidan to old age.  Some whispered that they performed some sort of terrible ritual whereas certain citizens would be permitted to change their last name to match their circumstance or profession.  Evante Philbin jumped at the chance and changed his surname to Snow.

The new house was also completed for Jamilan and she married Lander Bertol.  This proved troublesome as the deaths of both members of another house closely coinciding with the completion of another left the house empty where Demon and Anabell lived.

The one convenient thing about the deaths was the fact that they were living together and alone.  No one suffered any happiness penalties over the deaths even though we have not built a cemetery yet.

19-20) So Pleasar and his son Emmie moved into Demon's old house and left Merrica and their daughter Racque in their old house by the market.

As we have no other potential couples at the moment this arrangement can remain.

We currently have 100 venison sitting in the trade post along with 100 firewood of the needed 625.  Our third merchant still has not shown, which is fine considering we are still trying to build our firewood stores.

Our food is meager but sufficient so far and we can still add another hunter's cabin in the southwestern forest if we get more workers before we get any more seeds.  I don't really want to build another peach orchard now as I think we could better use the labor.  If seeds do not show for awhile perhaps more peaches and a brewery wouldn't be a terrible idea but with our low food stores too much of the fruit would probably end up in houses instead of the brewery.  Relying on the unreliable merchants for the time being.  We'll also keep building houses as children grow to fill them.  If we get really ambitious, a big resource collection drive could net us a town hall but we would need more laborers for that.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
« Reply #36 on: July 24, 2014, 09:16:51 PM »
We're going to begin restricting citizen updates to births, marriages, and deaths to limit the number of pics as the citizen count starts to grow.

There will be an update to the genealogies soon as previously mentioned some citizens are going to change their surnames as they wish to create their own identities.

1) Summer of year 10 the third merchant approaches but we haven't been able to get our firewood stocked to 625.

2) And he brings logs...oh well 30 logs for 4 hide coats isn't a bad deal.

3) A boy, Anastacey, is born to Lander and Jamilan Bertol.  Seeing as the Bertol name has been soiled a bit by the incestuous relationship that spawned Lander, he does not wish to go by that name any longer and changes his name to Lander Fisher as well as the names of his wife and son.

4) Early autumn of year 10 we take a close look at the peach orchard and see the beginnings of some fruit.  Hopefully by this time next year the people of Dunsett will be wiping peach juice off their chins.  The orchard was planted in early autumn of year 8, so the third year of the orchard will start producing fruit.

5) Emmie Lehrer has reached adulthood in late autumn and the construction of a house is begun for him.  It will be placed just south of the peach trees.

6) By late autumn of year 10 our firewood stock has reached 625 in the trading post.  We also have 100 venison, 20 hide coats, and 10 mushrooms to trade.

7) Before the season has ended I recalled that Pleasar and Merrica were occupying two houses unnecessarily and forced them back into cohabitation so that Emmie Lehrer and his new bride Zariana Philbin, youngest child of Alfred and whoever, could marry.

8 ) Early winter of year 10 a boy Garlan Snow is born to Evante and Tiann, their third child.

9) In winter of year 10 we lay out the plans for a new hunter's cabin in the second forest node.  An increase in leather is desired to aid in building up a surplus of hide coats for trade.

10) Late winter of year 10 Jadence Bertol, one of the founding settlers and Gianning's wife, mother of Arles and Michelsey dies.  It becomes apparent we need to get going on a cemetery to avoid a mass depression.  The cemetery is planned behind the blacksmith and the second group of three houses by the marketplace.

11) We check in on Gianning Bertol after his wife's passing...and he seems to be taking it in stride.

12) Late winter of year 10 a baby boy, Arrod, is born to Hernard and Grisseley Lehrer.  Hernard then decides to change his surname as two of his siblings, Pleasar and Merrica, consummated an incestuous marriage.  His new name is Hernard Taylor as he is the part-time tailor of Dunsett.

That concludes Dunsett through year 10.  Our food has rebounded nicely and we are making progress in terms of tradeable goods for the port.  Its just a matter of keeping the babies coming for now.


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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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And into year 11 we come.

1) Early spring the second hunter's cabin is completed.  Keep the leather coming.  Hopefully we can get enough labor to run the tailor more consistently and have enough leather to do so, although I don't think four hunters can supply enough leather to keep a tailor going all year round.  But its a start.

2) Here we see our peach orchard starting to bear fruit that will be harvestable this year.  Which is a good thing because a lot of the citizens health has been suffering into the 2-3 heart range.

3) Early summer of year 11 a baby boy named Thor is born to Emmie and Zariana Lehrer.  Emmie has decided to keep his family's name despite his parent's ickiness.

4) Summer of year 11 Regg Philbin dies, one of the founding citizens who endured a lot of controversy over his daughter's pregnancies.

5) The cemetery is even completed in time for Regg to receive a proper burial.  You may ask, 'Does he really deserve such an honor?'  As we will shortly see, yes he does.

6) After the passing of her father Alfred Philbin leaves the family home and moves in with Gianning Bertol whose wife had only just passed the year prior!  It turns out Gianning was the father of Alfred's three illegitamite children; Evante, Jamilan, and Zariana!  Perhaps that is why Gianning and Jadence never had any further children after Arles way back in year 4, which is uncoincidentally the year Evante, Alfred's first child was born.

7) Amidst all the turmoil in late summer of year 11, a new layout for a woodcutter is placed north of the marketplace.  Our log numbers have been on the rise with two operational forest nodes and we'd like to cash in with additional firewood.

8 ) We also want to place a new house south of the peach orchard as Terrat Lehrer has reached adulthood and could marry.

9) In early autumn of year 11 another merchant arrives bearing potatoes, leather, and stone.  We trade all the venison and mushrooms and a small amount of firewood and hide coats to almost clear his boat.

10) Despite the fact that there is a nearly empty stockpile next to the trade post, Trader Terrat Lehrer insists on taking the stone from the merchant all the way up by the marketplace.

11) Autumn of year 11 and we're kind of in a lull waiting for some kids to grow up so we plan out a couple more trading post down at the river, one even across the river.  The one on this side of the river may end up getting done sooner rather than later especially if things remain slow.

12) In late autumn year 11 Authornton Lehrer is kicked out of Alfred Philbin's old house so that Gideondre and Terrat Snow may move in.  Gideondre of course the eldest child and son of Evante Snow eldest son of Alfred Philbin, only child of Regg and Verenata Philbin.  Gideondre gets to live in his great-grandfather's house.

13) A disappointing peach crop of 358 was hauled in but late autumn got very cold and killed the last 33% of the fruits before they could be harvested.  It seems cold autumns are a regular occurrence in this valley.

14) By early winter the second woodcutter is complete and working.

15) Our next project is an herbalist down in the second forest node to try and improve our health.

I really want to get that second trading post going to increase our odds of a seed or livestock merchant.  This isn't a bad time to start thinking about a town hall either.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) We pick back up at the end of year 11 with two births.  A girl, Sandrea, is born to Harmond and Adinah Lehrer.  A boy, Ward, is born to Gideondre and Terrat Snow.

2) A view of the town from the north and center at the beginning of year 12.  The first forest node and vacant pasture are at the northernmost and the first four houses can be seen with the school to the east.  The town center is in the southwest corner of the picture with the cemetery, market, tailor, blacksmith, peach orchard, and the bulk of the houses.

3) A more southern and western view of the town to include the second forest node to the west and the trade port to the south.  The market center and the original four houses can still be seen in this shot.

4) Xanden Fisher, a boy, is born to Lander and Jamilan.  This is the great-grandson of Gianning Bertol.

5) Rohannon Taylor is born to Hernard and Grisselley.  This would be the grandson of Haywardell and Nickie Lehrer.

6) The stone house south of the peach orchard is completed and Tristanford Bertol and Racque Lehrer marry and move in, the new Mr. and Mrs. Tristanford Bertol.

7) Aldonald, a girl, is born to Evante and Tiann Snow.  This would have been the great-grandson of Regg Philbin.

8 ) Late summer year 12 the herbalist in the western forest node is completed.

9) Our peach output for year 12 jumped to 649 from 358 the year before.

10) Amandy Lehrer, a girl is born to Emmie and Zariana.  This is a great-granddaughter for Haywardell Lehrer.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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On to year 13

1) Early in the spring a merchant is spotted paddling down the river.

2) We trade firewood and hide coats for potato seeds!

3) Amelinore Bertol, a girl, is born to Tristanford and Racque.  This is the granddaughter of Gianning Bertol.

4) Hilliss Lehrer, daughter of Authornton and Antha Lehrer reaches adulthood and we begin construction of a new house for her by the cemetery.

5) By the summer our second trading post has been completed.

6) In late summer Authornton Lehrer dies of old age and is buried in our cemetery right behind the future site of his daughter's house.

7) In late summer Hilliss' house is complete and she marries Shamari Taylor, son of Hernard and Grisselley Taylor.

8 ) We lay out and start clearing locations for two potato fields and a barn between the marketplace and eastern hill.

9) Berely Fisher, a girl, is born to Lander and Jamilan Fisher.

10) Lathanial Snow, a boy, is born to Gideondre and Terrat in the early autumn.

11) Nickie Lehrer dies of old age leaving behind her husband Haywardell, four children and numerous grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of the Lehrer and Taylor names.

12) Earld Lehrer, a boy, is born to Harmond and Adinah Lehrer just after the passing of Nickie.

13) Brean Taylor, a girl, is born to Shamari and Helliss Taylor, another descendent of Nickie's.

14) By late autumn, the farm fields and barn are all complete.

15) Year thirteen's peach output mirrors year twelve's pretty closely at 650 vs 649.  Our food totals have never been higher, we're pushing 4k.

16) During the winter we begin building the south road to connect the western forest node and the trade ports.

17) By winter of year 13 both trade ports are sufficiently stocked to receive merchants.  The traders are sent to the fields with the road builders in anticipation of our first planting season.

18) Late winter year 13, a shot of the town center before spring arrives and the planting begins on our new potato farms.  The fields are each 8x15 and I'm putting two farmers per field just to make sure everything goes smooth.  Depending on how well we get through harvest, we'll reevaluate the farmer numbers for next year.

As always, we just need more people!  But we have a pretty healthy 25/16 ratio adults to children/students.  Kept at 2/1 a town can still grow and we're above that so we'll be building many more houses in the years to come.

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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
« Reply #40 on: July 27, 2014, 06:15:05 AM »
1) Spring of year 14 and here is 80 year old Haywardell Lehrer.  We're kind of waiting for him to die to open up the house for Mernadette Snow and whomever her husband may be.

2) A close up of our newly sprouted potato plants.

3) Also in the spring we spot a merchant rowing down the river.

4) A shot of our crop progress as of late spring, everything in order.

5) The merchant has iron tools...we don't really need these but ten more tools will keep the blacksmith busy at something else and the firewood we traded will be easy enough to replace.  Labor over resources at this point.

6) With Kellia Lehrer growing to adulthood, we now have need for two new houses, so we continue to wait for Haywardell to die and begin on another house north of the potato fields.

7) A baby girl, Charon Lehrer, is born to Emmie and Zariana.  Emmie is the son of Pleasar Lehrer, son of Haywardell Lehrer and Zariana is the daughter of Alfred Philbin (and Gianning Bertol out of wedlock), daughter of Regg Philbin.

8 ) In the summer of year 14 another merchant is on the way!  This is why we desperately needed to get a second trade post so we could double up on the merchant arrivals.

9) A summer crop update, the potatoes are growing marvelously.

10) The merchant arrives to've got to be kidding me.  That's what we're trying to sell...I guess he came into Dunsett without a clue about what we want and what we sell.

11) Autumn of year 14 and both our potato fields have been fully harvested.  A nice crop of 1680 combined potatoes.

12) A baby boy, Delmers Bertol, is born to Tristanford, son of Arles Bertol, son of Gianning Bertol, and Racque, daughter of Pleasar Lehrer, son of Haywardell Lehrer.  Year fourteen's children are what must be keeping old Haywardell going.

13) In late autumn our new house is complete and Thor Lehrer marries Mernadette Snow.

14) Our peach harvest also comes in surpassing last year's number of 650 at 777.  We also have another house going in where the north potato field road meets the north bound east market street.

15) In the winter of year 14 the house is complete and Anastacey Fisher and Kellia Lehrer move in.

16) A baby boy, Erner Lehrer, is born to Thor, son of Emmie Lehrer, son of Pleasar Lehrer, son of Haywardell Lehrer.

17) A shot of Dunsett in early spring of year 15.  The still empty pasture and a bit of the northern forest node can be seen at the top, the barn just north of the trade ports can be seen at the bottom and the western forest node can be seen to the left.

Our food levels have reached over 6k and are steadily climbing.  We still just need more people!
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) In the spring of year 15 a baby girl, Karriet Lehrer, is born to Emmie and Zariana.  This is the couple's fourth child.

2) Also in the spring another baby girl, Katerine Fisher, is born to Anastacey and Kellia.  Anastacey is the son of Lander Fisher who is the son of Arles Bertol who is the son of Gianning Bertol.

3) Haywardell Lehrer moves in with Antha who was once married to Haywardell's son Authornton who died in year 13.  Antha was one of Demon Illidan's daughters.  Haywardell is now 85.  This frees up Haywardell's long coveted house for Garlan Snow and Sandrea Lehrer to move in.  Garlan is one of Evante Snow's two sons and Sandrea is the daughter of Harmond Lehrer who was one of Authornton and Antha's sons.

4) By summer Haywardell has died but a new little boy, Lutheron Taylor, has been born to Shamari and Helliss.  Shamari is the son of Hernard Taylor who was Haywardell's youngest son.  Lutheron was born before Haywardell died.

5) In the late summer another merchant has arrived again bringing wool.  We buy the wool this time as the traded goods will be quickly restocked.  Perhaps we will make wool coats to resell one day.

6) It is now early autumn year 15 and we check in on Gianning Bertol who is now 85 living with his mistress Alfred who is 73.  You can also see we have begun construction of the town hall and built a small plaza in front of it.  The town hall is situated to the west of the road south from the market to the trade posts.

7) We also get a good trade come through as the merchant brings chestnut seeds and apples which we trade firewood, hide coats, venison, and mushrooms for.

8 ) Apparently checking in on old citizens is bad for their health as Gianning Bertol has died.  Gianning was the last of the original adult settlers.  Attached is also a more centered view of the town hall construction site.

9) By early autumn all the potatoes have been harvested and we've had a nearly identical harvest as last year at 1679.

11) In autumn Merrica, the wife of Pleasar dies, and Ward Snow and Aldonald Snow move in.  Aldonald is Ward's aunt.  Ward's father, Gideondre is Aldonald's brother, both children of Evante.  I've actually lost track of Pleasar at this point...

12) Autumn of year 15 and the temperature is already 30...and we still have 46% of our peach yield on the trees.  For a map with a fair climate the autumns sure get cold fast.  If we ever try to get an ale economy going this fact should factor into what we use to make our ale.  Peaches do not seem to be a good choice.

13) I neglected to announce the birth of a baby girl, Beaula Snow, daughter of Gideondre and Terrat back in early autumn.

14) With the cold autumn our peach harvest is almost halved from 777 to 390.

15) In late winter a baby girl, Camerilyn Fisher, is born to Garlan and Sandrea.

16) Also in late winter our town hall is completed.  We still have some work to do on the wells in the plaza and maybe some paving stones.  We also added a second north-south road from the marketplace to the trade post east of the town hall.  The new boulevard will be filled in with our new chestnut seeds.

17) And finally, the town view at the beginning of year 16.  We've also planned out a double wide avenue heading east toward the eastern hill where we are planning to put a chapel.  I would imagine Lutheron would be a perfect priest when the time comes.  Hopefully the chapel can be built before he dies because any stone close by for collecting is getting farther and farther out what with building so many stone houses and the town hall.  The merchants haven't been overly helpful with this either but we do have two orders for stone placed.

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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) By late spring of year 16 we have fully restocked both trade post from last year's dealings.

2) A baby boy, Ervine Fisher, is born to Anastacey and Kellia.  Anastacey son of Lander Fisher, son of Arles Bertol, son of Gianning Bertol.  Kellia daughter of Harmond Lehrer, son of Authornton Lehrer, son of Haywardell Lehrer.

3) Here in the middle of summer we see farmer Adinah Lehrer helping to empty out a stockpile that is getting moved...why she would be doing laborer's work after planting her field is beyond me.

4) We begin construction of two new houses around the potato fields, one stone one wood.  We are low on stone.

5) The reason for the stockpile move is to allow a bridge just east of the first trade post.

6) And here is the stockpile replaced and a bit smaller.

7) In early summer year 16, a baby boy, Lavonte Bertol, is born to Tristanford and Racque.

8 ) The stone house is completed and Arrod Taylor marries Amandy Lehrer.  Arrod's father Hernard Taylor is the brother of Amandy's grandparents, Pleasar and Merrica Lehrer.

9) In early autumn we have the potato harvest numbers and its more of the same.  These are some consistent tubers.

10) Come autumn our wooden house is complete and Xanden Fisher marries Amelinore Bertol.  Xanden and Amelinore are cousins as their fathers Lander Fisher and Tristanford Bertol are brothers.

11) Also in autumn a merchant arrives with woolen coats.  We send him on his way empty handed.

12) A baby boy, Richael Snow, is born to Ward and Aldonald.

13) A new barn is started south of the potato fields at the southeast corner of the market.  This barn should help when the chestnut orchards are placed in the boulevard as well.

14) In late autumn Alfred Philbin dies and leaves her house to Rohannon Taylor and Berely Fisher.  Rohannon is the son of Hernard and Grisselley Taylor, grandson of Haywardell Lehrer.  Berely is the daughter of Lander Fisher.

15) The year 16 peach harvest mirrors the poor year 15 peach harvest.  This result may become typical.

16) With the bridge complete we begin construction of our third trade post.

17) In the early winter of year 16, a baby girl, Mistine Taylor, is born to Arrod and Amandy.

18) A baby boy, Guille Taylor, is born to Shamari and Helliss.

19) Another baby boy, Americ Snow, is born to Garlan and Sandrea.

The population boom continues as we still have a 32:19 adults to children/students ratio.  Even so our food levels continue to rise at over 10k now and our firewood production is comfortably keeping up with heating demands and trade post demands.  Dunsett has an insatiable appetite for stone at the moment.  So much so that potential sites for a stone quarry have been scouted.

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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) In early spring of year 17 Arles Bertol dies, son of Gianning Bertol.

2) A merchant rolls into town selling cabbage and corn seeds, we buy both.

3) A baby girl, Dean Lehrer, is born to Thor and Mernadette.

4) A baby boy, Hermo Bertol, is born to Tristanford and Racque.

5) By summer another baby boy, Alejandre Fisher, is born to Xanden and Amelinore.

6) In late summer a pecan merchant shows up and sells pecans and leather for venison, firewood, and hide coats.

7) By early autumn we get our first chestnut orchard started along the boulevard.

8 ) A baby boy, Earnelio Taylor, is born to Rohannon and Berely.

9) In autumn of year 17 our third trade post is complete and we begin work on an adjacent barn.  There are two small stockpiles nestled against the shoreline there as well.

10) By autumn our chestnut orchard is ready for planting.

11) Our year 17 harvest numbers; the peaches continue to underperform and we had a late plant on the eastern potato field which lowered the yield there.

12) In late autumn Adinah Lehrer, wife of Harmond dies.  Her house is taken by Lathaniel Snow and  Charon Lehrer.  I have no idea where Harmond has gone.  But I do like that the old single people are shacking up together.

13) In early winter we start clearing a large 15x15 corn field north of the potato fields and south of the northern forest node that we hope can be ready by spring.

14) In the winter of year 17 Jamilan Fisher-Philbin dies leaving behind her husband Lander and children Anastacey, Xanden, and Berely.

15) A new house is built next to the first trade post barn and Earld Lehrer moves in with Brean Taylor.  Earld is the son of Harmond Lehrer and Brean is the daughter of Shamari Taylor.

16) A baby boy, Salvaro Snow, is born to Garlan and Sandrea.

17) Our corn field beats the spring.

18) A baby boy, Normani Lehrer, is born to Thor and Mernadette.

19) A baby girl, Shilome Snow, is born to Lathaniel and Charon.
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Re: tomplum68 - Dunsett
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1) Pulled back view of Dunsett, early spring of year 18 from the north.

2)  Pulled back view showing the west and south.

3) In early spring year 18, a baby girl, Lessandrea Snow, is born to Ward and Aldonald.

4) The barn by trade post three is complete and the inventory tab from the town hall is up showing the venison coming out of our ears.  Trade post levels will be increased.  We also have a lot of mushrooms and they take up too much room so those levels will be increased as well.

5) A baby born, Anden Lehrer, is born to Earld and Brean.

6) We begin planting our second chestnut orchard along the boulevard.

7) A close up of chestnut planting.

8 ) We found Pleasar Lehrer!  He had been living with Antha who had previously been living with Haywardell and had been married to Authornton.  Authornton and Pleasar being Haywardell's sons.  Antha surely had a thing for older Lehrer men.  Anyway, Pleasar is dead.  The last original person from the banishment has died in year 18.

9) In late spring, a baby boy, Ferric Fisher, is born to Anastacey and Kellia.

10) In early summer year 18, Evante Snow dies.  The house sits idle and I will have to find where Tiann, Evante's widow, has gone.