Author Topic: Possible for production buildings to automatically switch what they create?  (Read 190 times)

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As an example...   set the bakery for Nut Bread, but when it runs out of inventory to create nut bread, have it automatically check to see if inventory exists to make the next item, say Cheese Bread and start making that.   When inventory is available again, it goes back to making Nut Bread.

basically, it will cycle through it's list until it finds inventory for something it can it make.

I'm guessing this isn't possible, most likely a programming thing?

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No, it is not possible.
And to make it worse - you can have a random output which stop if one of the products ingredients is missing.
Nothing we can do about it. I have seen NO way to attach a script or change the behavior of production.
It is a simple 'consumeproduce' function. Resource in - product out.


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