Author Topic: Remove a building placed after clicking "enable zero build cost" in debug mod  (Read 266 times)

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I placed a few copper and tin mines after clicking the "Enable zero build cost" button in the debug menu.  I decided that I wanted to move them so I clicked the "Remove structures" button.  My citizens removed the buildings, but they are still there.  I can no longer click the buildings, but their footprints are still there.  Any suggestions?

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did you assign a builder? some mines do leave a hole even after being can try using the terraform options.

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I believe the copper and tin mines require the first upgrade before the ground can be reclaimed after removal.    If you removed them without the first upgrade, you are stuck with the unusable land.    It's always a good idea to make frequent saves so you can go back a few steps if need be.

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A similar thing happened to me when setting up a road. Zero cost was turned on. Later I removed finished road, but the tiles remained blocked and nothing else could be built in that place, not even a new road.
The road is no longer there, people do not use the old route, but the tiles are still walkable.

Now I tried to repeat it, but everything works normally and the tiles are not blocked. So I do not know how I did it then.

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It happens if the road is placed down but you save the game before the builders finish it.
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