Author Topic: START MAP ITEM OPTIONS can be added to vanilla  (Read 1241 times)

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START MAP ITEM OPTIONS can be added to vanilla
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:42:28 PM »
                                                    MODDED COLLECTABLE/GATHERING OPTIONS
  this will give new players an idea of the many items available to add to their games.

  IN VANILLA game you have "blue"berries,onion,roots,and mushrooms from the available plants. plus herbs. trees gve logs,hunters hunt deer.there is also stone and iron on the ground.

        since then there has been many additions.this list may not be totally accurate.there may be others included in older mods.also these were pulled from the modders' notes and some things may not have been included in the final mod releases. several of the items are included in several mods.depending on mods used and mod orders,players can make their own diverse maps.

       there is no way yet,for all of these items to work in 1 map at the same time.however,each area of a map can be affected and grow or produce different foods.there are differences from 1 modded forester to a different forester as well as forest to meadow.different gatherers will find or collect different items and outputs will not all be the same amounts.

ITEMS ADDED TO THE BASE START MAP. these items can be added with the vanilla items.those are not replaced.they will appear on the map without having to build anything.

wild oats,beehives-gives honey,wild rose gives rose hips,reeds,chanterelles,fiddleheads,raspberries,mulberries, blackberries,strawberries,bird nests gives eggs, ALL FOODS

flax,beaver lodges and traps give pelts,furs,game<meat>,thatch,fodder,flowers,firewood,seedlings,

iron can be changed to iron ore;copper,gold,and silver ores can be added,

added to hunting : ducks and reindeer,wild boars,elk,bear,grouse,bison. these can yield extra items as well as a variety of meat-bonemeal,reindeer hides,feathers,

note: some have a designed delay. they will grow and appear on the map over time not immediately.some of these items have different uses depending on the mods used. there are mods that will change the looks of the trees.however all start trees do produce logs.some foresters will collect more items than just logs.

        those are all items you can physically see. there are other options to the fish and water items including trout,salmon, crayfish,turtles,frogs,clams,whales,etc there are modded foresters that will give different items than just logs as well.there are pine boughs and resin,maple sap,and orchard forests that can give a variety of fruits.

      players now have the options to make the most diverse map of the entire gaming communtiy.

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Re: START MAP ITEM OPTIONS can be added to vanilla
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2018, 08:46:41 PM »
What is the update period and how do you recommend the source of the data?