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DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
« on: July 05, 2019, 07:35:28 AM »
DS Industry Mining  -  BETAv.05 - 20190829

enhances the mining and metal industries. Iron is now smelted from Iron Ore. Copper Ore and Tin Ore is available as an early-use resource. Includes over 50 added resources, and more than 40 buildings + many decorations & variants. this is a BETA version, and as such may be unstable.

sorry not much of a description, but I now have a couple of pictures to show:
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05

Change Log:

 BETAv.05 - beta update: major update and additions   -- 20190829  |  .zip = 165mb (169,404kb)   .pkm = 278mb (284,895kb)
        - replaced some of the worker professions with the following:
                 - Char-burners are now employed at Charcoal Piles & Coke Ovens.
                 - Lime-burners are now employed at the Lime ovens.
                 - Potters are now employed at the Pottery kilns.
        - increased the spawn chance of Copper Ore at map load, further reduced Iron Ore.
        - adjusted the map trees; maturity is now 4 years and reseeding can occur after 2yrs (was 3.3yrs maturity, reseeding at 3yrs),
                          seed distance and spawn chance has been increased, and the maximum growth has been increased for longer living trees.
        - further adjusted the map sand resource to not spawn into too deep water.
        - Health/Happiness and citizen changes:
                 - further reduced the time a citizen is immune to a disease after recovering.
                 - further increased the fuel usage of citizens (110% of normal).
                 - increased the detraction radius of the Smith's Hearth.
        - reduced create count of Lamp Oil, now 5-6. value to a variable of 2-4.
        - increased production input of Candles, now requires 5 Beeswax or Tallow.
        - altered production input of Lamp Oil to now also require Glassware, Tinware or Pottery.
        - altered production input of Seed Oil to now also require Glassware, Tinware or Pottery.
        - altered production input of Linseed Oil to now also require Glassware, Tinware or Pottery, removed firewood requirement.
        - reduced create count of Coal, now 4-5.
        - reduced create count of Copper, Iron and Tin Ores, now 3-5. Altered weights of ores.
        - reduced create count of Tallow, now 2-3.
        - reduced the amount of Tallow dropped at death by wild deer, and cows.
        - reduced create count of Timber, now 3-4.
        - reduced create count of Coke, now 21-34 from 21 Coal, reduced storage weight to 3.
        - reduced the value of: Copper Tools 18/*20/*^22, Iron Tools 24/*26/*^28, Steel Tools 30/*32/*^34.
        - reduced the durability of Copper Tools, 75/*100/*^125.
        - reduced the value of Pottery to 6.
        - altered production input of Tools:Fisherman made with copper, now requires 3 logs.
        - altered production input of Tools:Hunter, no copper, now requires bronze instead and 3 logs.
        - reduced the amount brought to trader of: Almonds, Beeswax, Flax, Hazelnuts, Lamp Oil, Lime, Linseed, Pistachio, Seed Oil, Stone.
        - increased the amount brought to trader of all the coins: Farthing, Halfpence, Silver Groat, Quarter Noble, Half Noble, Noble.
        - altered production input of Farthing coin, now 1 Copper.
        - altered production input of Quarter Noble coin, now 1 Gold + 2 Copper.
        - altered production input of Half Noble coin, now 1 Gold + 2 Bronze.
        - altered production input of Noble coin, now 1 Gold + 1 Bronze.
        - reduced the create count of the Halfpence coin to 13, removed the inclusion of Copper in their production.
        - increased the production time at the Coke ovens.
        - increased the production time and work required at the Lime ovens.
        - increased the production time of the Smith's Hearth and the Anvil Workshop.
        - increased the production time of the Thadd Surrel & family: Flax Weaver.
        - reduced the production time of the Water-powered Blast Furnace and the Thadd Surrel & family: Blast Furnace.
        - removed the ability to forge Copper and Iron at the Smith's Hearth and Blacksmith.
        - improvements to the button sprites for collection of ores, sand and clay.
        - improvements to the models of the Sand and Clay deposits on the map.
        - replaced the Firewood, Iron, Log and Stone resource models with the BetterStockPiles models.
        - increased storage capacity of the Assayers Office, increased worker count to 2.
        - altered the Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant. Now known as the goods buyer, boats will buy all resources with payment of coins, gold & silver.
        - added Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant, purchase office building, where you can trade for goods with your coins, gold & silver.
        - added Assayers Coin, Gold & Silver Storage add-on building.
        - added uncovered version of Thadd Surrel & family: Well.
        - added Tin Ore deposits to the map, and collection menu button.
        - added a Placer Mine building for Tin Ore and Gold mining along waterways.
        - added Thadd Surrel & family: Tinsmith building.
        - added Tinware resource, crafted goods & utensil limit.
        - added Flax to the list of crops that you can start a game with.
        - added five new start conditions based upon the new industries and buildings.
        - added three more Storage Yard options: Iron & Metals, Building Materials & Logs, Fuels: Household.
        - added Bronze Bloomery Smelters.
        - added Bronze Tools, value of 20/*22/*^24, durability 90/*115/*^140.
        - added Wood Chopper, 2x2 single woodcutter, firewood from logs or timber.
        - added the Monument of Thor (based on Eyrarland statue), giving spiritual and safety happiness.
        - added the Monument of Vulcan, giving spiritual and safety happiness.
        - various menu text and tooltip changes, fixes and additions.
        - various changes and additions to the DS Info/knowledge-base panels.

 BETAv.04 - beta update: fixes and minor update   -- 20190811  |  .zip = 125mb (128,510kb)   .pkm = 211mb (216,836kb)
        - fixed issue of Clarence Silver Mine not storing/using input resources correctly, this has meant the removal of the chance of mining Gold.
        - fixed incorrect limit spinner in Clay & Sand Quarries.
        - fixed incorrect work button texts at Worker's Construction Yard.
        - fixed/changed the disease/illness notifications to better match new illnesses.
        - increased the work time of the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - increased the work time of making oil at the Thadd Surrel & family: Press Shed & Oil Kiln.
        - increased the storage capacity of the Smith's Hearth.
        - increased the work time and work required of the standard banished CutterYard.
        - increased the work time of the standard IronMine.
        - increased spawn chance at map load of stone resource.
        - increased the production speed of the blacksmiths: Smith's Hearth, Anvil Workshop, Blacksmith, Thadd Surrel & family: Blacksmith.
        - adjusted the trade boat deliveries at the standard TradingPost.
        - adjusted the map sand resource to not spawn into too deep water.
        - adjusted the size (made smaller) of the UI panel for the Thadd Surrel & family: Mining Overseer's Office.
        - adjusted the following resources value & create variables:
                 Beeswax value=2, Bricks create=5/8, Bronze value=38, Candles value=5, Charcoal value=7 create 34/55, Clay value=3 create=3,
                 Coal value=3, Coke value=8 create 34/55, Copper value=30, Copper Ore value=4, Copper Tools value=24/*26/*^28, Flax value=1,
                 Glass value=15 create=2/3, Hardened Tools value=36/*38/*^40, Iron value=34, Iron Fittings value=5 create=8-10, Iron Ore value=4,
                 Iron Tools value=28/*30/*^32, Lamp Oil create=6/7, Lime value=5 create=5/8, Linseed create=18, Logs create=4, Pottery value=8 create 3/4,
                 Roof-tiles create=5/8, Sand value=2 create=5, Steel Tools value=32/*34/*^36, Stone value=12 create=2-3, Tallow value=2 create=3/4,
                 Tin value=36, Tin Ore value=5, Tools:Fisherman value=6, Tools:Hunter value=6, Tools:Stonemason value=8,
        - adjusted the following resource production chain inputs:
                 Anvil 1 iron + 1 log + 1 metal-fuel, Bricks/Roof-tiles 8 clay + 1 metal-fuel, or 5 sand + 2 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Charcoal 21 logs, Coke 21 coal, Copper Tool from ore 8 copper ore + 1 log + 5 firewood,
                 Glass 15 sand + 1 metal-fuel, or 10 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel, Glassware 18 sand + 1 metal-fuel, or 15 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Lime 1 stone + 5 coal or firewood, Pottery 4 clay + 1 metal-fuel, or 2 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Wagon Parts 3 log + 1 iron, or 3 log + 3 iron fittings, or 2 timber + 3 iron fittings,
        - altered the Charcoal Piles to match change in production, now made from piles of: 42, 84, 105, 147, 210 or 315 logs.
        - altered the Bloomery Smelters to match change in production, from ore/charcoal/clay quantities: 25/10/13, 40/16/13, 55/22/13, 65/26/13, 75/30/13, 90/36/13, 105/42/13.
        - copper and iron Bloomery Smelters are now separated into their own individual menu's.
        - altered the DS toolbar menu icon for Firewood & Charcoal production.
        - removed Ores & Minerals from storage at Industry Barns (Thadd Surrel and Glass Maker).
        - improvements to the Worker's Construction Yard building model.
        - Health/Happiness and citizen changes:
                 - increased the chance of disease/illness in the unhealthy, and from nomads with lower populations.
                 - changed the duration of disease/illness to approx. 1-3 weeks.
                 - increased the fuel usage of citizens (105% of normal).
                 - increased the penalty for working without a tool.
               -- reduced the time disease/illness is present when trader visiting at standard TradingPost & Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant.
               -- increased the chance of disease at the standard TradingPost.
               -- reduced the chance of disease at the Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant.
        - added more illnesses and diseases: Biliousness, Diarrhea, Endocarditis, Scrofula.
        - added saw audio effect to the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - added water spray particle effect to the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - various text and tooltip additions and changes to the DS Info/knowledge-base panels.

 BETAv.03 - beta update: fixes and minor update   -- 20190725  |  .zip = 125mb (128,448kb)   .pkm = 211mb (216,689kb)
        - fixed issue of crash caused by Clarence Silver Mines.
        - fixed issue of crash caused by Thadd Surrel & family: Industry Mine.
        - fixed issue of crash caused by clicking on the build site of the Iron Ore Mine.
        - fixed issue of double entry of Stone in the Industry Quarry production menu.
        - fixed issue of coins having too large an icon in some UI panels.
        - Iron Fittings now correctly valued at 3, and create count at 5/8.
        - increased total production of Clay and Sand Digs for beta testing, these buildings will eventually be replaced.
        - increased the construction cost of the Open-Top Up-Draft Kiln.
        - increased work time and work required variables at all mines except silver mines.
        - increased value of Iron Ore to 3.
        - increased value of metals: Copper = 15, Iron = 18, Tin = 21, Bronze = 25.
        - increased the quantity of ores & fuel needed to make metals.
        - increased the value of tools: Copper Tool = 15, Iron Tool = 18, Steel Tool = 20, Hardened Tool = 22.
        - increased the value of the sharpened and oiled 'fine' versions of the tools, by 2 and 4 value added respectively.
        - reduced the work time of the Grindstone.
        - increased the value of Tools:Stonemason to 4.
        - reduced the create count of Bronze to 2/3, reduced the amount of fuel to smelter.
        - reduced the amount of Ores that will be offered by traders.
        - reduced the amount of Iron required to make an Anvil and Wagon Parts.
        - reduced the work time of the Industry Candle Maker.
        - reduced the work time of the Industry Oil Kiln.
        - changed production of Worker's Construction Yard for player to select product.
        - changes to production and speed of Flax Weaver.
        - increased the create count of Linseed to 21.
        - slightly improved the ability to place the Industry Quarry, and reduced the construction cost.
        - added Textile & Fabric storage to both Industry and Town barns (Thadd Surrel & Glass Maker storage).
        - added missing storage tab to the standard banished Herbalist.
        - changes to the production recipes at blacksmith's.
        - added option to make Tools:Hunter and Tools:Fisherman from Copper at blacksmiths.
        - various building text and tool-tip changes and fixes.
        - various text and number changes to the DS Info/knowledge-base panels.
        - numerous changes to happiness, health and other citizen.rsc file variables.
        - added new building: Thadd Surrel & family: Mining Overseer's Desk.
        - added new building: Thadd Surrel & family: Mining Overseer's Office.

 BETAv.02 - beta update: fixes and minor update   -- 20190712  | .zip = 122mb (125,794kb)   .pkm = 207mb (212,680kb)
        - enabled the new illnesses and diseases, made changes to the existing, this was incorrectly disabled in previous version.
        - lessened the unhealthy and happiness levels, this should slightly improve the work efficiency with poor food diversity.
        - meanwhile I have increased the max. required food diversity.
        - slight improvements (closer to standard) to the random disease chance within citizen file.
        - lessened the depressed level in relation to the unhappy and happy level, was 15% of happy level, now: d=10%,u=20%, h=100%
        - increased the medicine (herb) effectiveness.
        - increased the trade value of Iron Fittings to 3, increased the create count per cycle to 5/8.
        - increased the create count per cycle for Copper Ore, Iron Ore, and Tin Ore to 5/8.
        - increased the create count per cycle for Silver Ore to 3/5.
        - increased the create count per cycle for Coal to 5/6.
        - and reduced the weights of Copper Ore, Iron Ore and Tin Ore to 12 (from 25/30/25).
        - shortened the work time and work required by all of the mines - they are much faster now.
        - fixed inconsistent and too low total production output and speed of the 6x6 Clay and Sand Quarries.
        - increased the create count per cycle of Linseed to 13.
        - increased the create count per cycle of Tallow to 2/3.
        - increased the work time required by the Press Shed and Oil Kiln.
        - increased work time and reduced work required by the Glass Maker.
        - improved the Smith's Hearth particle flame.
        - added missing menu icon sprite for the Assayers Office.
        - added build models for the Water-powered Blast Furnace.
        - fixed issue of some items not being stored in Industrial Market.
        - made further alterations to the following standard (vanilla) game template files for the buildings:
            TradingPost, Market, Quarry, Herbalist, DoctorHouse, CutterYard, Chapel, Well, Tunnel, Tavern, IronMine
             most buildings received updates to radius and ui changes to display radius,
             Quarry had consumeproduce and storage updated to reflect usage of new stonemason tools,
             CutterYard had worker count increased to 2 workers but a slower speed penalty.
             Herbalist changes included increased worker count to 3 and the ability to now store Herbs.
             Tunnel received a change in build cost with the addition of 1 Candle per tile.
             IronMine now again makes Iron, but will have a cost of Logs, Candles and Charcoal to mine/smelter, with increased worktime penalty.
             IronMine cost of Coal extraction is Logs and Candles.
        - reduced the spawn chance (amount) of Copper Ore and Stone on a map.
        - added Clay and Sand deposits to the map.
        - added collect Clay and Sand buttons to the menu.
        - increased the create count per cycle of Sand to 8 for both uneducated and educated.
        - increased the create count per cycle of Clay to 5 for both uneducated and educated.
        - moved the Charcoal-piles menu out of 'Mineral, Ore & Raw material processing' menu and into the 'Firewood & Charcoal production' menu.
        - fixed incorrectly flagged resources in the Open-Top Up-Draft kiln.
        - added new building: Worker's Construction Yard.

 BETAv.01 - initial beta release   -- 20190705  |  .zip = 111mb (114,625kb)   .pkm = 188mb (192,608kb)

download here

I should add...
Don't use this mod with any of the DSBlastFurnace mods.
But, you should use with most of my other mods, place this above them all.
DS Industry Mining - BETAv.05
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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2019, 08:40:25 AM »
I´m happy to see you active again. I´m very keen on testing your new creation. Luckily my present game is going toward its end. I want to ask you; together with which mods would you like to see such a test? My favourite, so far, the townhouses will be there, but wich else do you recommend/make sense to include in a test?

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2019, 09:55:43 AM »
You can use any of the mods I have released, using DS Timber Mill or DS Jetty & Bridge will allow a quicker access to Timber (lumber), required for many of the buildings.

Unfortunately I have already spotted an issue in that my latest change has created a worsening health issue and the operation of a herbalist creates a never-ending loop with these sick patients, consequently hampering production.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2019, 11:59:00 AM »
The "herbalist loop" may not be of that importance. To me, herbalists are a pain. I only build one if I´m sure I don´t need it to collect herbs for export or if I want to test something very special.

But I don´t know if that what you write about diseases thrills me that much, I´ve been beaten by diseases in other games lately. But no challenge too big; I´ll give it a try. And yes, I wanted to use the DS jetty and Bridges, mostly because you write that you need them for the Thomson Trade, that I haven´t tested in that version. Is it still necessary to load that patch? I don´t think it can harm so I will do that.

I will only use a few of your mods, I guess the old basic rule still make sense; oldest mod at the bottom, youngest at the top.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2019, 12:31:52 PM »
When I finish my current game, I'm going to try your new mod and use it along with Jetty & Bridge and also Thomson Trade. Should be starting it within the next few days.

Thanks for all your hard work @Discrepancy :)

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2019, 01:24:31 AM »
@Discrepancy amazing job with this mod.  :)
Thank you.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #6 on: July 06, 2019, 03:13:26 AM »
I have started a game to test this mod. I intend to really "hardtest" it; building all variations of production chains, calculate production numbers and trade profit. You know the whole hardcore geeky kit I sometimes amuse myself with. If someone is interested I have started a blog. There´s not much in it yet (except many words) because I didn´t get very far but if someone is interested, it´s here:

I will repeat some questions that I find of more common interest. They are also in my blog, maybe a bit more thorough and sometimes in some special context but I´ll make a short version of them here, easier for everyone to take part in. I hope @Discrepancy that you can answer my question but it´s enough to do it once.

Happiness: Is your happiness system different from the North? It seems so because you are mentioning safety, goods, spirit and entertainment but not health in the info menu. You are also mentioning graveyards as a spiritual location for happiness. They have no happiness circle in the North.

Menus I tried these new statistic menus with a built-in map and event log. A very good idea. But it doesn´t really work by me. Maybe I have some wrong graphic settings. The ingame options menu says a resolution of 1920*1200 so it should be alright. I wanted to look at the game not play around with settings so I went back to my usual vanilla way of menus. What´s wrong? The text of the event log is shown on the map and not easy to see. Only one event is shown at the same time and if you want to scroll back and see an earlier event, I always land at the edge of the map, annoying. Is it meant to be that way or can I change something to make it work better?

Health: Is it possible to reach full health with only a balanced diet? I think so but I´m not sure yet.

Anvil: How do I get an "anvil" to construct an anvil? Do I need to buy one to construct it or can it be produced somewhere else?

Lumber/Timber Is there a difference between lumber and timber? I don´t think so but I´ll better ask. There are different building costs for these two mills, so I guess the Timber mill is better than the Lumber yard but they produce the same thing.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #7 on: July 06, 2019, 05:45:01 AM »
The happiness is perhaps similar to the North because really we don't have many variables to influence the citizens happiness apart from the addition of the positives on certain buildings and negatives on others. I have made a similar change to the citizen code file to the North so as to reflect a more noticeable change within a citizens happiness display. Though this might be a little different, and I do not think this mod requires as many foods.
But essentially we are still both using the same variables that were made available to us: the positives Goods (Market), Safety (Well), Spirit (Cemetery) and Entertainment (Tavern), and the negative Detraction (Quarry).
The cemetery does provide a spiritual 'boost' to a citizens happiness, from banished standard, not even a change from myself it has an invisible radius of 30. It essentially gives the citizens the same as a chapel, yet a chapel requires the worker to be active. There is of course the unknown (possible) connection a citizen has to a tombstone... yet so much code is not available to us modders about the true functioning of a cemetery or other variables within the game.
Mostly the happiness functions come directly from the buildings themselves. Within this mod I have utilised them, but not all of my other mods are updated or altered to be the same.

The thing with health and happiness is I think they are somehow interrelated with another section of code we cannot interact with, for the variable of a minimum amount of food and maximum amount is a variable to happiness and not health. Yet i'm convinced by my own observations it also does alter the health display. I'm not convinced that citizens themselves have a health variable - i.e. I don't think they actually get sick or have any kind of health deterioration or increase from eating more than 1 food group/category, from what I can tell it seems more like labels assigned to different foods to only alter the display, which is a standalone system purely based upon the criteria it fulfills. So like your example of how much variance of food a citizen has available at that time in their home, i think the health flag attachment to herbs is just another label, and whether it acts as a completion to fulfill the health hearts or as a complimentary item, I think you are right that it does only compliment, for a person with a varied balanced diet should be healthy.

The Info panels I was thinking of disabling... as they are very much unfinished, and just as much track my ideas I had before I actually tried to implement them ;)

further to health & happiness,
We have the variables of unhealthy level, unhappy level, and depressed level, these are all themselves seemingly influenced by the star and heart system variable of the given time, it simply produces a known effect to a citizen... which mostly is idling. Early on I think I made it too hard and there was too much idling... but now I believe I have made a mistake in the released version and they are probably not influenced as much to idle.

Well actually what you describe is the function of that event log.... sorry, I never included any documentation so all you players are a bit in the dark going into the mod. All I did was overlay the event log... a single event at a time to display over the map, yes the buttons all work fine, but an inadvertent issue is that when you click on them, it registers also on the map so you move the view to that location. I could try to work out how to make the button a different layer over the map though.

So no need to worry about your display as that is fine.
Also, the small inclusion of the 3 professions (Laborer, Builder, Farmer) within that statistic menu on your third picture - if you hover the cursor of your mouse over them, and use the the scroll wheel on your mouse it will scroll through all the professions.

First picture
Yes no orchards and pastures, sorry. I guess because I had always wanted to update DSSV: Production at the same time, it just hasn't eventuated, though they still both work together fine I think.

Second picture
You have highlighted another embarrassing event in my sudden release of the mod yesterday. I had also missed that I had skipped the loading of the new diseases and change to some of the others. I started working on an update and spotted that this afternoon. But yes, the diseases are a scary list, you will get them more often, the likelihood is increased and to randomly within a smaller population than standard banished... but the severity is not as bad and likelihood of debilitating the town is lessened with the changes that I have made to the diseases themselves. I included minor ailments, illness and broken bones to place more of a need into a hospital/doctor function. Though I must make some small alternative models to the big standard hospital.
Yes the interaction and likelihood with traders is also increased.

Third picture
Yes the Smith's Hearth is the ideal for the first things a village will need made by a blacksmith. They are not very fast as they have no anvil and a limited workspace apart from a big hot fire.
But they are resourceful and can make many things.... including an Anvil...

Fourth picture
As I now know how to add the elusive third tab to the residence I will update the mod and move all that text and image into an 'i' info tab.

Fifth picture
Yes many of the blacksmiths will make you an anvil. Purpose built for a blacksmith by a blacksmith. They are heavy, one is all you need for an anvil workshop, but they are also used in the construction cost of the larger blacksmiths now. But you can simply make them at the Smith's Hearth to begin.

Sixth picture
Yes Lumber is the same as Timber, I just prefer the name.

Iron is indeed hard to obtain, there is a very small percentage of Iron Ore upon the surface compared to Copper Ore. A beginning town should only ever make copper tools until they are already mining Iron Ore, as all the small surface deposits will be needed to make iron for iron fittings and other uses in building and construction.


Thanks for your questions and feedback.

There is of course the glaringly obvious problem with my mod and that is:
'Is is profitable?' - smelting yes, but mining and quarrying, probably not... it requires a big rewrite of all values within banished to make it.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
« Reply #8 on: July 06, 2019, 12:04:22 PM »
I think I´ve found a small bug that makes life difficult in my settlement. In the menu, at the start, you write that you have set the price for firewood to 2 (I´m fine with that) but also increased the amount you get from each log to 6, sounds good as well. But my chopper produces miserably; I have 9 from these Fulbert houses that need less firewood than a vanilla wooden house but the chopper can barely keep up the demand, only producing a little more than 200 firewood each year. As I looked, I can see that he´s not making 6 firewood from 1 log but 6 firewood from 2 logs. It doesn´t work if you would need more than 1 woodcutter yard for every 10 houses, even if there are more efficient firewood producers for the late game.

Another weird thing; I´ve made some charcoal, labelled as industrial fuel. Since I can´t produce enough firewood to have a big store, the Bannis steals the charcoal and burn it in their houses. Is it supposed to be that way?

Edit; when I think about it; under these circumstances, it might be good that they do; you get 4,2 charcoal from each log but only 3 firewood. So I guess I should build another of these smoking charcoal piles ;)

Edit2: This is weird; it´s only the vanilla chopper yard that needs 2 logs for 6 wood. In the jetty construction lumber mill, it works as you say at the menu. 1 log gives 6 firewood and the production is decent. I´m starting to believe that it´s no bug.

Edit3: since that what I wrote is against all I know about modding (although it´s not much, I can understand the basic) I realized that the only explanation is that there is an uneducated woodcutter, and yes, there was. I thought I managed to get everyone in school but I didn´t notice at the beginning, as I used the event log on the map that one child skipped school. I´m very sorry for making this fuzz. But isn´t the uneducation penalty a bit too big (100%) for such a simple task as woodcutting? For specialists like blacksmiths, it would be OK but what can an uneducated do wrong by chopping wood?
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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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I'm not really sure what is going on with your firewood yard. The cutter should only be taking 1 log and producing 6 Firewood whether they are educated of not. They should both produce the same.
I will have a play around but I have not noticed this with the vanilla woodcutter, (this mod actually make no changes to that building at all, so it might be from another of my mods.

Yes Charcoal is also a Household fuel, I did not include it mentioned in the Info panels as never quite got there.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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This is weird. I checked again; it has nothing to do with the uneducated woodcutter. I thought so because my only uneducated person lived in the closest house to the chopper. It´s the vanilla woodcutter yard; it produces 6 firewood from 2 logs also with an educated woodcutter. The Jetty construction Lumber Yard makes 6 from 1 so does the tiny chopper from Kid´s Tiny mod that I thought I should test. I´m confused; I didn´t think that this was possible; that different sites could use mere or less of the same raw material to produce the same product. But as I said; I know very little about modding. I can only report what I see.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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I found the issue... it would be from the DS Timber Mill mod.

I had made a different change back then to the Logs and firewood production and it will be changing the vanilla woodcutter yard to require 2 logs.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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Good, you found the bug.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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@Discrepancy @Nilla I've got to say this mod is a challenge for me. I haven't got anywhere near the experience that either of you have with this game but after playing vanilla and extensive play with RKEC, I thought I had a pretty good handle on everything!

Hah! Wasn't doing to badly until I hit that death spiral with starvation. Gathering resources is really tough, especially logs (maybe was just bad RNG with the map). Made some mistakes early on and wasted some mats but slowly started to recover when I understood more of what I needed to do. Still trying to recover from the starvation spiral but now running into bannies are old and dying and practically no replacements for them *sigh*. Will keep at it. I'm a glutton for punishment lol.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.01
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@moonbelf , thanks for playing the mod.

You might not be doing too badly, could be just as much my poor mod making ;)

... In all seriousness I have been struggling to find a good balance with it myself in some games. Last week I had a game going into 40th year, I must have expanded too much as my silver mining industry kicked off and I couldn't save it as I lost half the population to purely not having enough fuel to keep them warm. I was putting too much into building the mines and forges that I couldn't keep up with either coal from the mines to coke and the forests for logs to charcoal or firewood for housing.