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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.03
« Reply #75 on: August 05, 2019, 03:07:04 AM »
I made some calculations yesterday that you might find interesting @Discrepancy. It's about iron production and how many workers are involved:

The logistic isn't perfect in my game. I also wanted as many as happy as possible so people don't live inside the black circles which means it's quite a distance between workplace and homes. So I guess, the production can be higher if you make it different.

A smelter makes an average of 75 iron. It's no big difference between the small blacksmith and the blast furnaces on land or on the shore. 10 blacksmiths make 750 iron worth 18= 13 500 trade units.
To produce 750 iron you need 750 coke and 1875 iron ore.
To produce 750 coke you need 177 coal and 1/3 worker.
To produce 177 coal you need 30 timber, 30 lamp oil and 1,3 miner.
To produce 1875 iron ore you need 264 timber, 264 lamp oil and 12 miners
To produce 264+30=294 timber you need 117 logs and 0,6 woodcutter
To produce 117 logs you need 1 forester
To produce 294 lamp oil you need 294 linseed and 37 firewood and 0,5 worker
For flax, linseed, firewood and logs, I estimate you'll need another 0,5 worker
26-27 persons are involved in direct production, it's about 500 profit for each. You will need a number of traders, vendors and labourers to carry all these material around, there are children, students and not producing professions to support. You need to produce building materials to expand, so this is not a very high total profit, especially compared to other easier chains like firewood, lumber, coke, lamp oil, ale.....

With the right value for tools, I hope you can increase the profit by processing iron one more step.

Thank you @Nilla they are indeed very interesting and helpful.

My own private testing of the next beta version has not been going very well. I have made it too difficult, and successfully managing early game is proving very hard for me. But, it will still be quite a bit more difficult for players as I will still be increasing the cost of producing charcoal/coke, also the cost of smelting and (slightly) increasing the fuel usage by citizens. Though to compensate, the value of many of the industry produced goods will be significantly increased, in some cases more than 500%. So yes higher profits will be attained from smelting and making tools. This will also make it very expensive to buy these items, as the products you list have not been increased in value, but some have been decreased (apart from ale).

I was going to expand the gold part of the mod with the activation of the placer mines and a few other buildings which have been sitting dormant, but will leave this to the following update as their additions are not helping me get the right balance for the mod.

If I can get a good balance, I will hopefully release v.04 in the next day or so.

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.03
« Reply #76 on: August 05, 2019, 03:51:10 AM »
Im looking forward to trying the next version. :)

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.04
« Reply #77 on: August 11, 2019, 12:27:41 AM »
updated to BETAv.04

BETAv.04 sees large changes in the economy, a few small fixes and other tweaks. Smelting is now a lot more profitable, same as tool manufacturing. Most introduced production chains have had changes in their value, create and inputs, see change log for all the details.

The charcoal piles and the bloomery smelters have been altered to match their production changes. This included the renaming/deleting/adding of different files so is not save-game compatible.

Citizens will now use 105% of the fuel they would normally use in standard banished, this, with the increase in cost to make charcoal or firewood will require you to put a lot more resources into this production than you would have previously.

There is also an increased penalty to work without a tool. And with the high construction costs of many of the industry buildings, charcoal piles and bloomery smelters, it is important to start your production of tools as soon as possible.

The Clarence Silver Mine was not correctly operating in the last update. A fix has been put in place and this has required the removal of the chance to extract Gold from the mine. The introduction of more Gold production will be in the next update.

BETAv.04 - beta update: fixes and minor update   -- 20190811  |  .zip = 125mb (128,510kb)   .pkm = 211mb (216,836kb)
        - fixed issue of Clarence Silver Mine not storing/using input resources correctly, this has meant the removal of the chance of mining Gold.
        - fixed incorrect limit spinner in Clay & Sand Quarries.
        - fixed incorrect work button texts at Worker's Construction Yard.
        - fixed/changed the disease/illness notifications to better match new illnesses.
        - increased the work time of the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - increased the work time of making oil at the Thadd Surrel & family: Press Shed & Oil Kiln.
        - increased the storage capacity of the Smith's Hearth.
        - increased the work time and work required of the standard banished CutterYard.
        - increased the work time of the standard IronMine.
        - increased spawn chance at map load of stone resource.
        - increased the production speed of the blacksmiths: Smith's Hearth, Anvil Workshop, Blacksmith, Thadd Surrel & family: Blacksmith.
        - adjusted the trade boat deliveries at the standard TradingPost.
        - adjusted the map sand resource to not spawn into too deep water.
        - adjusted the size (made smaller) of the UI panel for the Thadd Surrel & family: Mining Overseer's Office.
        - adjusted the following resources value & create variables:
                 Beeswax value=2, Bricks create=5/8, Bronze value=38, Candles value=5, Charcoal value=7 create 34/55, Clay value=3 create=3,
                 Coal value=3, Coke value=8 create 34/55, Copper value=30, Copper Ore value=4, Copper Tools value=24/*26/*^28, Flax value=1,
                 Glass value=15 create=2/3, Hardened Tools value=36/*38/*^40, Iron value=34, Iron Fittings value=5 create=8-10, Iron Ore value=4,
                 Iron Tools value=28/*30/*^32, Lamp Oil create=6/7, Lime value=5 create=5/8, Linseed create=18, Logs create=4, Pottery value=8 create 3/4,
                 Roof-tiles create=5/8, Sand value=2 create=5, Steel Tools value=32/*34/*^36, Stone value=12 create=2-3, Tallow value=2 create=3/4,
                 Tin value=36, Tin Ore value=5, Tools:Fisherman value=6, Tools:Hunter value=6, Tools:Stonemason value=8,
        - adjusted the following resource production chain inputs:
                 Anvil 1 iron + 1 log + 1 metal-fuel, Bricks/Roof-tiles 8 clay + 1 metal-fuel, or 5 sand + 2 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Charcoal 21 logs, Coke 21 coal, Copper Tool from ore 8 copper ore + 1 log + 5 firewood,
                 Glass 15 sand + 1 metal-fuel, or 10 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel, Glassware 18 sand + 1 metal-fuel, or 15 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Lime 1 stone + 5 coal or firewood, Pottery 4 clay + 1 metal-fuel, or 2 sand + 1 lime + 1 metal-fuel,
                 Wagon Parts 3 log + 1 iron, or 3 log + 3 iron fittings, or 2 timber + 3 iron fittings,
        - altered the Charcoal Piles to match change in production, now made from piles of: 42, 84, 105, 147, 210 or 315 logs.
        - altered the Bloomery Smelters to match change in production, from ore/charcoal/clay quantities: 25/10/13, 40/16/13, 55/22/13, 65/26/13, 75/30/13, 90/36/13, 105/42/13.
        - copper and iron Bloomery Smelters are now separated into their own individual menu's.
        - altered the DS toolbar menu icon for Firewood & Charcoal production.
        - removed Ores & Minerals from storage at Industry Barns (Thadd Surrel and Glass Maker).
        - improvements to the Worker's Construction Yard building model.
        - Health/Happiness and citizen changes:
                 - increased the chance of disease/illness in the unhealthy, and from nomads with lower populations.
                 - changed the duration of disease/illness to approx. 1-3 weeks.
                 - increased the fuel usage of citizens (105% of normal).
                 - increased the penalty for working without a tool.
               -- reduced the time disease/illness is present when trader visiting at standard TradingPost & Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant.
               -- increased the chance of disease at the standard TradingPost.
               -- reduced the chance of disease at the Thadd Surrel & family: Trade Merchant.
        - added more illnesses and diseases: Biliousness, Diarrhea, Endocarditis, Scrofula.
        - added saw audio effect to the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - added water spray particle effect to the Thadd Surrel & family: Timber-mill.
        - various text and tooltip additions and changes to the DS Info/knowledge-base panels.
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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.04
« Reply #78 on: August 11, 2019, 02:45:03 AM »
Looks interesting. :)

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Re: DS Industry Mining - BETAv.04
« Reply #79 on: August 11, 2019, 08:53:17 AM »
Looks promising your mods are very unique.


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