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Re: Alchieva Mountain - How it was done.
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both the quarry and the iron mine have int _maximumProduction = 2000;
I've always assumed and from my own tests think this is how many cycles they will run before expiring...
so the quarry with stone having a create count of 1-2 (unEd-Ed) should produce between 2000-4000
if you only produced coal in the mine it would be 6000-8000 (create count of 3-4),
or if only iron it would be 2000-4000  (create count of 1-2).

Tested uneducated mining.
Iron mine produced 362 with 82% remaining, implies ~2000 capacity
Coal mine produced 1125 with 81% remaining, implies ~6000 capacity

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Re: Alchieva Mountain - How it was done.
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I've been experimenting quite a lot with my new Cold Mountain attempt.

One thing I have always relied heavily upon was log/firewood trading.   

There are 5 types of merchants.
General - Carries everything but livestock.

The general merchant brings the most stuff when you special order.   I would set them for only logs and they would max out at bringing 4000.   I could purchase them for 2000 firewood.   Uneducated would get 12,000 more firewood, educated would get 16,000 more firewood.

You can max out a trade port with 6,000 firewood in order to buy all 4,000 logs for 2000 firewood.  Anything more and the port can't hold it.   So, essentially that also maxed out my food purchases at 18,000.   I would special order each food merchant to bring a grain, fruit, veg and a protein of fish, chestnut, or pecan.    Meat is valued at 3 and won't get near the value as the other three proteins.   I can set each port auto purchase to 4,000 logs and 6,000 of each food group.  Since firewood is only worth 3 to a food merchant, I could only get 18,000....   but you have to set all four to 6,000 because the little shits would only bring 3 items sometimes.  So if you had all four set to 4500, you'd get a massive shortage when they pull that stunt.   

Firewood is worth 4 with industrial merchants, so I could switch it around a bit and use them to special order logs. but they max out at bringing only 1000 logs.   The reliability of any particular type of merchant coming to each port every single year is lousy at best so 1000 logs simply isn't enough to rely on.

I have now discovered this to be my bottleneck when going for the village and town achievements.

What I discovered was...  ALE!   Yep, everyone already knows ale carries a value of 8 and a weight of 1.   Obviously a very powerful trade item.   However, I've messed with ale way back in the day and remember not being able to maintain a decent supply even for the bannies to use so I never bothered to really look in to it ever again and just dismissed ale all together for any kind of trading.

Ale takes 5 times longer to produce.  Firewood requires 8 work and Ale requires 40 work.   With Ale only having 2.67 more value over firewood, it's not a full replacement for wood cutters and firewood trading.  Maybe on a large map with plenty of space, but not during this all in one challenge on a small map. 

But I've been experimenting and even if I can keep just one port operating with a full 9999 of ale stocked with a special order of apples from the food merchant/30000 or the general merchant/40000...   that's a massive boost in food.   You have to manually make the trade in order to get all of it though, 9999/1250 three or four times.     Even with the Brewery having to use the apples, the ale brings more then enough back in to have a massive supply.   It helps the other ports to where they can back down a bit on quantity of food purchased and have an easier time maintaining the log and firewood supply.   I still have to purchase the 4,000 logs with the other ports since the ale port needs to focus only on apple purchases.    I still need to mess around with how many brewers I need in order to keep that one port functioning and an optimal setup for a small map.

I will still try and expand on the idea and see just how many ports I can have supported by ALE on a small map.  I can easily do a save and then go in and swap every cutter for a brewer, they use the same footprint.    See what happens and go from there.
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