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Suggesting for mods?
« on: August 19, 2019, 12:46:57 AM »
Hey everyone!   :)

I'm pretty new to banished. Played one Vanilla game, and my current village is decked out with all the mods that are available in game, but that's it. I'm already pretty anxious to have more to do, but I read from lots of people that the mega mod was overwhelming to them. I'm not even sure what all the mega mod includes, and I'm having a hard time finding that sort of description. I'm going to watch some YouTube videos on it, but until then, any advice or suggestions for how I can get more familiar with all the mods and what they do? I dont mind downloading a bunch of specific mods if the mega is too much, but im not entirely sure how to efficiently go about that either.

TIA from this newbie!

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Re: Suggesting for mods?
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2019, 06:03:11 AM »
by now, you shoud have an idea of what you think is "missing" from the game. make a list of those. it is so easy to get downoading various mods and forget what your original goal was. do you think the game should have different animals, landscape options, a mill, building styles,etc? write up a list.

       the download section to CC or blackliquid is in the process of an overhaul.not sure everything has been added back to it. banished info is another  site with a huge list of mods. WOB has 2 lists,an older mod list and the upgraded 1.07 mods can go thru all of them for ideas. i'd recommend making a folder to put all downloaded mods into.

         start with 2 mods. 1 the debug mod so you can quick build. with this you will be able to test a variety of mods much faster than if you had to play and build each building in a game.2 downlad the mod manager.this is a huge assett that will save tons of time. it will allow you to enable mods and change the mod order without opening the game.

        once you are set up, move a couple mods at a time into the WinData the mod manager and enable them. start a game and use the debug to build the parts of the mods. some you ay not like as well in game as you thought. keep notes.

       as you do this testing and play more, you will develop your own style. you will figure out what works for you and what you like. each of us is different. some like the decorating,others want a challenge,some the europe style of building closer together, some build towns and small villages while others will build mega cities.  you have to set the game as you see it should be. that is 1 of the great things about Banished. you can build your own game.

       not all mods will work together well. some will have conflicts. others may cause crashes. most issues can be solved with adjusting mod orders.
after you test a bunch of mods and are ready to add them to a game, check the tips pages here. i did a write up on how to put a mod order together. it is a general guide to organizing it.

        start slow and add more as you go along. main thing is to have fun at it.


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