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Microtown Review (Edited Oct 10)
« on: September 04, 2019, 09:20:14 AM »
FIRST IMPRESSION - This game is a hoot. It had me laughing and smiling.
It's like Arcades from the late 70's/early 80's mixed with Commodore 64/Atari home consoles. Like the first football/baseball/soccer games.

The Sandbox mode with Unlocked Tech Tree option is exactly Banished.
Monument Mode (Goal Mode) with Starter Tech Tree option is like Anno/Settlers. Says everyone. I have not played those games so I'll take their opinion as truth.

It's been out since Aug 30 on Steam as Early Access but a lot is in the game and much more is to come given what the Developer has said on the Steam Store Page and through-out the Forum Page.

Some people may pass on it however since battles will soon be included. However it may be a toggled option.

Right now the only obvious, and frustrating, missing feature is the missing zoom feature for the map.

For under $10 Canadian it is worth it. Especially since it will get better.
You'll HAVE to like the graphics though. You've been warned !!! LOL

UPDATE - I have been playing for a day or so now. Currently this is like Banished stripped down. For good review videos see Katherine Of Sky on YouTube.

Very easy to botch things early if you build more than your starting supplies allow. Though food is consumed you have to work hard to kill your people LOL. Getting things started while still having food is very easy. For now!!

Production chains are plentiful and still being added. Pretty much carbon copy of Banished and Colonial Charter Mod.

You can easily get ahead of your population growth in building production chains but then you build houses and people migrate in. There are no births unless I have missed noticing that update.

There are Happiness and Unhappiness factors. Build radius restrictions so that Taverns, Markets and Healers cannot be clumped together which makes town districts a necessity or your people spend a lot of time travelling which kills production.

Unfortunately (imo) there are no seasons yet so when Gardeners and Farmers are started they continue to harvest non-stop.

The map is a big island (3 sizes) with grassland, flowers, rock, sand, clay, iron ore, coal, trees, well water as resources. No hills (yet).

So far the glass production is for the Monument Goal Mode only, but otherwise useless (for now).

One thing has really stood out for me. I have noticed that the game does not slow down a computer (or get the fan racing) once a Town gets to 300+ like Banished does. However, when panning over full sections of the map there is a graphic stutter or two in the screen pre-load.

UPDATE - Time speed-up is now a toggled option along with Tab pressing for speed bursts. The road building tech tree has been added to, making dirt, stone and brick options. Which gives the brick-maker tech tree something more to do than just contribute to the monument.

NEW Oct 10 A new update today that divides the population into Workers and Civilians. Tasks are divided between the two for efficiency of deliveries and stocking. Population are now assigned to houses and food stocking matters for Happiness. Many UI and keyboard command tweaks. Things like Clothing now have more of an impact. Other production chains were started and others added too. It was a big update with way too much to list. It seems that this update actually tackled problems that has plagued Banished as I understand it from reading through Forums and Youtube.
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