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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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13. March
March. The first spring flowers begin to bloom and the first warm rays of the sun tickle your skin. Splendid! It was one of those wonderful spring days when we let the children play in the garden while Miliss and I were collecting cowslips in the forest not far from our settlement. A plant that can be helpful for colds with mucous coughs, as we learned from Nettel's mother. We didn't talk. We enjoyed the day with a smile on our faces; we listened to the noises of the forest, the happy hoots of the children playing and the rhythmic beating of iron on iron from the direction of the forge, where the men used the good weather for some repair work.

When our baskets were full of cowslips and we were about to slowly make our way into the house, the children called excitedly for us. It sounded urgent, but also not like anything bad had happened. So Miliss and I walked quickly back to the house. Since the noises from the forge had also stopped, the men seemed to be doing the same. When we got to the house we saw the children and the men standing on the bank and when we followed their gaze we saw the reason for the excitement. We quickly set the baskets down in the garden and hurried to our families to greet the big "Thomson and Taylor - Textile Company" ship, from which Miliss' and Winstonewall's parents waved cheerfully to us. In fact, we haven't seen the four in a little over two years!

The ship still had to go a few meters to the landing stage. When I got closer and could properly see the people on the deck of the ship, I froze. There was my mother! My father! My mother spotted me first, kept crying out my name and made to climb over the railing of the still moving ship. But my father and Winstonwall's mother held her. I wasn't sure how to react. I wanted to cry and laugh because I was so happy to finally see them again. At the same time I was scared. How would they react? On Norwoodie, on the children?

The ship had finally docked. With soft knees and tears on my cheeks, I ran into the arms of my crying mother. My father came over, put his arms around his two girls, and kissed my temples. Like that we stood there for a while. Pressed us tightly together. Then suddenly I became aware of my fears again. I gently released myself from my parents' hug and looked at Norwoodie. He didn't smile and just stood stiffly at a distance. The children peered cautiously but curiously from behind him, staring alternately at me, at my parents, and up at their father. Determined, I walked quickly to Norwoodie, took his hand and snuggled defiantly against his shoulder. If my parents wanted to hug their daughter again, they would have to accept my family!

Wanted to avoid another "deco people looking at deco ship" - picture. So I tried to catch the atmosphere that Miliss and Kamilan are enjoying before the drama happens.

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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13. April
In the end, it wasn't as bad as expected. The letter to my parents, which I sent out almost three years ago, reached my parents some months later. In this letter I tried to explain to my parents my decision back then and what was happening here in Poppyglade. My parents then contacted the Thomson and Tailor family via numerous detours, who then organized a crossing from Glaster here to Poppyglade. And so it happened that the encounter between my parents and Norwoodie was rather ... frosty ... but free from accusations or insults. On the other hand my parents took the children to their hearts with the greatest delight.

The big ship stayed at anchor for a whole month. The children moved together and so all the parents had their own room. Together, as a big family, we enjoyed the mild start of spring. Due to the many helping hands, the daily tasks were done quickly and so this month offered much more time for the beautiful things in life.

The relationship between my parents and Norwoodie was still characerized by a frosty distance after a month, but they got along somehow. When the ship started moving at the end of the month with its sails billowing, the children followed the ship for a while on the bank, running and waving. My mother cried goodbye. But I didn't cry. Because I was just so happy about how our meeting went and knowing that I would see her again.

13. May
If you take the eggs from under the chickens' buttocks every day in order to scramble them, of course, no chicks can hatch. So we marked some eggs and left them in the nest. Shortly small yellow fluffy balls tumbled through the area. The sight is so lovely that in the afternoon we leaned against the small wall around the chicken coop with a cup of tea to watch the cute goings-on.
When we leaned against the wall again on such an afternoon, chatting and watching the children distributing kitchen waste to feed the chickens, we didn't notice that Nettle's boat had docked further ahead in the settlement. The cup almost fell out of my hand when he suddenly stood behind us and made fun because he had surprised us. As always, the joy to see him was big and so we greeted him warmly. This time, Nettel was not accompanied by his family, but by a young couple.

Bellar is a young woman and the eldest daughter of Nettel's sister. As a child, Bellar had dreamed of becoming a doctor one day, so it was only logical that, as a young adult, she began an apprenticeship in the hospital of Wyndmoorcross. She had just finished her education when the town of Wyndmoorcross was looking for volunteers who would take the train to distant Olistown to help the people that, by mismanagement and greed of the government, were sick and poor. Bellar was one of those volunteers, so she traveled to Olistown. There she met the young fisherman Burgeon, who was one of her patients, and they fell in love.
In the course of her year in Olistown, the living conditions of the residents worsened, which led to ever greater unrest. A few weeks ago there was a major uprising, which was brutally and bloody put down by the city's military. There were innumerable injuries, numerous deaths and some houses were on fire. Bellar and the other volunteers wanted to help, but they were all expelled from town under threat of violence, while the locals were prevented from escaping.
Burgeon, who had already lost his family in a riot a few years ago, managed to escape with a few other people from Olistown, together with Bellar and the other volunteers, on the last train to Wyndmoorcross.

A meeting of some city leaders will soon take place in Wyndmoorcross to discuss how to help the people of Olistown. But until further notice, the way to Olistown is blocked for helpers and relief supplies.

What Bellar and Burgeon have seen and experienced in Olistown really distressed them and haunt them again and again in their sleep. So Nettel finally brought the two here so that they could find their way back to a peaceful life in our little idyll, far away from these events. As far as we would be ready to take in Bellar and Burgeon. We were touched by this story anyway, and the prospect of gaining a qualified doctor and another helping hand in the form of a young, strong man made us not think twice. So we welcomed the two of them. The children moved closer together and so Bellar and Burgeon initially had their own room until their house would be completed, which we started planning it very quickly.

Okay, bla bla bla, lot of story telling, I am sorry. Lets evolve the village!

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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13. June
Work on Bellar's and Burgeon's house is in full swing. Meanwhile, the two make each other very useful. Bellar is familiar with the effects of numerous plants. In the last few weeks she has collected a wide variety of plants and made teas, ointments, pastes and many other things for a wide variety of situations. Often the children help her and learn a lot in the process. So that Bellar can properly pursue her work as a doctor, we are also planning to build a small hospital next to the blueberry field.

Burgeon is also very hardworking and tackles wherever he can. On his advice, as soon as the house and the hospital are in place, we will move our fishing pier. On the other side of the settlement near the chicken coop, Burgeon, who comes from a family of fishermen, has found a more suitable place to fish. An advice that comes in very handy. Since the children are getting bigger and bigger and eat more and we now have to feed two more people, we also need more fish.

13. August
Bellar and Burgeon moved into their house last month. Yesterday the small hospital was also finished. The hospital actually consists of only one room, with a bed and enough space to prepare and store medicine. But that should be enough for our little settlement for now.
The new fishing pier was built quickly and easily. However, our supplies of iron and stone have now reached a very critical point. The nearest deposits are either some distance from the settlement or on the other side of the river. We decided to use the remaining resources to build a bridge to the other side of the river. Who knows what other useful things we can find over there besides stone and iron?



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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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Great to see you back to Poppyglade, I think we could all use a vacation to your little idyll.:)
Love the pictures of the slowly growing town as well as historical art, that's a nice addition, I might do that too to give some sense of context where the screenshots don't do justice.

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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@Artfactial Thanks! It is always very motivating to read someone is following the process of the village, so it feels worth to continue it :)

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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13. September
In September Nettel came by again. He brought his wife and children again, and this time also his sister, Bellar's mother. They all gave us a nice week of change from everyday life in early mild autumn before they drove back home. Bellar's mother gave her daughter a special apparatus with a glass flask that can be used to produce high-quality distillates. For example, it can be used to make lavender oil, which works very well on burns. A wonderful gift! In return, Bellar announced to her mother that she and Burgeon were expecting a child.

13. November
We finally finished the bridge over the river. Since we are regularly approached by at least one larger ship, we could not build a simple bridge. The planning and construction of a drawbridge cost us a lot of time, effort and materials. But a first careful inspection of the other side of the shore showed that the effort was worth it. We discovered more iron and stone deposits than we had actually suspected. As soon as temperatures allow, we will start mining the resources.

14. March
Bellar should give birth to her first child in about a month. Although she is heavily pregnant, she works hard, with great support from the children, on a garden for various medicinal plants behind the hospital.
The weather now allows us, or rather especially the men, to start mining stone and iron on the other side of the river.

14. April
Burgeon and Bellar are now the proud parents of a little boy named Thor*. About two weeks after the birth, Nettel's ship docked with us to greet the new family member with his wife, children and sister. They stayed one week and of course little Thor was the focus of attention.

Whenever we receive visitors in our settlement, our children move together so that our guests do not have to sleep in the narrow bunks on the ship. However, the children are getting older and bigger and when Nettel travels to us with his whole family, his wife, his children and his sister, it is becoming more and more difficult these days to accommodate everyone comfortably. Since Nettel visits us at least twice a year and we also welcome our own families here from time to time, we have decided to build a small guest house.

14. May
We moved the sunflower field of the children behind the medical garden next to the chicken coop. We plan to move the school house there as well.

14. July
The guest house is ready. It doesn't have a kitchen, but it offers enough space to sleep up to 10 people. As a small project, we decided to leave the design of the garden to the children. They are to put everything they have learned till now into practice and learn new things at the same time. Of course we are there to help the children if they need our help.

14. August
There are three larger and several small warehouses in our settlement. As a result, all objects, tools, resources and food are scattered everywhere. It is sometimes very tedious to search everything together. Now that we have relocated the school building, the old school building and the larger warehouse in the middle of the settlement will be dismantled to build a small village shop at this point. In the future, one of us, maybe even the children from time to time, will take care that everyday things are always at hand.


* Really Banished? Thor it is? This game creates strange names like Winstonewall or Since and then it decides to name one Bannie like a god in the nordic mythology. Okay...

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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14. September
All the rebuildings and new buildings in the settlement have used up our resources. So before anything new can be built, we need to replenish our stocks of stone, iron and wood. That will probably keep us busy until winter, when it is simply too cold for most of the outdoor work.

14. December
This winter is particularly cold. Of course it is pleasantly warm in our houses, but we only go outside as often as is really necessary. Even our chickens suffer and rarely leave the coop. We tried to protect the hen house from the cold with extra hay and some blankets around the chickens' sleeping area. In addition, every evening I put a few warm stones in the through under the perches and when we check on the chickens in the morning, they sit close together exactly above the stones.

15. March
Finally spring! As soon as the temperatures allowed it, the children started working in the garden of the guest house. This Winter they had plenty of time to plan. We can then marvel at the result in summer.

15. May
The little village shop is ready. It's a little strange. One goes in and just takes what you need - no money needed. Another advantage of the village shop is that we now have a much better overview of the amount and consumption of our resources (food, tools, fabrics and other goods).


15. June
We improved one of the two landing stages. It is now much more stable and wider, which made getting in and out much easier for Nettel and his family, who visited us again for a week in June.

15. July
As cold as last winter was, this year's summer is as hot. Towards the afternoon it is so hot that everyone has to stop working and we all just lie around in the shade somewhere senseless. The garden swing that the children built for the guest house (with the help of Norwoodie) is particularly popular. It is a wonderful feeling to lie in the garden swing with my loved one in the shade of the guest house. Of course we share the swing with everyone, so unfortunately we cannot retreat behind the guest house every day.


15. October
Burgeon, who comes from a fishing family, had already spoken out in favor of building a smoking oven for smoking fish at the beginning of the year. However, we had scheduled the implementation for the end of summer, when the harvest would have brought in and processed. Now in October, the men were finally able to finish their project. That certainly brings some variety to the menu!

16. February
At the end of February, when beginning of spring was close, a large ship from the Thomson and Taylor Company docked. Since last summer was particularly dry, the flax harvest was also particularly bad and the prices for linen would be very high this year. Therefore now was the right time to sell the huge amount of linen, that the company bought 5 years ago at an extraordinarily low price from a competitor who had gone bankrupt.

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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Loving the story! Your town is so pretty too, I kinda want to visit, especially now there's smoke fish :)

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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Lovely stuff.:)
My grandpa used to make his own smoking sheds and prepare smoked Eels. I don't eat meat anymore these days, but those were so good!

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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I was looking for a picture for the story and found this picture of smoked eel. The texture of the flesh looks so beautiful i just had to use this picture. I wanna hava a bite right now! Unfortanetly I dont have acces to real handmade smoked fish. You can buy things like this (but i think not eel) in the supermarkets but it is just not the same as handmade.

@Artfactial While I dont completely avoid meat, I highly reduced my consume. I absolutley wouldnt say no to good piece of handmade smoked eel although i never ate eel before. How does eel taste like?

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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16. March
In February the ship had brought us two large boxes of potatoes, with kind regards from the family. Some potatoes have started to sprout, so instead of beans we want to grow potatoes this year.
We will also move our beehive and the flax field near the other fields. The bees will find more flowers there and the flax field, as soon as it is fenced in, like the other fields, can be kept free of vermin by the hens.

16. July
Actually we wanted to start building a windmill to grind the grain as early as July. At the moment we still grind very laboriously by hand. Unfortunately we ran out of stones when building the field fence. So we have to get new materials again first.

16. August
The honey tastes particularly good this year. You can taste that the bees are increasingly flying to the medicinal garden, which consists of many herbs. The implementation has really paid off.

16. October
The potato harvest was miserable. Apparently this variety is not suitable for our soil. As bad as the potato harvest was, the blueberry harvest was lush this year. We made tons of blueberry juice and blueberry jam. Until the jars ran us out. We dried the rest.
When Nettel and his family visited us at the end of October, we gave them large amounts of juice and jam.

16. November
We don't talk to Bellar and Burgeon often about their experiences in Olistown. Some things are better left alone. But the two of them seem to be doing very well and for us it feels like they have always been here. This month Bellar gave birth to her second child, a boy named Ollison.

17. February
Since we were very industrious before the onset of winter and February was very mild and dry, we were able to complete the construction of the mill at the end of February. From now on we no longer grind the grain in small quantities when we need it, but can process the entire harvest into flour at once and use it from the flour sacks for the rest of the year. Great!

17. March
The annual cultivation of the fields has started. This year we're trying, besides blueberries and oats as always, mushrooms instead of potatoes.
Since we moved the sunflowers and the flax field and we use both plants to produce oil, we also moved the oil press there. The oil press is mainly made of stone and is therefore very massive, unwieldy and heavy. But since stone in particular is a resource that we keep running out of, we decided not to simply demolish the old oil press and build a new one, but to actually relocate the old oil press. So we disassembled the oil press into as small parts as possible, because as a whole we couldn't have moved it. Of course, the individual parts were still incredibly heavy. So all in all a difficult undertaking in which everyone really had to help out. Fortunately, Rihann, Since and Dandro, aged 15 and 14 respectively, are now strong enough to be helpful here. When the oil press was finally in its new place and we wanted to lift the large millstone onto the plate, Winstonewall suffered a lumbago. According to Bellar, this is not particularly unusual at his 47 years of age and with adequate rest he should be fully operational again in two to four days.


On first release I linked the wrong pictures somehow - fixed.

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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17. April
Can mere greed for power and wealth cause such damage? Or can we already speak of madness of the government by the events in and around Olistown?
As if what Bellar and Burgeon experienced back then wasn't terrible enough, as if tyrannizing a city wasn't enough, the threat continuingly spreads in the distance.

After all foreigners, as well as the volunteers from Wyndmoorcross, were driven from Olistown and the routes back to this distant area were blocked, the true horror of this government became apparent. With a powerful army, the surrounding towns and villages were swallowed up, the inhabitants of which now lead a life of oppression and fear. Those who can, flee. And so Wyndmoorcross and other large cities and areas beyond the control of this terrible power are faced with a huge stream of frightened and emaciated refugees, from which we should not be spared either. When we left the house one morning in April after a relaxed and extensive breakfast and discovered Nettel's ship at the bend in the river, followed by two huge ships under the Wyndmoorcross flag, we already suspected that a long and strenuous day was waiting for us.
Those who could not flee to other regions by ship, followed the disused railway lines to Wyndmoorcross on foot. An incredibly long and exhausting journey, during which many refugees starved to death. But the fear of falling into the hands of the unbridled violence of a deadly army drove people on. Wyndmoorcross may be a big city with a lot of capacities, but this city cannot cope with so many people at once. But Wyndmoorcross has enough influence and good relationships to distribute many of the refugees to surrounding towns and villages. And so this time Nettel was not accompanied by his family, but by representatives of the town of Wyndmoorcross, who asked us to take in at least these fourteen refugees who had been brought here.

After everything we heard from Bellar and Burgeon about the happenings in Olistown, after everything we heard from representatives of Wyndmoorcross and Nettel, how could we have refused?

And so Poppyglade's population had suddenly doubled. There is a lot of work ahead of us!


17. May
There are even infants and toddler among the refugees. What torture must this trip have been for the mothers and children? Unimaginable!

Our guest house can hold a maximum of 10 people. But then one lives very closely together. That is why we accommodate the two families with the infants there. The other refugees remain on the ship. - A river steamer, which is normally used for tourist day trips. The city of Wyndmoorcross remodeled the interior at short notice in view of the situation and made it available to us as a temporary refugee lodging.
These days it also becomes apparent that in Bellar we have a capable doctor in Poppyglade. The refugees, who had only spent a week in Wyndmoorcross before they were brought here, were, of course, looked after by the city's doctors. But one week is of course not enough to cure the strains of the past weeks, maybe even months.

17. June
The first house is ready. The plan was actually to let one of the families with an infant move in. Both families, however, refused because they had organized themselves well in the guest house. One family lives in the upper, the other family in the lower area of the guest house. Instead, we should first provide adequate housing for the refugees on the ship.
We had just enough lumber to complete one house. The production of new lumber is very slow with our current method. In order to be able to finish building a house before winter, we will therefore concentrate first on building a sawmill. If everything goes well, this will be finished by the beginning of autumn and, with good preparation of all other work, we can build one or two more houses before winter.

17. July
Since we have always been hardworking in recent years and the newcomers are very committed to helping, we don't really have to worry about a possible shortage of food this year. But the firewood is scarce. So far we have just cut a little firewood outside in the garden if necessary. Now that suddenly more people live here, consumption has increased accordingly. We are lucky that we do not have to heating much in the warm months and we need firewood only when cooking. As soon as it is too cold to do major construction work outside, we will use the sawmill to produce larger quantities of firewood.

17. August
In the meantime we have got used to the new hustle and bustle in Poopyglade and somehow all newcomers have found their place, their task, in our community. In August, Nettel's ship docked for a few days to check on us. He reported that although the influx of refugees has decreased somewhat,  still every day people arrive at Wyndmoorcross trying to escape a reign of fear and oppression. The city and all the surrounding regions that have taken in refugees are slowly reaching the limits of their capacities. It is a stressful time, but the refugees are grateful and willing to work. In the end, Nettel said, everything will be fine. It remains to be seen whether this also applies to those who were unable to escape. Resistance is currently forming and who, like Wyndmoorcross, cannot muster soldiers to counter the slowly approaching threat, is supporting those who can with funds or resources.

August, Addendum: Yesterday I went to Bellar's hospital for a routine check-up. It seems like I'm pregnant again. Norwoodie will be overjoyed when I tell the family tonight. He wishes for yet another child since long.

17. September
We were able to complete the construction of the sawmill and are working hard on the completion of the residential buildings. Since Jevonte and Elin have no children yet and Corden is single, we are planning smaller houses for these two parties. That saves resources and maybe allows us to actually have everyone in their own home by winter.

Thanks to the many hardworking hands, the harvest was brought in and processed as quickly as never before. The cultivation of mushrooms was a stroke of luck, because the harvest was extraordinarily abundant, in contrast to the miserable potato harvest last year. In addition, mushrooms can also be stored for a very long period of time by drying them or pickle them in jars.

17. Oktober
At the end of October, Corden was finally able to move into his new home as the last. Rihann seems to like the young man. The two spend a lot of time together and it seems like Corden is courting her. As a mother, I view the matter with wistfulness and concern, but at the same time I keep reminding myself that when I was 16 I gave birth to my first child - Rihann. In addition, Corden is a calm, friendly, and capable young man. So if the two actually find each other, I'll be fine with it. Oh children! They're growing up way too fast!

17. November
Now that everyone has a home, the harvest has been brought in and processed and the outdoor work is increasingly coming to a standstill due to the approaching winter, calm is slowly returning to our small community. However, there are still some matters and wishes to be clarified. But I do have to add that the newbies are extremely humble and grateful.
Nevertheless - it is foreseeable that in a few years we will have to take care of the education and training of children (and I assume aswell that Jevonte and Elin will not remain childless forever). So a bigger school building has to be built. In addition, the supply of food, materials and resources to Poppyglade must be ensured over the long term. And the interests and wishes of all residents must also be taken into account in the further planning of the settlement. In order to be able to do all of this, we need a place where we can discuss all these things together. Therefore, the construction of a community hall will be the first construction project in the new year. At the moment there is no place, except for the large warehouse at the fishing pier, where all Poppyglade residents can gather at the same time.

17. December
Rihann hardly spends nights at home. In principle, she and Corden already live together. Therefor and because another child is about to be born in our house soon, Rihann officially moved in with all of her belongings with Corden yesterday.

18. January
Welcome to the village of Poppyglade, my cute little girl Ferna!

Yup, lot to read!
Pictures of the developed village in on of the next posts!

This is a lot of text and it was not that easy for me to translate it into english. If u find any mistake or something strange, please tell me : )

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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18. April

The gathering hall has been built. We will meet here weekly from now on to talk about the development of Poppyglade. I will take on the role of the Council Presidency, which includes the moderating and logging of our weekly meetings as well as the compiling and administrading of a population register.

Our biggest problem is actually the lack of building materials. Iron and stone in particular will soon reach a critical minimum again. At the same time, the resources on the other side of the river are almost exhausted. Other occurrences are located a considerable distance from the settlement. So it would be easier to import iron and stone. In order for Poppyglade to be an attractive destination for traders, we need to be able to present in-demand goods and a fortified harbor. Given the current crisis and the looming war, food should be in demand in the refugee-flooded areas. We expect the blueberries and mushrooms harvest to be very good again. That would give us more than enough food. We could trade with the surplus. But we don't have a fortified port. This is exactly what should change in the coming months.

Furthermore, a day-care center is to be built. The building should have enough space to play, romp and learn and is used for day care for our youngest residents. Later, a large school building is to be built right next to the day-care center. But at the moment the old little school building has to do.

We will use up our last resources in building a large kitchen. This is where the majority of the harvest will be processed in the future: preserved in jars, dried or made into juice. The end products are then available to everyone in the village shop.

First official population census, Poppyglade, 18th year

As you can see there is a couple with a huge age difference and while Rander is 16, Glindsay is 30 but they have two children at the age of 4 and 5. Whaaaat?! How is that possible you ask yourself? The awnser awaits you in the next post.

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Re: Banishedsanni - Poppyglade
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18. May
Rihann and Corden are expecting their first child in a few months. I'm going to be a grandmother! How exciting!
While I couldn't be happier with my family right now, others have been severely disappointed in their loved ones ...

In May a ship from Wyndmoorcross docked that brought enough men and women with it to bring back the converted river steamer that had served us as a refugee camp. And then there was another man, Fern, who said he was Glindsay's husband and the father of her two children. So Norwoodie went to bring Glindsay to our garden where we had invited our guests for tea and cookies. Glindsay looked very angry when she walked around the corner into our garden. Rander, on the other hand, who Glindsay lived with, looked pale and insecure as he and the children followed her. With clenched fists and quick steps Glindsay ran up to her husband, grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him. -Using some very delicate swear words, which I would rather not reproduce here.

The arranged marriage of the two never had been particularly happy, and Fern had also not been a particularly committed father. When the town where Glindsay and Farn had lived had been taken by the foreign army, Farn, fawning and seeking advantage as he had always been, voluntarily joined the new power in order to enforce the "new understanding of law and order". Glindsay, on the other hand, fled with the children. During their escape, she met Rander.

Rander may be much younger, but for the first time Glinsay feelt really loved and Rander has been a better father to her children for the past two years than Fern has ever been and could ever be. As if to confirm what their mother had said, Gertrandyn and Anne clung tighter to Rander. Without even bothering to win the favor of his wife or his children, Farn shrugging replied that he then had come all the way in vain to find Glindsay and the children, and he instead could hold a high post in the ranks of the new rulers.

At this point, all uncertainty fell off from Rander. Suddenly he was standing next to Glindsay and rammed his fist in Fern's face. Fern went down unconscious, his nose bleeding. Norwoodie ran to get our doctor, Bellar, while Nettel and one of the men from Wyndmoorcross tended to Fern that was lying on the ground. Meanwhile, Glindsay and I talked reassuringly to Rander, who had been deeply dismayed by his own deed. I swear if Rander hadn't, one of us had. We'd all been as angry as Rander at that moment.

Bellar assessed that Fern had a slight concussion and a broken nose. The men from Wyndmoorcross insisted on taking Fern with them. On the one hand, because he had helped to consolidate the power of hostile rule by spreading suffering and misery and had to answer for it before a court. On the other hand, because he may have information that can be helpful in resisting.

Bellar kept Fern in the hospital for two more days before he and the other men left Poppyglade on the converted river steamer. Nettel stayed a few more days and when he left he promised to look for a trader in Wyndmoorcross who could possibly supply us with stone.

18. Oktober
That’s it. We have run out of stones. The natural aboveground resources at a reasonable distance from the settlement are exhausted and the nearby area does not seem to be suitable for building a quarry. Since we cannot develop the settlement further without stones, some of the men are planning a small expedition to one of the stone deposits further away from the settlement next spring. We assume it will take them about a month to get back to Poppyglade with a fully loaded cart. The construction of the port, the large kitchen and the daycare center has been completed, but all further construction work will have to wait.

Despite these poor prospects, this October is a month to celebrate for my family as our Rihann gave birth to a healthy girl named Howelly.

19. January
In the middle of the deepest cold winter, a trader actually found his way to Poppyglade. Usually he wouldn't drive that far from the usual trade routes, but he owed Nettel a favor and so we could exchange our surplus food for a larger amount of stones. As a result, the men will probably not have to make an expedition to the distant stone deposits this year and we can start building the school building in spring. The whole settlement is relieved.

19. May
The construction of the school building has been completed. We want to discuss in the upcoming gatherings how we can rebuild or new build the sawmill, which was then only built in a rough-and-ready way.

19. June
A ship from Wyndmoorcross docked  in June. Glindsay was asked to testify in the trial against her (former) husband Fern. Rander wanted to accompany her, but someone had to look after the children at home.
After a few days, she returned with Nettel and his family and reported that she was not the only witness. Her marriage to Fern had not been particularly happy, but he never had been violent towards her or the children. What he had done to other people in the service of the foreign rulers according to other witnesses, she would never have believed him capable of . Ultimately, Farn was sentenced to several years imprisonment and forced labor in the quarry for numerous crimes, including bribery, cover-up and torture.

Picture 1: Overview
Picture 2: Townhall, Day Care Center, School
Picture 3: Same but with Trading Port in the Back
Picture 4: Other side of the Village with Mill, Oil Press, Linen Production, Hospital, Fields, Saw Mill and Housing
Picture 5: Same but different Perspective
Picture 6: Ah.. well... I just like this Part of the Village
Picture 7: Village Shop, large Kitchen
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21. June
So many time has past. It's hard to believe that it was decades ago when Norwoodie and I were stranded in the poppy clearing. Our first child, Rihann, who was born in this makeshift hut under difficult conditions, has now grown up and recently gave birth to her second child, a boy named Lelandy. Meanwhile our youngest daughter Ferna is developing splendidly and thanks to her older siblings, our little one is learning very quickly.
Rheatalia is about to finish school. When the large school building was finished, she campaigned for a new school garden, which is now thriving magnificent. "Since" works as a craftsman wherever new construction projects are pending or repairs are needed. He has found an excellent teacher in Ward, who is a trained craftsman himself. Norwoodie is always there where help is needed. He really sucks in this role as a man of all work. I myself have given up all sideline activities and am now fully dedicated to my work as Council President. When I look out of the window while working in my office in the town hall, I can often see my little Ferna romping around in the daycare center's playground. Life is beautful.

The small village shop has become an important meeting point in the settlement and the space around it has developed into a place to eat, chat and celebrate together. Here in Poppyglade life is easy and beautiful. I smile as I look back all these years. And confidently I look into the future. I am happy here in Poppyglade.

What time has changed

Okay, I had to end this because of the following reasons. First I made a mistake when choosing the perfect climate. I never ever will see snow with this map what I did not know when choosing this weather and I really regret that I cant take nice winter pictures. This leads to the fact that because of the warm climate the bannies need like no firewood - too easy and boring.
Second is that I choosed the wrong aging mod. Since ever I play with one-year-is-one-year and it was always fine since i started the map. I never realized how young bannies are when they finished school (much earlier when not educated) and with this mod they already are older than with vanilla settings. In a normal gameplay its maybe ok but for the story telling I dont want the bannies to move together at the age of 9 and I dont want a 9 years old to marry a 35 years old. I know there are alternate aging mods which take care of this so I will have a look for them before my next game. The Problem I had before I decided toend the story was, that - no matter how often I reloaded the game before accepting nomads - I had the choice between a 19 year old moving together with an 8 year old ... or ... a brother moving together with his sister. What the f... heck. I could have lived with just the climate thing but all this together makes me close this story. I have developed this village far enough, no big loss closing it now.

Anyway I learned a lot during this slow processing. It was fun and I maybe do another village blog at some point.

I hope I was able to entertain the one or other reader with this little story of Poppyglade.

Thanks for reading and goodbye Poppyglade!