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Re: Abandoned - Railway - part 4 - Forevermore - Story 63
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 Christmas Day in Forevermore began sunny and bright.  The empty Santa toy sleighs had been returned for refilling next year, and the children were outside playing with their new toys. They were making snowmen and sledding down the hill by Ebenezer's Emporium.   An all day  Christmas dinner buffet was set up at the Holiday Inn for anyone who wanted to come.  There was turkey and venison with potatoes and vegetables plus more of the same treats as the night before.  By mid-afternoon it was snowing again, the street candles were lit early.  No one lingered long over dinner but hurried home through the heavily falling snow.  The wind picked up and by nightfall it was a blizzard that would have residents snowed-in for several day.  Forevermore's letter writer decided to  use the time to write you about the dreams she had of the past like she said she would do when she had the time.  The letter will be arriving soon.

Merry Christmas Day Weary Traveler

To be Continued in Forevermore Part 2 - Story 64