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Ok, if you have never been to Disney World but have thought about it but don't want to fight the crowds, you need this info!

Using this info, My family and I went in JULY when the parks were packed out and never waited more than 10 or 15 minutes for any ride.  Plus we really enjoyed ourselves and knew exactly what park to be at and when to maximize our trip.

The first thing you need to know about and exploit is this:

Now to really get the full package of planning from an expert and former VIP tour guide, join this website below and you will have the best Disney World vacation ever:

Disney is not like any other theme park. They are trained to provide the very best service possible and make your stay the best they can.  We experienced that the 4 days we were at their parks.

Best theme park vacation ever!

Good luck!

Yea, I heard about the VIP pass that lets you jump to the front of the line. The extra money you pay is more than easily made up in the time saved in the queues...If you go on a holiday.
Wonder how much of a difference it will make on a less crowded day...If that exists in a Disney world!

We didn't need the VIP passes. Using the Fastpass system and the website tips and planning made it possible to do everything without added cost.

Finally looking at the site in desktop mode... and I saw the attached pics.
the 1st one seems like super-imposed buffalos on a banished view :D

As for Disney Florida, I'm half way across the world, so no idea... except for what I've heard from the random friend/what I've read online.

I'm happy you managed to get the best value by good planning! I'll do the same and hopefully my family won't mess up my neuroticially exact plans!!

Animal Kingdom, they have a lot of animals from other continents...

I really went OCD on the planning and the family thought I was overdoing it but they were very happy with the results so it was worth it.


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