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A Bedtime Story - Chapter One
« on: May 28, 2014, 06:35:44 AM »
A Banished Bedtime Story
by solarscreen

It's bedtime in Mornice but one little boy does not want to go to sleep without a story.

Chapter 1 - Bedtime

"I want a story!" cried out little Hell.  It was always this way. Maybe we had created the problem from before he knew what was going on in his life. There was no avoiding it tonite.  "I'll be right there, little man. Let me finish storing this food from the market and then I will come to you with a story you will never forget."

The market

I tried to tell the mayor two vendors was not enough for the market these days with so many houses going up around us but my warning was falling on deaf ears. With the expansion project to the north ongoing, everyone was pulling laborer duty, including the farmers now that the wheat and squash were harvested and the cherries and pears were all picked.  Because of this, I was making two or three trips to the market daily now to get everything we needed. Well, more than we needed. Some busy bodies were calling it hoarding. Ha! What did they know? I have a family to feed and there is no guarantee the trading post will get what we need if supplies run out this winter.

"Ok little man, I am ready to tell you a story you have never heard before. It might be a little scary but I tell you it is all true."

It was a story we had all heard and yes, it was true. Nmid has told us every word the day it happened. I don't think we will ever forget.

"Jerad! I don't like that man, he drinks too much and he is always scaring the kids!  You will not tell that story in this house!"  Vel was protective of our kids.  I loved her for it but it also drove me up the wall some days.  "He does not drink TOO much, except maybe on certain holidays!  I have worked with him for years and we all know if it wasn't for him, this village would have died when we had that early winter a few years back.  He should have been mayor but he doesn't believe in having one man in charge."


I remember the conversation we had about whether we should have a mayor. We built the town hall to provide a place for official village business and the archival of important documents.  But no mayor? Who would decide?  "It's how we got banished in the first place, Jerad.  Put one man in charge and soon those who wish to have power over others will find the weaknesses they can exploit to have things "decided" their way.  Soon the mayor is just a puppet." Nmid was right. He was always right.  He sat there listening to and watching everyone else and he learned and then did a very strange thing - he shared.  Sure we should share to help everyone survive... but things were not guaranteed.  Fear is a powerful motivator and makes us justify the wrong we do to others.  When would we ever learn?

"Dad, are you going to tell me a story?"

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