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Modding using Windows 10 on a Mac using Bootcamp

Started by TabbyCat, April 17, 2020, 11:10:58 AM

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 Has anyone had experience modding Banished running Mac OS Catalina with Bootcamp (Windows 10) and Banished Toolkit 1.0.7. FYI - my development experience has primarily been Unix, Mac OS and iOS. I have developed on Windows (mostly XP) using Java but I've never done much pure Windows development and what little I've done was a long time ago, so I feel a little lost when instructions start talking about Visual Studio Redist and DirectX End User Runtimes.
After installing the Toolkit and attempting to run BuildResources.bat I get an error dialog that MSVCR110.dll was not found. Is this related to the fact that I need to install the DirectX and Visual Studio 2012 Redist files? If so, where do I install them?



Hmmm.. Yes, it is those files you need. They are installed in the Windows environment automatically
from a setup file. I have NO experience from Mac or Bootcamp. I do not know if it is possible and
I don't if you will have to install them every time you start a Windows session. Sorry.