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Back from the great beyond!!

Started by The Pilgrim, November 15, 2019, 01:05:18 PM

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The Pilgrim

Hey guys,
Sorry I have been incognito for a while.  I have been trying and sadly failing to keep my cabinet shop open, so I have been deep into the job hunt. Hopeful for at least 2 offers coming in so once I get settled in to my new routine I will be around more regularly again.
And yes, that does mean that the updated Colonial mod is still a thing. Stay tuned.


Did either offer work out?  Would love to hear you have employment. Thanks for your presence here on the forum!

The Pilgrim

Thanks @The Big Chihuahua glad to be here. One offer fell through,  the other offer (at a church) is by its nature a slow ongoing process, so we shall see where it goes. I now have two others in the works.