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Newbie attempting to learn more Modkit stuff

Started by john_doe101274, June 03, 2021, 04:54:12 PM

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I have recently been playing with the Modkit, and have successfully made some simple override type mods for myself. (age parameters, crops numbers, profession safety so far) I have tested them and they work.

I decided next to make a mod that reverts models and textures to vanilla appearances. Specifically, I am using MegaMod 8.01 and would like to see if I can revert the Firewood, Log, and Stone stock pile appearances to vanilla. I assumed this would be simple, but I am unsuccessful so far.

My last build used this:

ExternalList list
   External _resources

It compiles but doesn't turn red or do anything (loaded on top). I am guessing that since the vanilla resources are unchanged, it is not building anything? Any help for this newb would be appreciated.


I'm not a modder, since my windows considers the BanishedKit a forbidden witchcraft but I recently wanted to do a similar thing (restoring the vanilla models of some buildings changed by a mod).

I talked to @kid1293 (thanks again for your time) about it and we came to the conclusion that it wasn't possible since we don't have access to the vanilla fbx file to properly overwrite the change made by the mod.

Since we can't edit someone else's mod without its source code and files, we have to create a new model. I don't know if it's possible to reuse the same vanilla texture without having access to it though, trying to uv map the same way it was for the vanilla mesh (that would be very tedious and painful imo).

Anyway...I thought it would be a good idea to share kid's wisdom so here I am dusting off an old topic.