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Steam game modders question

Started by scoutae4, October 09, 2023, 05:13:08 PM

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I have a question for the community about the modkit for Steam versions of the game:

Steam games are installed in the 32bit Program Files (86) on your system even if you have a 64bit system... Now does that mean you should run the Modkit in 32 bit mode to be compatible AND also make sure you have the 32 bit version of the MSVC 2012 Redist installed as a prerequisite?

Things that make me go hmmmmmm... I don't have the Steam version or I'd just test it myself.

Thanks in advance!


I do have the Steam version, but I have never touched anything related to any of the x32 files.


Ok that answers my question - thank you!  :)


32 / 64 has nothing to do with the mods you create. a mod doesnt have a 32 or a 64 bits inside it, it is neutral,
it is just the way your computer will run your game or your modkit to be faster/slower.
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