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Started by banishedsanni, March 02, 2023, 08:31:25 AM

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I had some struggle creating this town.

Actually, I wanted to build something completely different on this map. But that didn't work out the way I had imagined. I then experimented a little frustrated with the DebugTool (no building costs) and got stuck with the houses of @angainor88 . So I started the map again.

In the second attempt, after initially securing food, tools, etc., I began to build a city center about as you can see in the pictures. However, I was so busy building that I hardly gave the Bannies a thought. With a population of 70, I had unnoticed reached a tipping point and food supplies were dwindling to zero at a breathtaking rate.
No matter what I tried, this process was unstoppable and my bannies died away at lightning speed. :(

Okaaay.... No problem. Until then, the planned city center consisted of only 5 buildings. So I loaded an earlier save to avoid having to start from scratch.
That went well for a while. Just as I finished the square with the fountain and all, and was about to start across the street, my inattentiveness to the needs of my Bannies became my undoing once again. Until then I had only built a small school and paid no further attention to it, so that due to overcrowding, no more children could be educated and suddenly I had numerous laborers at the age of 8. And of course I forgot to save and had to load the very early save again. Graaahwrgh....

With a population of 70, I had the problem again that food supplies were falling. But not quite as fast this time. The area of the later build second Dutch expansion were for quite a while a rather ugly but functional growing area for mushrooms, corn and such, but the Bannies' survival was assured.

In the process of expending the town I loaded earlier saves several times, because here and there I found that I was completely screwed up and wasn't satisfied with the result. But I had now internalized to save regularly and frequently. ;)

The way the city looks now, I'm very happy.

I could imagine building even more. I would like to build a station for trains and more apartments on the other side of the canal. However, since a population of 300 I can only play on speed 1. It's no longer possible to fast forward a little time, everything just jerks.

Okay! Now let me introduce you to ...


412 Bannies live here.

The Harbor
There are many tourists in Verdee at any time of the year. The construction of a railway line is still in planning and the city is largely surrounded by impassable mountains. That's why most people come to Verdee by ship.
In order to be able to handle the large number of tourists entering and leaving the city every day efficiently and comfortably for both sides, the port is equipped with a color coding system.
Under the blue dome is the Tourist Information Center. Right next to it is a large velo bus station and several velo taxi stops. The Velo Bus service is free for everyone, including tourists. However, Velo Taxis usually cost money (exceptions often apply to tourists traveling in the upper class. The hotel then often provides its guests with a taxi to take them to their accommodation). Those who prefer to travel independently can also rent a bicycle. Some travel providers also include rental bikes in their offer.

Please click on the image to follow the link to more full-size images.

The City Center
The heart of the city is the square around the King's Fountain. Numerous market stalls and restaurants around the monument invite you to stroll, feast and linger. No bicycles or other vehicles are permitted in the area of the square at the King's Fountain. However, there are several Velobus stations and numerous Velotaxi stands in the immediate vicinity of the square.

Locals know to forget the hustle and bustle of downtown for a moment by taking a leisurely stroll under the trees along the canal and watching the ships come and go.

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more full-size images.

Verdee Resort

There are many small holiday apartments and hostels in the city. However, most holidaymakers opt for the resort, which offers suitable accommodation for every budget.
Since the river is not suitable for swimming due to strong currents, the pool area is very popular. Bathing fun for the little ones has also been thought of.
The resort also offers self-catering accommodation for larger groups.

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more full-size images.

The first Dutch district

The first Dutch district emerged with the first major wave of immigration. The conflicts of the time, the resolution of which led to the construction of the fountain in the city center in honor of the first king, have been settled for more than a hundred years and the formerly opposing cultures and ethnic groups had melted together since generations. (I had trouble with the past tense of this sentence. I hope that sentence makes sense. Please correct me!)

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more full-size images.

The botanical Garden
The former cannery now serves as a botanical research center. The botanical garden is open to the public and a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more and full-size images.

The second Dutch district
A few generations after the conflict surrounding the first wave of immigrants and the emergence of the first Dutch district, the homeland of the former immigrants experienced a crisis, while word of the good life here in Verdee spread to crisis-ridden countries abroad. This led to a second large wave of immigration and the emergence of the second Dutch District. Having learned from past conflicts, this was not accompanied by major conflicts.

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more and full-size images.

The canal of Verdee
The canal of Verdee is one of the city's more recently completed construction projects. It connects the great sea with the river. The canal is currently only used by a few small cargo ships and serves the population as a promenade and place to relax. With the construction of the big railway station on the other side, which is still being planned, the canal will also gain in importance.

Please click on the image to follow the link to see much more and full-size images.


 :) :) It is nice to see new ways to use the 'Space Colony'.

You have made a nice town after many tries. :)


Oh wow, @banishedsanni! That looks incredible! I always end up building very rustic settlements, so I love seeing other people's more planned towns. It looks fantastic. What mod(s) did you use to make the pools for the resort?


Yes, very nice indeed!


Quote from: jerica on March 02, 2023, 10:51:55 AM
What mod(s) did you use to make the pools for the resort?

I think those "pools" are from the Medieval Canal Set by @RedKetchup which is included in MegaMod


Very impressive town, easy to see how much work went into it.  Good job  :)


That looks lovely! You really used the deco to make the city look lived in and real.


what a neat way to use so many different mods.  that was a super project.