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Nordic Houses 1.2

Started by kid1293, May 24, 2016, 01:19:24 PM

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Nordic Houses for a Nordic Landscape;sa=view;down=103

There was a request for houses to compliment Tom Sawyer's 'Nordic Landscape' mod
and we decided to release them separately.

Version 1.1 - The build cost is now equal to Tom Sawyer's Nordic Houses.
I darkened the textures a little bit.

Version 1.2 - Changed the icons to be monochrome
The red was ... a little bit exaggerated.


These are wonderful! Thank you very much! 



It's a good idea to publish this mod separately. @Tom Sawyer is working on a mod that really makes the game difficult and if you want to play Banished as a city building game and focus on the design, you want many beautiful buildings, but not struggle with survival in an extreme game.


Can you revised the building materials for the Nordic houses? They are the same for a stone house and the cost is a lot higher than the original house in the Nordic landscape mod.


Will check on build cost. Good idea to keep it the same.  :)


OK.  :)

The cost are the same as Tom Sawyer's.
And I made them a little bit darker so they don't
scare the wildlife away.

Check download.


Tom Sawyer

But the wild animals want the houses historically accurate. The definition of swedish falun red in rgb is #801818.^^


Historically accurate from an animal perspective is no houses.

How are things going?

Will we have midnight sun all year? :)

Tom Sawyer

Quote from: kid1293 on May 27, 2016, 03:22:13 PM
Historically accurate from an animal perspective is no houses.

Haha, well countered. :)

Whats wrong with the sun?

If you want to make a transparent version of the fencless pasture, just comment out the decal.


Well, I have 3 versions of the fenceless pasture and a fourth
seems a bit crowded.  ???

Working on something NOT designed for our climate.

It is for all those not running CC.

The Coffee Mod!


You're funny; arguing about the proper red color of Falu rödfärg. In fact almost any reddish color is right. The old color was bright red, almost orange as it was new. Light and temperature changed it over the years and made it first dark red and later paler. We don't use that kind of color anymore, it had its disadvantages, but I remember it from my childhood. But what color the animals prefere is above my knowledge. ;)


Deer are color-blind. I don't know if it's the same for reindeer.

Tom Sawyer

I'm sure. Reindeer prefer #801818. ;D


actually if u use dandelions u could make a "coffee" . probly some other wild plants back then were also brewed. i like the rough look to that building. my grand dad had a chicken coop n a gainery for corn that looked simial as far as the siding.grainery was wire mesh mostly.i grew up in the backwoods of northern PA.


Quote from: Tom Sawyer on May 28, 2016, 08:42:04 AM
I'm sure. Reindeer prefer #801818. ;D


You said in that other thread that you never met a reindeer. How do you know wich color they prefere, if you never talked to one?   ;D ;)