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Nordic Houses 1.2

Started by kid1293, May 24, 2016, 01:19:24 PM

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Hi @Eagle74

An old mod!
I have them the same as stone houses. A rating of 90.
I don't know if MM kept my values...


Hi kid,
Thanks so much.  I am probably going to go back to using CC with some add ons including some of yours that I really like.  And these houses are on my list.


Just curious. Why those houses? There are so many others.


I know those houses from using MM8 & like the look.  Maybe I should look through the mod list & try out some of the others as well.


You could try More Houses (and More Houses Dark, More Houses Vanilla)
They are only houses and a few support buildings.

Here are the original houses.

Yes, you better look around. There are plenty! :)


Thanks.  Those look pretty darn good!  Regarding housing in general, I tend to favor the 6 person houses with a decent warmth rating bc you can build lots of them without worrying too much about fuel usage.